Soundtrack of my life 48| Albert Lee| Country Boy

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🎸🎸Howdy Partner!!! It's been a long time since I posted one of these..not really.🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
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I don't know where my taste for American music comes from lol. Maybe it's just like I previously mentioned, I love guitar music. This time I post something diferent from blues. (finally you say). Country Music, I have a dozen of favourite artists in this genre, but I'm mentioning here, the first one I heard about, and the one that made my introduction to this style. Albert Lee. I got to know this musician, from the Eric Clapton albums which he produced and played piano on. Yes, he is a really good piano player aswell. Probably other instruments.

Then one fine day I searched the web for a tab for this song, only to give up the next minute. "ahh this is advanced stuff they talk about. "

Had to be an English chap to introduce me to Country music.

I don't like the more mellow Country songs, like Willie Nelson etc, althou I must admit, that's an Iconic voice, you hear him, and you know, that's Willie Nelson. I only like the fast songs, probably because the guitar is more busy, I like the steel pedal sound aswell.

So many people talk about how, this kind of music is dieing and country pop songs suck, I'll share some other contemporary artists next post. But this is definitly music from a diferent society. If you don't live in a big city like me, this music makes alot more sense. Just driving around this country roads in my car listening to this, althou the landscape is quite diferent from the United States, just seeing the country people(rednecks lol, the portuguese translation for this word is even worste) in their tractors and pick up trucks, puts everything in perspective.

Then after a few miles you reach a small town, where you go a mile and half for each side and you are in the country again, but everyone is so cosmopolite, so important..really pathetic ahahah


Hope you enjoy this song. Just trying to keep this series alive.
I was having trouble remembering something worth posting, and that was really part of the soundtrack of my life, I thought of this then I was like.."I don't wanna do it" "I don't know what to write about it". I started and it was so simple and gave me alot of ideas. I started doing it, because I already knew this would happen, Something I learned from writting this blog. That push trough the hard part, opens New Universes everytime.
Thanks for all the support, I hope I don't lose everything on shitcoins. 😂

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I'm going to do this I hope you don't mind if I use your idea. I like the Family Guy where Peter had his theme song. Hardest I've ever laughed that episode.


Sorry I kind of jumped the gun there. I'm kind of a spaz. You gave me the idea to compile all the sound tracks of my life. Put together a compilation and share it with the world. I've always felt like if a picture is worth a thousand words the well the songs that song to me must describe me more than all the words of all the languages. That's what.