Leviathan, the Demon of Envy

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He felt the sea calling him. His eyes fixed gaze on the small beam of light shining in the horizon. He can never guess where the light came from. All he knew was his curiosity lead him to explore something unpredictable tonight.

With little steps, he was succumb by the salinity. The strong desire to reach the sands and enter the shallows made him brave enough to conquer his fear. He knew that there will be something unfortunate to happen. But still, he kept on pursuing-- wanting to know the truth.

A mysterious creature awaits him! With scales as hard as diamonds and bones growing from the tip of its tail nearing its head. A defensive structure of thorns carefully aligned on its sides makes it unnatural to look at. It seems perfectly placed, until you noticed the ueneven patterns of ascending and descending fins on its body.

The glittering green monstrous appearance of the sea creature wanting to battle the tides. The waves come splashing to it, only to prove its dominance is overpowering. A collosal figure depicting strength and chaos. It is indeed the most frightening emissary of Poseidon. Unrivaled and undefeated, no man can conquer this demon unharmed.

His quest is to prove himself the purity of his heart. The resolution on the clarity of his convictions made it clear to him of what should be done. To engulf himself of splashing waves and be torn apart by this beast is his last resolve. He wanted to be brave for the last of his breath. He is certain that this monster already consumed him before he sets sail on this vast briny blue.

Amidst the storm, the trembling ocean became the battlefield of raging brute and roaring thunders. Fear administers itself. And the growing fear shackled him to create his own path. His doubts and despair limit him to control his mind and guard his heart. Bit by bit, he is losing the battle that never even started.

Envy is a droplet of water that when left undealt evolves into an ocean. Envy gets bigger and bigger inside and you don't even notice it! Sometimes, we know its presence but you chose not to do something about it. Leviathan, the demon of envy is a serpent-like creature devouring the ungrateful hearts of the people. The fear of losing and fear of being left behind results to jealousy and will generate into envy. And when envy consumes your soul, all you wanted to leave behind are shipwrecks and tattered vessels.

The moment you give in to your darkest desires, that is the moment you let yourself drown in the ocean. The sea always tempts the seafarers. And all transports were damaged and salvaged after encountering the demon of envy, Leviathan.


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