Almost like the rockies yes! It was really blue and I guess this hike made it even more special. How's life in Canada?

Well, Edmonton has had less than 20 days of 25 degrees or over, the rest just rain, leaves are turning yellow and falling off the trees already, a little early for my taste, looks like summer skips right over us this year!! haha. Things are good tho, between the rainy days we get to explore around the city more since camping in the rain sucks!

How was your summer, besides hiking around in cool mountains?

Sounds OK I think... Our summer was bloody hot. We had several days far over 30 degrees Celsius. But we had our amount of rain as well. Summer for me is traveling and relax after that. Friends and family including a beer or two. Unfortunately working life took over this week.. Bummer..

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Haha, well,we all have to adult at some point, be my turn soon too. All this traveling cost $$! Sounds like you had a nice summer too then! Awesome.

As much as I want to be disappointed at all the cold and rain, we have had like 5 yrs + of unusually hot dry summers. Kinda feels nice not to feel like I'm living on the edge of Mordor and about to get torched in a wildfire or my face burst into flames for looking outside! The ground needs the rain, now everything is over-saturated and squishy :p

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