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The Quabala or Kabalah Tree of Life used also by Masonic and other secret orders as well as New Age and Gnostic spiritual teachings when on its side displays a Roman Numeral I X X I which is 9 and Eleven.

9-11 represents the 'conjuring' of the physical universe demonstrated through simple math.
Using number 1 multiplied by 9 in multiples of 11 literally reveals all other numbers except for zero.
Here: Multiply - 111,111,111 times itself and the result literally 'conjures' in perfect order, all numbers ONE through Nine and back down again to ONE. Occult wisdom has held that this understanding of the numbers 9 paired with 11 as paramount to their understandings of the universe and that 9 and 11 reveals how to come to a full understanding of 'the prime aspect' needed in order to conjure 'matter' into existence from the zero point field.

Here we see 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321.
The numbers in our answer perfectly line Up from one to nine and then back down again to one.
Notice also that this is nine sets of 11, or - 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
[111,111,111 x 111,111,111]

Additionally; if you add each number to the preceding number like so:
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 you arrive at = 81.

81 is really another way of saying: 9×9 - while the two nines or; 9 times 9 contain a subliminal 99, which is once again nine 11’s.

In numerology /gematria it is customary to count a two digit sum as reduced to a single digit unless it is a double digit which is special. So in this case 81 is counted thus: 8+1 which reduces to a 9 - a single number.

Furthermore: 123456789 + 987654321 which equals: 1,111,111,110 just happens to be 9 'ones'.

A single 'one' is referred to as ONE. While we could refer to 11 as 'ONES' or plural instead of saying: Eleven.
So when I say 9 'ONES' (plural one) we could really say that this is just another way of saying saying: 9-11. Whenever we notice the numerology used in or behind the scenes in various special 'Events' (and also in music and movies) it can be very useful to realize that certain groups deliberately put these types of numbers in front of us - without explanation all the time and if they did NOT think these numbers (or symbols of things like "OWLS" for example) were important - then they certainly wouldn't make certain they are always present. You can look at our dollar bills of course but special numbers are everywhere and often we are told misleading backstories to justify their recurrence. For example the numbers of leaves on the olive branches or the numbers of arrows held by the eagle or the numbers of stripes on the flag. Sometimes (as in 13 colonies) they could mean what we are told but often there is another double meaning. (Thirteen ruling 'families' for example.)

There are numbers as well as symbols openly displayed or subtly hidden everywhere. Owls for example or Pentagrams (Stars) and Pentagons and other symbols, numbers and shapes appear everywhere when it comes to government, countries and Secret groups. Nearly every country on the planet for example uses a Pentagram star somewhere on their Country's flag. Only Israel uses a 6 sided star. Ask yourself why? Why are these shapes and the numbers associated with them so important?

All these things have meaning - often more than ONE meaning and if they did NOT have meaning the Powers that Be would not continue to place these numbers symbols on everything they do. The OWL for example which you can see below is another way of saying EL or L.
[BELOW: Notice The OWL at our Nation's Capitol.]


Let's see how the numbers 9 and 11 are hidden in shapes like the Hexagon and Hexagram when placed together for example. We refer to the Hexagram commonly as the 'Star of David' - Hexagram doesn't really sound that good especially if you think of a HEX as a BAD SPELL "cast" by a wizard. - When you place a Hexagon around a Hexagram you will notice there is a hidden Roman Numeral 9 and 11 described by the lines with the X's described by the HEXAGRAM while the upright sides of the HEXAGON bounding the Hexagram describe the ONES. Reading the center from side to side whether right side up or upside down will always reveal an IX XI, or 9-11.

IXXI is pentagram HEXAGRAM2.JPG

This shape furthermore, if studied will also demonstrate the shape of every other platonic solid. Just examine it. A star of David not only contains the I X X I - roman numerals for 9 and 11 but the shape also contains two pyramids - an upright and a reverse pyramid. (Also a tetrahedron from a 2 dimensional perspective). There are also (less obvious) two oblique pentagrams (more from various angles but only two of the same perspective - when outlined by the hexagon or 6 sided perimeter).
It is very interesting to me that the Flag of Israel contains this 911 configuration having the two blue lines on each side of the Hexagram. This is especially visible if/when the flag is hung from a building with the two Blue stripes hanging vertically as shown below. This I believe is called hanging the flag in "State". You can see the clear I X X I - Roman Numeral 9-11 highlighted in red.


Some Orthodox Jews have said this should NOT be the Flag of Israel and that instead of a Hexagram there should instead be a Menorah as the symbol of Israel.


Draw a LINE on the top of the two X's and one at the bottom of the two X's
then continue the angles of the two inner lines until they meet - you automatically draw a hexagram star.
In fact this is a very easy way to accurately draw a Hexagram or Star of David without measuring!
Meanwhile, The two one's on either side - which we saw as the Blue Vertical Lines on the Flag actually become Jaquin and Boaz or the Two pillars (which did not hold up anything structurally but were at the Front or rather the South and North sides of the Temple Doorway for the Hebrew Temple) and these two columns are referred to by many esoteric groups such as Freemasons - while the Star itself transforms easily into the compass and square configuration. In other Masonic 'Tracing boards' the Compass and Square become a Pyramid or an all seeing EYE
SEE EYE A - C I A - with beams of LIGHT from the Luciferian EL EYE creating a Pyramid like shape between the two pillars.


911 for emergency hotline no accident

Why use a random number combination? It wasn't random. There was a reason.
We also use the term K-9 unit to refer to Canine police unit.
K is the 11th letter of the Alphabet and of course then there is 9...
so saying K-9 is really saying: 11-9. This is referred to as mirroring.

The numbers most important to OTO, Jack Parsons (Who started the Jack Parsons Laboratories er, I meant to say Jet Propulsion Labs which IS NOW NASA,) and Aleister Crowley were:
11, 93, 77, and 11. You'll see these numbers all over Crowley's booklets. Jack Parsons was a major Occult practicioner and was deeply involved with Nazi's like Wernher Von Braun as well as none other than Occultist: L.Ron Hubbard!
Is it just an Interesting coincidence that all the plane numbers on the event of 9 /11/2001 are special numbers to such groups? Flight 11, Flight 93, Flight 77 and then there is an odd one which is 175 - or so it would seem at first glance! But wait: 17 + 5 = 22 which is really just two elevens. Now the skeptic in me wants to say but that is a stretch! But just when you are about to decide that Elites do not REALLY give a CRAP about Numerology you hear this:

Christine LaGarde teaching us about "magic 7's" and numerology.
Yes this is straight from the lips of a TOP International IMF Banker!
So Yes, - they DO CARE about Numerology and special Numbers after all!

Then there is this: Consider that each of the towers had 110 floors. (You can hear Ms. LaGarde tell us that zeros can be dropped). Dropping the zeros - we now have Two Giant ONES which each have the number 11 occulted (hidden) within the floor count. NOTE the FALLEN TREE OF LIFE at the top of this page. The I X X I - Roman Numeral 9-11 is obvious. When is does September happen? In THE FALL. GIANTS (Nefilim) or NFL in Hebrew Characters! GIANT ONES FALL! Think about it. What would anyone be trying to say with this?

Nephilim in the Hebrew Tanak actually means: "Fallen ones" and many believe that the Hebrew: NFLM (Which are the Hebrew Characters we translate as Nephilim - 'im' ending being plural) referred to as Giants.
Think for a moment: Giant ONES. Two towers that look like giant 'ONES' in Helvetica typesetting. Nah! There couldn't possibly have been any PRE-knowledge of this right? Here's a few years prior from FEMA:

cover of fema terror cover.JPG

Some have pointed out that wealthy ONE percenters own NFL (plural is NFLM) football teams which just happen to be made up of Heroic types / Giant men battling and bloodying before the masses who watch the 'bread and circus' and then get brainwashed and fed the increasingly numerology and Occult oriented half-time 'rituals' absolutely chock full of Numbers and Words and Symbols from the Occult. There's always an OWL or a PYRAMID or a Pentagram or Baphomet or Upside down Cross or BLOOD SOMEWHERE! Just watch a Katy Perish or GaGme video.
(They even have videos involving eating ICE CREAM and PIZZA!) What Fun, right?!

Then there is the Hebrew calendar 9 11 (mirrored date) called the 9th of Ab or Av.
Tisha B'Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar (WIKI) and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy. It's considered to be an unlucky day often times and it just happens to be the 9th day of eleventh month of the civil year. Who knew!? They even had a nuclear bomb threat on a 9th of Ab I'm told!
Don't forget the overthrow we managed of Chili's Pinochet - on 9-11. Or that construction of the same world trade center began on 9 - 11. Or that Bush Senior gave his infamous New World Order speech on 9-11.
Oh and lookie! There is Mr. Bush himself with an OWL on his hat and another with a Baphomet Pentagram that even has a MAGIC NUMBER 77 on it! (Just like Flight 77) Who says Numbers aren't important!?
NOTE that MOLOCH the ancient Baal Bull OWL God that liked sacrifices of Human Children here shown as a Bull but often as an OWL. Look up The Marquis of Hell (which is a Demon OWL) which was worshiped and conjured by a group of Satanists from the areas of: Arden Delaware and Rose Valley, PA according to Jay Parker who witnessed the demon as well as the murder of his child hood friend.


And Below we have an ANCIENT STONE OWL (how could that be important?) Featured in Bohemian Grove Library:


Here is the Bohemian Grove seal another version which is supposed to repel SERCO their arch nemesis the SPIDER from the UK!

Many who study Kabbalah or qaballah also believe (as does the Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO) that the Universe was created on 9-11. I'm not certain what they mean by this since it could be the 9th month 11th day of a Hebrew calendar or it could be the 9th month 11th day of the Gregorian Calendar however note that SEPT means 7 not nine (just as OCT means 8 and NOV means 9 and DEC means 10 and yet those are our 10th, 11th, and 12th months respectively. So things have been changed around to suit other Agendas throughout history. January 1st for example being the 8th day after the so called 'Birth' of Christ - according to one of these agendas which would make the New Year the exact same day of the Hebrew mandated circumcision of Christ.

The number 11 has to do with Sacrifice (to both Kabbalah and OTO styled occult societies which have a lot to say about sacrifices) Modern sacrifice is actually very easily carried out on our 'firstborn sons' in their prime when they are sent to battle one could argue. The word 'sacrifice' is always the word used in relation to being killed on the battlefield. And we as a society have thought of this as a heartbreaking but honorable thing. But maybe there is a more fitting less loaded word that could be used. See the Pizzagate wikileaks for the email from Hillary Clinton which makes reference to "sacrificing a Chicken in the back yard to MOLOCH" - and the other upvoted tweet from Comet (CUM at PingPong) that shows a photo with the words Moloch on it. (if you don't think COMET means CUM AT - just look for the logo of the WHITE SQUIRT on Comet PingPong's window that says COMET) and then look for the P.lay E.at D.rink P.E.D. PEDophile?!? which is on the menu? But that's A WHOLE 'NUTHER STORY!
Back to our current subject - let's just say that WAR has become a 'socially accepted' form of something that in another context could be viewed as a ritual blood sacrifice and that Most of us are actually quite in the dark regarding what may be the TRUE motivations behind each modern conflict.

Nothing creates more mass emotion than the sacrifice of our sons on the battlefield. And this brings up Veterans day:

Again, there is a 911 component. September Eleven in our current western Calendar just happens to be exactly 111 days from the end of the year. Meanwhile, Veterans day is celebrated on November 11 at 11 am. which is: 11 11 11.
So this is actually two 111's or 111 . 111
It also would seem that it is then probably no accident that we refer to the Original World trade towers the TWIN towers.
Since the universal symbol for the TWINS or Gemini is - II (two i's or Roman Numeral 2 which looks like 11 to us today.)

Have you noticed the sculptural display in front of the IRS building?


WOW. So Okay, like: THAT'S not Occult or anything right?!?

Apparently those who collect money from us every year for the Government think the symbol of two columns and a pyramid plus white and black are SO FRICKING IMPORTANT - that it MUST BE prominently displayed for all to see (and I'm certain it had a hefty price tag AT TAXPAYER'S EXPENSE!!!)
An obelisk and Pyramid also adorn the supreme court building in Israel.
I ask you - Why?

AND The same symbols are prominent at the Vatican and Washington D.C. as well as at Masonic lodges everywhere. If THIS WERE NOT IMPORTANT to these FUCKING people then why would they go to such extreme measures to make sure it is everywhere we look?

So then the question MUST BE: WHY THEN, have we NEVER been told how important it is?? I mean REALLY.
We are only EVER told in vague terms that a pyramid on our Dollar means this or that but never in such a way that TRULY COMPELS US TO SERIOUSLY COMPREHEND JUST HOW FRICKING IMPORTANT IT REALLY IS TO THEM!

The two pillars are called Jachin and Boaz. Just like our states are divided into Red and Blue one is typically red and one blue. There is a lesser known background column that is always white - This is our flag colors if you hadn't already noticed. One column is referred to as mercy and one is judgement. Mark Passio has many videos on YT explaining his understanding of the numbers surrounding the 'ritual' (his words) of the 9-11 event. He has deep experience in an Occult background. Here is a video reference:

MARK Passio explains here the Occult significance of some symbology:

In between the two towers or columns in Masonic Tracing boards (as in many Masonic monuments and also exactly as in the sculptures in front of the New IRS buildings) there is the Pyramid. Above this pyramid is an eye just as on our dollar bills and as seen in the Vatican.

Notice the 9 11 hidden in the shapes below on this Masonic Tracing board:



In some instances the pyramid is not visible but Rays from the eye above DO form a pyramid and instead of a pyramid you will see a Compass and square. The compass and square are also opened to specific angles in a correct depiction. A square (of course) is 90 degrees. We can drop the 0 which then becomes a nine. The compasses of the Grand Master are usually set to thirty-six degrees while those of a Past Grand Master are set to twenty-nine degrees. Notice that 3+6 = 9 while 2+9=11.

If you look closely at the compass and square you'll notice the compass makes the pyramid...
and the cross points on each side of the square compass creates an X. If you draw out /extend the ends and connect lines you have a star of David (Mogen or Magen David)

The star of David - or Hexagram - then could basically be said to represent the symbol of the Compass and square
and a hexagon in outline as a platonic solid always creates a square or cube in a vanishing point in perspective. Cube or 'Kabah' is where we derive the word Cabal.

A Kabbalah Tree of life also creates two of these squares. Where did we get the term: hey use the term: To put a HEX on someone I wonder?

If you draw a hexagram (which is the 6 pointed star derived from the points of a hexagram) and place it between Jachin and Boaz pillars then cut off the top point and bottom point of the star, the pillars along with the two X X now forms this shape: I X X I. Many large companies were founded by Masons who have a background in these types of esoteric number symbols. Think of the Brewing company Dos Equis. (Two X's)

Freemasons also place a G is in the center.
This is never a lower case g but always a CAPITAL G. But if you notice they often use a Skull in that spot.
GOLGOTHA (The 'place of the skull') starts with a G but G also happens to be the 7th letter in Gematria and the Septenary Gematria only goes to the number 7 and then reverses. This makes the two letters which equal 7 to be the G and the T. GOTT = God in German or Bavaria if we're talking about Bavarian Illuminati. As in numerology the O or 0 might be dropped leaving only G and T. German Gott is pronounced GOAT. I wonder why the symbol of the Goat is a constant ubiquitous image in Freemasonry? It just so happens the Goat is also the same symbol used as the face of the Baphomet which can be inferred from the lines of the Blue geometric Drawings on this page if you look closely.
Rather than just say 'Place of the Skull' it is instead spelled out using the Aramaic word Golgotha.
(Golgotha by the way is said by some to be a Skull and bones magick word.)
G is where a Skull is placed when one makes the symbol for 'poison' (once again poison is Gift in German starting with a G and gift means something good in English) or the symbol used by Pirates as the Jolly Roger flag (where we get the term False Flag because pirates would raise a false flag to lure nearby ships then at the last moment raise the Jolly Roger Pirate flag) - Which just so happens to be the same symbol as Skull and Bones society of Yale.

Another look at the Compass and Square placement of the compass points on the square. The points on most Masonic diagrams is exactly on the 9th segment of the square (2 and 1/4 inches...so 9 1/4s) which makes the number 99.... which is 11 times 9 or 9 11's

Everything about the Masonic LEFT HAND PATH (the dark 33rd order)also called 'sinister' in heraldry terms,
has to do with Baphomet or their version of ISIS and Osiris. Another secret way to say ISIS is 1515. Think: Jade Helm 15,15.

Ask yourself why the obelisk in London? The Vatican? and of course in DC.?
The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall but on a foundation that goes another 111 feet into the ground.
WHY? 111 (once again) but this is the hidden truth for creation (in this case the hidden left -sinister- hand) of the motto which is seen on the Masonic order: ORDO AB CHAO. Out of chaos, Order.
by the way... 555 + 111 = 666 and 666 is a mirrored 999 which is 900 plus 9 x 11.

SOME POINTS regarding the OBELISK or "CUT" circumcised (slave) Penis of Osiris:


(Do they use the CUT Obelisk of Osiris because he is the Slave now of SET I wonder?)

The point is that the compass can be seen from above from the capitol bldg. to Washington Monument and the square below it. Washington DC is a Square (with a point UP as in a diamond) this makes what is known as the ISIS KITE which is basically a 60 degree compass and 90 degree square.

Say CIA aloud. You are saying: SEE EYE and then this is followed by A and A is symbolically a Pyramid with a CAPSTONE as well as being a 1 numerically. CIA is basically a secret society right up in our faces.

The world EL is a reference to the Hebrew God and means something different to Kabbalists. I wonder why it just happened to end up that EL ISIS land (ELLIS IS land Ellis Island) just happens to be where this statue was erected?

In masonicworld.com ( a freemason website) they claim that Ellis Island is one of the most Masonic places on earth. They have a little story to go along with (to explain) the name.

Samuel Ellis was a BUTCHER (HOW FITTING a BUTCHER was watching over the 911 event!) - who owned the Island. It went through many name changes but in the end was named Ellis Island. I think for a reason that is in reality, hidden in plain sight. Masonic teaching by the way, points to TWO divine gods: EL and ISIS. Also known as L and ISIS. L is for Lucifer in their minds and teachings. If you don't believe this just read the words of the most famous Mason Teachers. Blavatsky and Bessant also had much to say in this regard and this is why the U.N. materials were published by LUCIS Trust which formerly went by the name of Lucifer Trust originally. Lucifer was the real God.

The Masons first contracted another Mason who was a Sculptor who had been trying to commission a huge statue of ISIS for some time but without success.
He finally got his chance Lady Liberty is 'his' statue of ISIS and the Masons who commissioned it named the Island after BOTH EL AND ISIS by simply using an interesting but largely unnoticed idiosyncratic aspect of English language that island contains a SILENT S.
both the names of L (Lucifer or EL or L which is also Osiris or MARDUK) and ISIS

1515 is ISIS

1515 or ISIS is also called Diana, Astarte, Easter, among other names and By inserting this name of a man named "Ellis" into the name of an Island they can call it Ellis Island and no one is the wiser for knowing that that it means this land (in their minds at least) belongs to L or EL or OWL (which is also Set) and ISIS. Remember: Osiris is DEAD.
All they used is his Penis (after he was murdered by Set. PWNED you could say, by SET.

This brings us to the number 8 which is used to denote another favorite concept:

8 as the number of: Chaos.



888 - look closely: the number 8 three times contains 3 x's in the cross part of the 8's.
So 8 could be said to be a stand in for an X...
so 888 is XXX which is EXEXEX (SAY THIS ALOUD!)
Do you hear what you just said? You said SEX SEX SEX!
so really when you say X X X (triple HEX) you are saying HEX HEX HEX SEX SEX SEX SIX SIX SIX
which is sex sex sex which is 666.
888 + 888 is 1776 or the BIRTH of our Nation....
July 4th 1776. 7 + 4 = 11 of course and is also 66 days from a favorite pagan Holiday Beltane which starts on April 30th and is a High Pagan holiday requiring Blood Sacrifice and it also just so happens to be the Holiday that the Bavarian (German) Illuminati was formed 66 days before our Nations Birthday on July 4th in 1776.

8 is the occult number for complete control.
You might be hard pressed to find a U.S. court room in a traditional older building which does not use the very interesting 8 point cross in the railing separating the gallery from the Bench or on the windows themselves. This is basically an X and a Plus superimposed which forms a criss-cross.
This is also referred to as the Double Cross or CHRIST-Cross. Think about it.
This sigil or symbol is ALSO called a Seal of Solomon. Solomon was considered the most famous of all Judges.
SOL O MOON could today be taken to indicate Sun and Moon. SOL is another name for EL by the way while Moon is sometimes a stand in for ISIS. Remember: EL is L is OWL.

The CHI RHO (Cairo place of the Pyramids) is also a Symbol which denotes and X and and I shape but this time it also appears similar to a Sword through the heart of the X. This is often a symbol of the Catholic Church or in the case of a Mercedes SuperBowl ad Willem Defoe playing the Devil used it on his Contract:



We're being Double Crossed even now by Pirates posing as the Banks in concert with the legal system. JP Morgan considered himself a Pirate and kept a Jolly Roger flag according to some accounts.

If you Look at the exterior and windows of nearly ALL traditional Courthouses and you will see the double cross symbol in the architecture! Then there is the shape of the new replacement world trade center towers which is rather like two four-sided towers twisted into one 8 sided building.

Jachin and Boaz (red and blue) became the single (less known) third pillar of white. (The 3rd dimension prison control system.) The new tower has 8 sides (seen from the top) which is a symbol of the double cross.
it is also 1776 feet tall counting the radio towers on top which is 888+888

So what does ISIS have to do with any of this?
Well the symbol for ISIS in Egypt is a Steep Pyramid shape a Star and a mound (on the right)
This symbol of ISIS in the heavens was the star called SEPT.
We associate SEPT with September, our ninth month but it is also the number 7 of course.
(Julian Calendar September is actually the 7th month which is why ARIES is in the first month of the Julian (which is around March) but here is a special note: 7-11 is the ratio for the sides of the great Pyramid to it's base to its upright center height. This still fits with Masonic ideas and usage or 484 to 760, but it gets even more esoteric than that.

sirius glyph lg.jpg

In 1946 - 55 years before 2001; the Southland Corporation begins to call its convenience stores "7-Eleven." The name of the corporation itself (Southland Corp) is changed to 7-Eleven - (which has 7 characters) Inc. This was done in 1999, which is exactly 711 moons following 1946. This was by the approval of shareholders on April 28, 1999...or... 53 years later or 711 moon orbits later. The sidereal orbit of the moon relates to the 9-11 event.


One of the very popular Occult traditions since Sumerian times is that of Double or hidden meanings.
SIRIUS which is Sept, the DOG star (Think of a K-9 canine unit or: 119) has to do with the Beginning of the year.
Hebrews or perhaps Babylonians or Sumerians among others have or do use our September as the First of the year. Rosh Hashana is around the 21st. But the idea is that the world was created on what is our 9/11. ISIS the Queen aligned with her star Sirius SOPDET (Sept) and Osiris aligned with his star Orion. (Aryan)
Death to Happy Rebirth Day with Sirius Consequences!

Notice that Rockefeller who built the TWIN TOWERS was pictured on the Newsweek magazine cover speaking of his building the towers his watch is at 9:11

The shape of the Compass and square also denote: the 3 and 4 Which is the Squaring (4) of a circle (3). Square being 90 degrees or cubic and 3 being an equilateral triangle (Pyramid) which is three 60 degree angles which add up to 180.
This is shown in the shape of an equilateral triangle and square which is in the circle (world) having a CROSS in the middle (as in astrology to denote the earth) which is depicted on the famous Rebis picture from the 1600's woodcut.


Here the same image but with some Notes I made regarding insight:


The original Symbol of ISIS goddess of the Earth was actually a SERPENT in an S shape curled over TWO FEMUR bones and it looks exactly LIKE our Dollar sign with TWO cross lines (an II or 11)

If the bones are crossed instead of standing then they become an X and the serpent could become a skull and you would have the double cross once again and the Jolly Roger. Would it be going too far to point out that two dollar signs following each other means DOLLARS (plural) and looks like this: $$ which is actually an I over an S and I over an S which; (dare I say it?) = ISIS. Once again.

Banking = Dollars = ISIS = Pirates = Templars (the first bankers) = Masons (the left hand 33rd not the right hand public NICE guys... who are there just used as public figure heads or Fall guys and sheep and used for their MONEY to the left hand path thieves.

Also worthy of note is the year 1111 A.D. (11-11) and reference to fact that the Templar order was possibly formed that year (see Holy Blood, Holy Grail) and that 9 knights formed the order...giving us once again another 9 and a 11-11...tie in.
Here are some diagrams.
Note in the first or Top diagram above the yellow which shows the ISIS Kite shape found in the Capitol grounds and on Masonic Square and Compass having both the 90 degrees and the 60 Compass degrees. Also of note is the unicursal hexagram which is what Aleister Crowley or Thelema used. Note below the Pentagram shape /Pentagon shape is oblique perspective but makes up the shape as a whole.

Here are more pictures:

Thank you for reading! cy_BER_ian


IXXI is pentagram is SQUARE.JPG

IXXI is pentagram is IXXI 9-11.JPG

IXXI is pentagram is PENTAGRAM-2.JPG

below: Golden section rectangle also seen in this shape.