Steemit- My Concern, My Heartache

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‘Maybe things will have gotten better when I come back’ maybe the hopes of the likes of me who left steemit to pursue a deeper purpose in Cryptocurrency writing.

Sorry, this blog post may be informal but it's a burning matter in my mind.
I left active blogging directly on steemit in the days when Utopian (that great project) took a nosedive and contributions are worth mere nothing especially for the likes of me who are instrumental to supplying some groundbreaking ideas to open-sourced projects.

What Steemit mean to me?

It was the starting point in my journey into Cryptocurrency. I got to know about open-sourced projects through utopian and ultimately I got interested or jump-started into blockchain/cryptocurrency writing through this same platform. Today, I am a part of a crypto start-up (Wunbit arcade), I have written for several crypto news websites like The Currency Analytics, FinancialReport24, etc., I am a proud supporter of multiple projects. Many times, I am thankful for knowing about steemit in the fall of 2017. I'd never forgotten my source.

When I heard Ned sold Steemit to Justin

To say the least, I was devastated and felt betrayed.

A total sell-off is not necessary, you could do a collaboration. Allow him to own parts of Steemit Inc. not all. At least he will benefit from the ownership.

These were thoughts coursing through my heart as I paced up and down through the web to know if it was true. Of course, I had my doubts, I seriously did not trust Justin for the past histories he had in crypto. Don't get me wrong, He's a great guy, a marketing genius as many will call him. But this? Steemit? After all the community has gone through? Remember the days of downvoting wars? The days when Steemit Inc. laid many workers off due to insufficient funding and downturn of the market? I seriously wished @Ned would have held on to this brainchild of his. But he left for reasons best known to him.

We are here now, Who will explain to Justin that the Steemit Inc. He bought is different from Steem blockchain

To me, this whole mess is because someone didn't understand that the Steem blockchain is different from Steemit Inc. Or someone was tricked into believing he bought the whole thing: Steemit Inc. + Steem Blockchain.
Well, at least the community is speaking and voting. I think it is working…

Ahgh… I'm relieved

Seriously, I feel relieved putting this into writing. I have been carrying this heavy burden in my heart for a few weeks now. I even tweeted about it sometimes ago.
Don't mind me, my words may be incoherent but if you really know what Steemit and the steem blockchain means to you, you will it for it.

Sorry I'm a little rusty, it's been quite long since I posted a long article directly to steemit


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