The new Curators of Operation Curation Delegation + some bonus footage from Steemfest!

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First off I want to thank everyone applying for the curation positions, the demand has been way bigger than anticipated and it gives me a really good feeling that we at OCD are doing a good thing for the platform and its health long term.

There were 51 users applying for the position of 5 Curators

Its just really amazing and shows how the platform is growing and the need for manual curators along with it. We at OCD were really overwhelmed and had a lot of discussions over the applicants and who would be the best addition to the team. Of course with that being said, those that did not make it need not to worry as we will be looking to grow more and more over time to be able to cover more undervalued and quality authors on the platform while at the same time incentivizing all other manual curators to also vote and support them. To find out more about how you as a manual curator can do that, read this post.

As with the Steemit platform we are at the beginning phase and we are looking forward to communities and SMT's to grow with them. Before I get to the new Curators I wanted to show you a clip from the recent fireside chat with @ned from Steemfest, many of our curators felt starstruck of the CEO mentioning our project and are very excited about the future. Here is the youtube clip, the original is from the youtube account SteemFest. Make sure to check out all the Steemfest videos as there are some really interesting and exciting talks in them.

We had a few of our own OCD curators attending Steemfest this year and we hope they enjoyed themselves and learned a lot, OCD had a break from the usual curating during #steemfest to resteem posts from there and it looks like everyone had a blast!

The chosen Curators

Since the overwhelming amount of applications and my Steempower allowing for some more delegations to the curators, we decided to go for 7 new curators instead of only 5. Congratulations to the new Curators:


Please message me on or discord under the same username for an invite to our discord channel. There you will be brought up to date on how things work on OCD and you can freely ask more questions about it and the team will help you get started. Delegations will go out once every new Curator has made it onto the channel and is ready to start curating! :)

For those that didn't make it this time, there will always be another time. In the near future I will be making another post for a new language we will be adding to the OCD International team!

Thanks for reading.


Thank you @acidyo and everybody else involved in helping to make this decision... I am excited for the opportunity to bring more support to the best music, arts, and generally mind-expanding content on steem.

Looking forward to a bright future with OCD. :-)

For the bright future of Steemit!

Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I'm very excited, and think it's awesome there are seven new curators! Even more exciting is that OCD is important to the co-founder of Steemit. Can't wait to get started!

Congrats lovely! You will rock!

thanks birthday buddy! (there's gotta be a better term for that)

Congratulations, I think you will do a stand up job for them, and for the Authors/Storytellers. Once again, congrats.

Congrats to the new curators! I will work harder for it the next time, but for now keep up the good work as always! I love the OCD issues and there are a lot of amazing people behind the team! :)

I would have liked to see your name there, I am sure that for the next one it will be. You are a rising star.

Thank you! I have a feeling that if I did not get the spot it is not my time yet, maybe I just need to focus on other things at the moment and the time for this will come :)

Congrats to all the new curators and a big UP for the OCD team and concept overall. This really does help widen the chances of content being found and definitely helps the authors keep delivering. Props.

Well done, good luck to all the curators, and hope you will find true gems! By the way you can have a look at my old posts,I was talking about... Just kidding, great job to all of you, and good luck again!

Congrats to all of the new curators who were chosen! I am very proud to be a member of @OCD, we look forward to curating those hidden steemit gems with you soon! Thanks for the update @Acidyo!

Congratulations to all of the new curators! Hope you and the rest of the OCD team keep up the great work!

That feeling when @ned mentioned OCD. :O

You are a gem to the steemit society @acidyo
Best wishes to the curations and delegations.

Take care dude.

Congratulations to everyone who was chosen! Enjoy this amazing opportunity to make a difference on Steemit!! ❤😘🌸😊

Exciting news and congrats to the curators!

Wish I could go to SteemFest. Hopefully I'll be able to make it next year!

Congratulation @gniksivart @geke @martibis @heymattsokol @futurethinker @ashleykalila @cabelindsay. It's a great opportunity and responsibility you have received. Hope many steemians will be supported for your excellence. I wish all of you best of luck.

Congratulations to the chosen 7

Nice project !

Keep up the great work OCD team and congratulations to all of the new curators

Thank you for the good work!
Always a pleasure to deal with professionals!
Congratulations to all selected curators!
Good luck to all of you and prosperity!

Thank you sir :)

My warmest congrats to new curators have chosen. Also i wish them all success. Actually OCD team did & will do great task in this blockchain platform. We will be looking to grow more and more this platform. Thank you @acidyo.

Resteem the post

warmly welcome to the new chosen curators,i hope they will be happy like me,best wishes from me,God bless you Always

Good choices!! You all do such good work!

Congrats to all the new curators had chosen. I'm very excited, and think it's better there are new curators. Hopefully wait great tasks you all of will do. Thank you @ocd. you did real good work like a coordinator.

felicitaciones a los nuevos curadores.
Congratulations to all the new curators had chosen

They all made it 👍 , congratulations !!!!

Congratulations to all new curators. It's very interesting.
I want to read more info about it on how to apply and what are the qualifications. Thanks so much @acidyo.

Have a lovely day.

Thank you! I am excited to start!

OCD is valuable to the Steemit community I am glad to be a part of it!

Be ready guys! I am coming after your posts :)

Excellent choices, several familiar names in that list, including one I met at steemfest.

Excuse me for asking. I'm new, I wrote an interesting unique article, but nobody appreciated it. Are there ways to become heard?

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

I was very happy to be part of two of the OCD posts and I hope in the future I can earn myself another position in the posts . Thank you for creating it

i hope i can make it next time you are looking, well done to the people who have been accepted as new curators. rock on

Congrts steemians

Lets steem

That's great to think like this...
Thank's for sharing

Welcome and good job at all!

Wow...what a curation..that was awesome.

Nice post :) congratulations to all the new chosen curators!

Totally blown away by this! 🔥
Thank you @acidyo and everyone else who was part of making the decision!
I cant wait to get started!

Congrats new curators. Can't wait to meet you all in discord!

Thanks so much for your work! I missed this one and I am now looking forward to the next one! Will the new language be Chinese? XDDDD

Congrats to the 7 new curators. Didn't make it this time. Great to see this project going forward @acidyo

Congrats to the chosen new curators! I hope to be given the opportunity some day, especially in curating the foodie community!

Cingratulation for 7 New Curators of English Language. All the best for you and Thanks to @acidyo for video in this post. Regards

Thanks for sharing...
really good post like it!!

yippie! Congratulations!

Congratulations to those that were selected, I am sure you will do justice to those areas that you enjoy participating in.

congrats to the new curators of OCD! :)