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With the new Hardfork there will be a more strict usecase for OCDB.

Similar to autovote's side-effect making authors "lazy" and "farmy" we have noticed this trend a little bit hovering over OCDB users as well, many may even post for the sake of just using OCDB daily and that is not something it was meant for.

With this post we want to address some of the guidelines and rules against which posts you should not use OCDB for, we will add this post to our discord, our website and on the profile page of the @ocdb account to make sure everyone sees it. We will not give out how many warnings we will send out to accounts after having their @ocdb privileges revoked by removing them from the whitelist. In extreme cases we reserve the right to unvote or downvote the bidders using OCDB before removing them from the whitelist. We don't see our whitelisted authors as "customers" like other bid bots do as this project is a non-profit.

With HF21 we also welcome the community to voice their opinion on certain posts by using downvotes and over time with more data we will look into why certain accounts are receiving more downvotes than others and take a deeper look at their activity.

While OCDB does guarantee a profitable vote for your bid, your end payout may not be since #newsteem.


Before I get into each of the points, here is something you should consider. If you remember the post that got you into the whitelist, the one where an OCD curator curated you and highlighted you in the @ocd compilation posts, then think of that same standard for using @ocdb on. If it's a shorter, lower-effort post, then bid accordingly, you don't always have to use the max bid just because it is there - Steemians may downvote you if this is often the case.

  1. We are against bid bot "stacking" unless it is done with very low frequency and the posts are worthy of the "promotion", e.g. announcement posts, important changes, etc. If it's not something in that manner we will regard the frequency of stacking bid bots of the accounts history.
  2. No automated posts, This means no contest posts, since the rules are often similar as many other posts in the past and copy-pasted, happen frequently from the account, etc. But most importantly these are not CONTENT. Imagine someone wants to read posts when looking at @ocdb's voting history.
  3. Farmy, or low effort posts. Farmy goes in the same hand as low effort often. Don't post just to use your daily OCDB bid, it's similar as to getting autovoted, the quality will over time fade because you have a guaranteed profitable vote waiting for you - don't think that way.
  4. No religious posts.
  5. No crypto (shill) posts for certain altcoins, projects, ICO's, IEO's and tokens. The barrier here is a bit lower and will be judged on a case by case basis of the frequency of author. Basically don't use OCDB to validate a claim or make it look like many on Steem agree that "Dogecoin GoldCash is a great investment and you should sell your dog to buy more".
  6. No accusations without solid proof/No controversial posts. Here is a bit the same thing as the one above, don't use @ocdb's vote so it looks like a validation of your claims.
  7. Only english posts for now or native language + english (or with a link to your same post in english) unless @ocd is actively curating that language.

This is not the full list and will be edited over time, I want to make it clear though that @ocdb should be used FOR CONTENT. We will however give out warnings every time we see it being used against the guidelines or controversial so you will have a chance not to misuse it again in case you didn't read the guidelines.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you have any other pointers you would like to add. As many of you know @ocdb is more of a community "bid bot" where bids are profitable and delegators get all of the rewards while the @ocd team mainly maintaines the whitelist and gives authors a chance to be part of it when we curate them. So it is in everyone's best interest to make sure it is being used for good and now you can use your free downvotes to let us know if you feel some posts are going against the guidelines or are abuse.

@ocd will be starting their regular curation soon and we also have some big news for our onboarding program to share very soon! Stay tuned!


Sounds legit. I agree with all...I'd add more if it was me but I can be a hard-ass at times. 😉

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Yeah we'll probably update and evolve it along the way once we see some activity that we don't like and isn't up there yet. :p

Good plan. Gather intel, strategise then deploy.

These seem like solid guidelines - stake for quality content and authors like it was meant to be.

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Just wait until you hear what we have in store for the really good and consistent quality authors that use OCDB. ;)

Alright.. I couldn’t skip this one. Do tell.

You'll have to wait a bit to find out. :3

Oh, the way you're talking makes me think it's something juicy!

Sounds good to me!

Nice clear guidelines.

Also a good opportunity to test out my 100% upvote for the first time - now worth $0.11 if the predictive pay-out's been modified.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this comment under steemit's latest HF post...


I was actually wondering if that was a 'genuine' steemian who'd posted it for a laugh, it does seem a bit too 'perfect' to be an actual bid-bot complainee!

either way, it's funny :)

My Upvote is worth nearly .07 cents now.

I'm at .007 :-) I thought it was a fully penny before but I guess not.

Thanks @acidyo for keeping up the standards for #newsteem!

Uau! Love the new rules. Finally... if everyone is going to have this attitude and comply with it after the HF21, this is going to be a great success HF I can tell you that. I'm still rumbling around all the frenzy that happened last night when I as sleeping, but it looks like a "no big deal" to me. This time I can say the fork was more or less closer to what I was already expecting.

Gladly these validations exist.

Also, a very nice observation... I see a lot more 100% upvotes from big players than before. That is a great thing for new users!

I don't use Bid-bots but with these guidelines OCDB looks attractive. I don't know if my posts are great but at least they're all original so maybe I'll give it a go.

It has a whitelist and unfortunately for now the only way to get on there is by being curated by @ocd and the curation team there. Keep creating great original content though and they'll find you sooner or later. :)

That's the plan!

Now that's good motivation to keep on improving our content.

Pretty fair one. Always ready to make Steem a better place. And these guidelines are drafted accordingly.....no shitpost entertained

I'm so excited and I cannot hide it, I'm about to downvote abuse and I think I'll like it woo hoo hoo :))

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One can't go wrong with modified music or movie quotes.
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My upvote is worth 0 cents, but I just had to tell you how that tickled me... my soul is giving you a WHALE-sized upvote, although I cannot manifest that in the real world yet...

:D Thanks! Much appreciated as it's the thought that counts.

So I can't promote my Steem Cash fork but If I whale you up over there, could you reconsider it?



whale me up first and I'll think about it :p

Great to see such a quick answer/adaption on HF21 with OCDB guidelines... !!!

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