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Today I want to share something unique. Guess guess .. what is it??

Banana's flower

I know everyone thinking that really unique.
My dear friends you know very well that photography is my passion, I have only one source of clicking pictures. Nature photography I love it so much. If you see my posts then you understood my feelings.

It is flower,. When it is blowing his layer then see banana. It's layer very hard and strong. I think everyone knows that what is benifit of banana. It's in very important nutrients for example Iron, protin, vitamins, carbohaidrate.... All nutriouns found only vitamin-D not found on it.

I know my writting skill is very bad but i m trying written. If you wouldn't understand my writting , so sorry for that.....

phone. Realme5s

camera 48 Mp

category portrait

belongs to nature photography.