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I really hope you're all enjoying this evening as much as I do.

I really do. Evenings are awesome. Evening is that time of our lives when we can spend some time with ourselves and discover lovely, interesting things about our minds.


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Random piece of information, I live in Europe and it's evening here. I'm writing surrounded by a lovely scenery. There are a few crickets outside playing their summertime tune, the TV on the background picturing Jackie Chan in Shaolin Cowboy, a fire alarm that buzzes like it's the end of the world... Common things like these.

So, let's cut to the chase. If you checked my previous posts, you might have noticed that I'm basically writing reviews. Each day has a specific topic, and today we have TV Shows and series.

Let's safely assume that I love Japan for both its history and its current culture, therefore, I'm an anime fan. Let's face it, there are a lot of controversial opinions when it comes to anime. Some find this expression of art cringy, lame, mediocre or just bad. On the other hand, others simply love it.

I'm definitely in the second category. I enjoy anime. As a prospect writer, I find anime to be that certain storytelling device that manages to simply blow minds with its wonderful plot and character development.

Today, we're going to scratch the surface of a rather gory, uncomfortable and unsettling anime titled Parasyte: The Maxim.


As you might have guessed, the action takes place in Japan. Some weird alien creatures descend the Earth with the sole purpose of infesting human bodies in order to reproduce. Sounds like the movie Alien? Well, I guess the writer, Hitoshi Iwaki, was kind of inspired by the classic American SF horror.

The difference is that these alien parasitic creatures take control of your brain. They simply wipe out your personality and act as they desire. The story is centered around Shinichi Izumi, a high-school student that is targeted by one of these creepy skin-burrowers. As the parasite tries to inhabit his body as he is sleeping, this guy, just like Legolas in Lord of the Rings, feels a slight tingling and wakes up.

After an awkward struggle, he manages to block the alien body in his arm. He goes to sleep, morning comes, and he wakes up with a talking hand that can change its shape. Cool, right? This hand, named Migi, which means "Left" or "Lefty" has wonderful capabilities like morphing into some weapon-like organic body and incredible fast-learning capacity.


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The downside is that parasites have some sort of battle royale-ish feud between them, and our innocent, goofy protagonist is caught in a literal alien shitstorm.

I won't describe the show in detail because I personally hate spoilers. I feel like it's mandatory to mention that this show is not for the faint of heart or for sensitive people. It's bloody, gory, sad, depressing, shocking, disappointing, cruel and dreadful. If you are the type that can stomach body gore and loves an intricate, messed up plot, than you should really watch this.



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This is a certain must for anime lovers, both the manga and the TV Show. Watch it, let me know how you feel about the story, the graphics, and the awesome combat scenes. There is a section for all these fantastic debate subjects, entitled "the comment section". (I bet you weren't expecting that xD)

Have a wonderful evening! May the crickets bless your eardrums with their summertime tune wherever in the world you are right now.

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Wow! I will definitely watch this.

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