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I can't seem to do as many indoor shoots as I can outdoor, and it really takes a toll on me during the colder months...

Half of my issue is that I always focus on framing with the outdoor locations I have, so when it's indoors I get constricted a little bit.

I won't let that stop me. Fortunately, I take plenty of inspiration from lovely individuals on Steemit.

It's time for me to take up another personal project. I enjoy portraiture, street styles, and incorporating nightfall into my work, but now I need to expand. I may have to experiment with my past ambitions of light painting.

With that, I'm leaving the desk today. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. Or so I've heard.

Categorycityscape photography
SettingsVarious ISO - Various f/stops
CameraCanon EOS 6D
LensCanon EF 17mm-40mm L
LocationBoston, Massachusetts

Ya friendly neighborhood black kid dropping only the freshest. For your viewing pleasure, as always.


Super inspiring, @thatkidsblack! Thank you! Following you now, looking forward to more.

Appreciate it! Got some cooler shots on the way -- got a chance to take pictures over the break!

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I hear that. Winter can be a creative bummer for location shooting. But that's when you get the backdrops out and perfect that lighting game!

I hear that. Gonna step it up, all you can do really.

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Lovely idea

oh here you are again ... with that open shirt ... those black pants, and you sitting just so on that rock in the first photo.

Great shots man, looking forward to more.

Like and follow :)

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