Beautiful Sunday walk

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Night is slowly coming, Sun is still shining bringing warm weather that was perfect for walk through the national reserve "Carska bara" here close to my village. Beautiful place just for relaxing with friends and walk to the end of the road. Our goal was to go to "Belo jezero" and wait for sunset, because that is the most beautiful place nearby to see Sun going down to the horizon. Just to make it clear at the beginning, there wasn't Sunset, because there were clouds. :D

Before that I will show you some beautiful details of national reserve. As Spring came few weeks ago, everything is beautiful now, that tiny road, Sun passing through leaves giving beautiful contrast between green and oranges.


At the weekends, during Summer, this place is crowded with people that came here to relax and play with their families, riding with boat that doesn't work right now, season didn't started yet but soon it will.


This is place is full of different trees that are here for 50-60 years or maybe more. Some of them were cut because of huge thunderstorm that are in Summer. Because of preventive, people cut them just to make sure everything is secured for people that are walking near them.


This is the view that you can expect during stay here. This is just a beginning of the road, after that you are going into the woods where you can see a lot of different kinds of birds that are flying above nearby river.


There are some little bridges that are going across ponds, it has also beautiful view that you can see in photo above this. Sunset is great here.




Now, let's go further more before night comes out and cold kicks in. As you can see road is pretty tight but it's beautiful. :)


There are a lot of stumps that were cut or just destroyed by the thunderstorms that are left laying around to make this scenery look much more amazing and it also combining natures rage and beauty at the same time.


These fruit flowers making great contrast between that greenery that is all around these woods.


We went back pretty fast because it started getting cold and we didn't wanted to miss Sunset in Belo jezero so we head there as fast as we could. :D


This is the view that you are getting when you get out of that woods, this was taken on the road, sometimes there are a lot of fisherman here that are enjoying their weekends a little bit different than we.


We found this little spider that is collecting vitamin D from the Sun. :D


And at the end of our little journey, we came to Belo jezero and we were disappointed because clouds were covering beautiful Sun. I mean, view was still great but not as we expected to be, we will go there in few days again and hopefully there will be no clouds.


This is us for the end of this post, we had beautiful day yesterday. We had much fun during our walk and I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.


Thank you for stopping by! :)

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We also have many thunderstorms in the afternoons. It is amazing how many trees actually get hit by lightning and the evidence is clear to see. Looks like you all had a great walk through the National Park and look forward to more posts from you.

beautiful clicks


Thank you. :)

Hi miroslavrc,

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Hi there @miroslavrc!

That was really an awesome walk! Its great that you were able to captire buts and pieces of your walk. It is important to be fit and as well as enjoy the little exercise. I had enjoyed it too myself. I was amazed at all the views you had shared with us including the little spider.. that was cute!

Thanks for taking us with you in your walk today. Looking forward to more lovely walks in the future.

Take care! Cheers! ❤

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Thank you very much for your kind words! There will be more walks in, probably, few days. We just see what weather will be, because forecast said there will be rain and thunderstorms. :)


You are most welcome..

Oh that is not good.. keep safe first. Schedule walks in a more lovelier weather.

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I will but also I will be prepared for taking some photos of lightnings as well. :)


Oohhh that would be nice too.. just take extra care in doing so.. hope you can snap great pictures!

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I think that our Blockchain should be full of this kind of contents!!
Languages have some limitations, but in my opinion images have the great power to send an immediate message to everybody!
They have a unique meaning and the beauty is "read" all over the world with the same tools.
So thank you very much for your post and I am happy to understand that you spent a great Sunday!
Steem on!

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Indeed. As they say, picture is worth a thousand words. :)


I would like to be a great artist or to have a good camera and be able to use it in the right way!
Congratulations to you! 😁👍

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You don't need good camera for that, you can use your phone camera, as they are getting better and better every day. :D

Dude this walk looks amazeballs :) Where exactly was it? The small bridges crossing the water are super nice. I would love to drive them with a mountainbike or just walking!
You had an amazing day, followed up by an amazing post hopfully followed up by some STEEM.
Cheers Dude


Thank you! :D It's placed near small town in Serbia, called Zrenjanin. You can just walk here, mountain bike is forbidden here. :D

Clouds seem to have a mind of their own, and an uncanny ability to ruin a photographer's plan to capture sunsets.
Don't you hate it when the sky is all cloudless and you don't have a camera at hand?
Beautiful area. Even the kind of dilapidated parts look good in these pictures. Fallen trees always manage to be photogenic! :)


I'm not mad about their placement, there will be better days in future with perfect weather, I will be prepared for that. :D

what a great Sunday walk. I like this type of post because they really convey the author's experience reflected in what he writes and in the photographs he takes on the trip. It really was a beautiful Sunday walk


Thank you, I'm really glad that you enjoyed! :)

Although I sleep long past the early sunshine on a sunday but onve in a while I go out to play football with my friends and it is the best time lf the day. All the positive vibes coming from nature and a walk with this scenary is like morning walk goals I wouldn't care to get less sleep just to see the beautiful sight of this path.

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I will do that as soon as I get batteries for my flash. Early morning are great for capturing macro photos of insects in these woods. :)

You are right it is beautiful Sunday morning walk, it is obvious that Spring is approaching and looking at your clothes it is relatively warm. The place around is just turning into beautiful green forests, as usually we see blooming trees first then the greens coming up. It is a nice place for families with children to have a walk too. it is possible to teach our children to love nature and especially to show such creatures like that little spider. The photographs are beautiful, you are lucky to have such nice day for walking :)


Thank you. :) That is what every parent need to teach their children, to appreciate what Nature gives them and not destroy it, as a lot of people doing this.

This national reserve is a gorgeous place! I see some beautiful stairs on the first photo, too bad you don't have a close up photo of them. I love stairs made of wood and those are made of wood if I'm not mistaken.
You may not catch the sun but there's still a beautiful sunset photo here and the other side of the lake is made golden by the setting sun.
I'd say you were lucky to enjoy the place without the tourist crowd that is present during summer. A beautiful place like this is better without the crowd. Silence can be wonderful at a place like this.
Oh, let's not forget the wonderful wooden gazebo covered with straw :)
Excellent blog my friend!


I will take in close up, I'm just waiting to stop raining here so I can go there again. By the way, they are not made of wood, it's concrete. Thank you very much @erikah! :)


Aww, no wooden stairs? It doesn't matter, it looks good anyway and my pleasure :)

Although you couldn't witness sunset, still the view you had during your walk is pretty awesome! This is what we will see from the nature if we don't destroy it or throw our garbage to. Simply beautiful! Looks like you guys enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing with us @miroslavrc!


Thank you for your kind words, my fellow steemian! :)


You are welcome :)