Photography: Challenge of May - A place you've never been 📸

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May, the fifth month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for May was called “A place you've never been”. I got a little bit of help while thinking of subjects to photograph last month from miss @gillianpearce. Thanks for that! 👍 Otherwise it would have been a though subject to work with. What would you have done with this subject? Please let me know!

May challenge: A place you've never been

My same old totally new world

This idea came to my mind with the help in the comments during my last challenge from miss @gillianpearce. She triggered my mind with the example of emotional places you're glad you've never been to. Walking a lot around the place I live at the moment. During those walks sometimes my world starts spinning or just shuts down and get a reboot. These weird moments I'm trying to show here. To be honoust they don't look like this but you get in a place you actually never been before and you don't want to be at that moment for sure!

To find a style that suits this feeling I knew I had to experiment. During these experiments I tried multiple things, like plain addons for lightleaks by holding sheets of candy, an old recordable CD underneath your lens, putting weird spreads and liquids on a old UV filter, long shuttertimes, lightpainting, zoom in and out during your exposure etc. In the end I ended up with combining some stuff. I did use some lightleaks, multiple exposures and the old UV filter all handhold shots. Those shots where with a shutterspeed from approx 1sec so I could first hold still the camera (for the details from the subjects) and than give it a fast spin/movement to gain some unsharpness overall.

Same old new
Same old new
Same old new
Same old new
Same old new
Same old new
Same old new

Discover new places and traditions

The travelbug isn't completely exterminated, but it has to live by some new rules now. So for the travelbug and me less adventuring during the past months. But luckily I did get out (by some help) and did explore some area's I've never been before. Way smaller explorations then we're used to but nonetheless fun enough even around the corner, never forget that!


I've been a few days away together with @dboontje and @smalltall to the area from Malmedy in the Ardennes in Belgium. This area is filled with forests, rolling hills and not to forget still active soil landscapes. By active I mean these landscapes are still formed by the creation of new soil. These areas are forbidden to enter or you can walk over wooden pathways in some areas. These soils you can find in the National Park called the "Hoge Venen" (High Fens – Eifel). We did a small hike to a waterfall called the Bayehon and we did a few hikes along the banks from two rivers called the Hoegne and the Helle. The area doesn't look big, but everytime I go out to this area I discover new places. Like last year in Luxembourg.

Out with the boys
Out with the boys
Out with the boys

My best picture from our trip is I think the following image, where I was lucky to find some sunrays while back at home looking through my pictures. This picture is created on our second day where we did a small walk along the banks to explore some nice photo oppurtunities with flowing waters. Showed it already in my last post, but it was created for this one.

Out with the boys


And another soil area but now in the far east of Germany. The area is called Spreewald. The reason I got here was because of the wedding from some friends in Germany. So I had a few places to tick off where I've never been before. First one was a German wedding, turned out it wasn't anything different compared with a Dutch one. Second thing was the Spreewald area the location from the weddding. This area is called the Venice of the North. But to me it did look like a lot like a place in the Netherlands called Giethoorn.

My first German wedding
My first German wedding
My first German wedding

Only difference overhere the local specialty is not a sweet one but a sour and salty one called Spreewald gherkins. The perfect place for my girlfriend as she loves them! The area is nowadays 400 square kilometrs big with more or less then 970km of waterways . The area is a lot smaller then it used to be because the river Spree would flood otherwise too often.

My first German wedding
My first German wedding
My first German wedding

Sometimes you just run into things

This picture I didn't create on purpose, but the light was such a beautifull thing. never seen these kind of colors in the sky before like this. Really did like the purple, pink, blue-ish sunset while I was actually hunting for a sunset picture with reds and oranges. Yeah!

Sometimes the world surprises you

Or a totally new thing for me, while taking my girlfriend out for a play session with her SUP at my local surfspot. I was there laying down on the Lamzac reading a book... Definitely a place I've been before but now in a total new kind of interacting with the surroundings! Look at how much fun I did have... 🤣

Sometimes the world surprises you

My pick

May challenge: A place you've never been
Out with the boys

Wait did you show this picture earlier in this post? Nope not at all but I'm feeling like I'm allowed to cheat! 😇
The best picture for me was in company of my friends during the few days out I've spent with them and not to forget the weekend with my girlfriend (not doing her a pleasure by posting a picture here so only the boys!). So my pick is the experience and not the best picture I've took during last month!

Next month will bring this challenge to epic heights (I hope), with the new subject called "High Angle". Nesting Season is over in my area, so I'm allowed to bring out the drone again.

PS. As you might have heard, I'm not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that... 😔

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Some great creative shots!

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Great take on "emotional places you're glad you've never been to".

You're looking good in the other photos too. Looking well. 😁

And the others are lovely as always.

Hope you get some more fun days out. 😍

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It was my first time going to Rievlei nature reserve in Cape Town where I saw this pretty malachite kingfisher for the first time

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