MY BLACK AND WHITE CITY | A mini b&w series i made in my hometown - Ploiesti

in ocd-resteem •  8 months ago

I always loved black and white photography, it was my absolute pleasure to transform every digital shot i had in b&w, or to shoot b&w film like Ilford Delta 100-200-400.

This series i made in my hometown, Ploiesti, Romania. I walked the streets for about 3-4 hours and there are the shots i loved the most.





Nikon D300sNikon 50mm 1.8

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wonderful moments !


Thank you!

Good job, Victor!

I like B&W :) there's always something that remains mysterious.


Exactly! Thank you for commenting! So glad you like them!


You are welcome :)

Hmmm aici e greu de ales. De data asta am favorite :) prima din a doua serie, si ultima din a patra serie :)


Good choices :D Multumesc

Fantastic series. I love the mixture of the foliage with the other imagery. Also lots of movement in this series. Keep up the good work. Resteemed and upvoted


Thank you so much for the comment and upvote and resteem :) So glad you liked it!