OCD International Indonesian & Italian Language Curators Chosen!

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After careful consideration and discussing it with other curators we've come to the decision to give these 3 Steemians an invite as our Indonesian Curators for the OCD International Compilation posts!

Welcome to the team, @macchiata, @mariskalubis and @sardrt!

Please send me a Direct Message on steemit.chat or discord under the same username for an invite to our dedicated curation discord server!

Since OCD currently is on a small break, you will have some extra time to learn the ropes in the discord channel before we start nominating users again and I will shortly delegate you the 1,000 SP each to warm up your curation activity! :)

For those not aware, @ocd is a curation project with incentivized curators that look for undervalued posts from as many unique authors as possible and nominate them in a daily post for visibility, rewards and attention to its current followers! Make sure to follow them if you want your daily dose of fresh and original content!

As the account is growing we will be adding more languages to the OCD International team as well! Soon we might also be looking for some more english curators, so stay tuned for that!

Currently we have 15 active english curators and 7 language only curators, including 3 more that were added today this makes it a team of 25 curators looking for undervalued posts for English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Indonesian languages and content.


Thank you sir @acidyo for making this kind of initiatives. This will truly help all us newbie Steemians to be discover. Putting a lot of effort in writing an article will be very worth it because your curation project will help every individual to be discover. This truly an amazing. Many Steemians will be inspired by this project. Many Steemians like me will be inspired by it to make always a quality post.

By this time, Philippine community is growing. In fact, last Sunday our community here in Cebu is doing a charity event feeding 150 less fortunate children and giving them a pairs of slippers. I'm hoping that there will be also a curators team that can help undervalued Filipino language.

As of this moment, many Steemians from Philippines using Filipino language in their writing. Not all Filipino are fluent in speaking English so that might be the reason.

Thank you sir @acidyo for the effort of yours pushing this kind of project. This will truly help a lot.

Great work @acidyo, nice achievement, new addition and as usual good effort by @ocd once again for the promotion and development of steemit. I really apreciate whole the team... UPVOTE,,,,.

Great development work for the steem @acidyo.
Lot of confidence have in this OCD curation project to steem users.
So we can hope this project will be successful and then advantage to us.
Other way our account is growing , then will be adding more languages to the OCD its valuable concept here.
Wish you the success.

Congratulation to the italian curator! @sardrt

vedo solo ora!! Grazie

Thank you @acidyo, it is an honour for me. Let's work to help undervalued posts and good quality posts....

Welcome to the team @mariskalubis! See you soon over discord!

@acidyo, Thank you for accepting my application. I will shortly reach you out and I coundn't wait to curate undervalued and great posts in Bahasa Indonesia :)

Welcome to the team @macchiata! See you soon over discord!

@anomadsoul, Thank you for the warm welcome, looking forward to see you there!

@jznsamuel thank you for your warm welcome

Welcome to the team @macchiata, @mariskalubis, and @sardrt! Can't wait ro see you in the discord channel.

Great news and the more such actions are being taken, as the addition of curatorship in languages and countries, the better our ecosystem develops in general. This gives us all a greater understanding of each other! Thank you @acidyo

Thanks @acidyi. And congratulation for new curators. have a nice job!
Regard from Indonesia.

not just the advantage their own thought but for all users steem others also

Great! Congratulation kak @mariskalubis

Thank you @acidyo, it is an honour for me. Let's work to help undervalued posts and good quality posts....

Great work @acidyo, great accomplishments, new additions and the usual good effort by @ocd once again for the promotion and development of steemit. I really appreciate your work ... UPVOTE AND RESTEEM ,,,,.

OCD is International Indonesian

I'm really glad. I will be more delighted when Bengali language will be connected.

nice. Italian Language

Congrat to @mariskalubis from Indonesia.

Good development, This project will help to unit steem community the more

Congratulation @mariskalubis....selamat en sukses slalu

Congrat for new curators and special for @mariskalubis from Indonesia :)

Thank you @acidyo for doing such great thing and giving so much support to so many people on Steemit! I really hope you consider me some day as curator, maybe for the English side or foodie post.
Thank you!

Most successful story @acidyo. Most important work about OCD curation project. We can hope its a very developing and improvement story to the steem.

Awwww man I just knew it was going to be me 😱 @bdk1970

Lol just kidding, congratulations to all the winners!
Nice work @acidyo

Excellent work and upvoted and followed. You say you like to comment stuff, can you comment on my 2nd month milestone at Steemit. I think you would love it. Thanks, Rosa

great moment from steemit... good luck...

Great, if you wanted English, Urdu, Hindi curators I will be here :)

What about Indian @acidyo ? I am sure there are many Hindi language content out here

This is great @acidyo .. Certainly inspires a lot of people globally to this wonderful platform when they get aware of the fact that their native language is as accepted and recognized as posts written in English.

When I was introduced here by my colleague @ghulammujtaba I didn't see too many active users from my country, Pakistan. But over the past few weeks, the trend is growing rapidly over here, too, which is really good to see. Soon you guys might be needing curators for posts written in Urdu language, since English language is still a huge communication barrier over here.

Nevertheless, keep up the great work you all are already doing!

This will surely help who are new at this site and struggling. When newcomers post will be valued, they will stay and community will grow faster. Very good initiative .

how i can to be curator indonesia @acidyo
by the way. im from indonesia and my rep 58
im very active in steemit and discord community and guide new steemian
you can review my blog ... hope your attention
best regards: @arie.steem

What a great work sir.
This will help the people who are not earning as per his worth of contents.this will motivate him to work more and not to give up.
Surly this will help newbies ,those whose contents are more valuable than the earning indicator

Thank you so much!

Ongratulation sis @mariskalubis. U're more than eligible to get this. Applause ;)

Congratulation to all winner, specially to @mariska.lubis. Hopefully, Indonesian Steemian can grow exponentially. Amin :)

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