How I Draw a Tattoo Design/Illustration. Buddha "Enlighten"

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Hello guys! I'm back at it again with another artwork. This time it's for a tattoo, a design I drew from a friends request and hopefully, soon I'll also be inking it on to his arm. Behold, my Buddha "Enlighten".


Now, I'm gonna be making this quick for all you readers. I'll presenting series of photos of it's progress from sketch, outlining and shading until such time we'll be ending up on to it's end product. Hope you'd enjoy!

Process starts here:

The Sketch



The Pen Work







The Shading








I think we are all done here. Let's now put this into sharing




Now, this tattoo design isn't just about being badass, it's because of the person who will be tattooed with it. He's a friend of mine who has been very helpful also as a part of our circle. He has this type of wisdom that nobody has and can help you solve even your hardest problems. So that's why we came with this design. I believe that this Buddha reflects on him very well. For we all know Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom. Despite of having all the knowledge in the world, calmness and finding a way to solve a certain problem can be the most ideal way to intervene solutions.

Well, I guess that'll be all for today. Please guys, hold on to this platform, let your heart maintain that pride, for this platform will help a lot of people and invite more for the development of Steem it. Disregard those negative shit that is happening right now and let us please promote Steem it more and more. Let's just make it last forever, shall we? This @ianceaz, saying thank you and thanks for dropping by.


Wow, amazing work. I really loved those small details and shading 😊

Aweee 😍 thank you very much 😁

Very detailed drawing. It looks very good for a wall painting especially when colored. 😊

How big is this? Is this also the material that you, like, stick on to your customer's skin and then trace from there? Or is this just your guide but will still draw something new on the customer?

I really pressure myself on making unique designs, though I may have many references, I mix them all together to make one concept. And yes, I always say that I make certain designs for a customer. Unless a customer has their own design. 😁

That's very creative of you.

Where is this design intended to be tattooed on the customer? Their arms, their back? And how long does it take you to finish the tattoo relative to its size?

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Appreciation: This is an amazing job you have done here, I really love it.. It has a very good range of detail. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks a lot @votomasivo 😁

That is an amazing design. The level of detail that has gone into the Buddha is top quality. It must have taken you you some amount of time to get it to that level.

Thankss. Just managed to take some references then put it into one piece 😁

Still very impressive when you finished it. Quality work of art.

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That is beautiful ! I love it ! Great job !! I had to resteem :) .

Thank you so much! @saaab

very cool, @ianceaz !!! love the step by step presentation also, each stage is captured so nicely <3 such a kick ass tattoo design * __ * you definitely nailed that 'enlightened' serenity from the pose and the buddha's expression <3 amazing work !!!

Thank you si much again ©veryspider haha

There is so much detail in your work it is amazing. And the shading on the dace gives a sense of depth to the whole thing. Will it take many hours of work to do the tattoo? Just wondering if it will go down all at once or in sessions with layers?

Uhhmm it would also depend on the clients tolerance on pain. Either way, this one would cost around 6-8 hours straight tattooing. Anyways, thank you so so much for appreciatingg

Wow! Beautiful. You've got skills. Amazing art 🎨. Keep it up 👌

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Thank you so much! @kingcole84

Your sketch is beautiful @ianceaz! The details and the step-by-step photos are really enlightening to read and view. Thank you!

Disregard those negative shit that is happening right now and let us please promote Steem it more and more. Let's just make it last forever, shall we?

Agreed totally! 🙏

Thank you for appreciating and support @marblely 😁


Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Thank you so much again @artzone 😁

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