Science answers the profound mysteries of Occult Science

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For years now I've pondered on my calling... to bring heaven to earth. I was tired of "needing belief" when it came to the Arcane Arts. I was convinced that the early mystics were trying to say something profound that got lost in metaphors as they didn't have the scientific language of modern times to explain it with. People were taking these metaphors too literally and getting aggravated when they had no success... or just writing lies that they convinced themselves were true to impress others.

This past week, I think I've cracked one of the major codes. To explain this, I need to briefly remind you of an old detail... the ancient Egyptians did brain surgery. This knowledge must have seemed profound to them... that their connection to their higher selves could be adapted by meddling around with their grey matter.

One of the most common occult symbols is that of the two pillars:


On the left (from the observers' view) is the pillar of severity (feminine) and on the right the pillar of mercy (masculine). Most occultists know this, but do you know why they are there?

My fiance posted a conundrum that I had presented her. When you listen to your inner voice, who is the speaker and who is the listener? How is it possible that you can talk to yourself? Is there another you?

From this problem, I came up with a theory based on my education in Psychology. I know that we have two hemispheres of the body connected by the corpus callosum. The left side of the brain (masculine) is known to master concepts of logic. The right side of the brain (feminine) has to do with matters of creativity. The corpus callosum is the middle pillar.


If you feel like you've seen this idea somewhere else, you have. We know that man is attributed to the sun and woman is attributed to the moon. This is because the masculine emits his power (sperm/sun) while the feminine power is to accept that (light/sperm/force) and create her own force with it. This is the way of the universe (macrocosm/above) being reflected to us humans (microcosm/below). So we see that the left hemisphere of the brain (animus) provides logic to the right side of the brain (anima) which uses its creativity to turn these facts and logic into useful data and strategies. To simplify, think vocabulary (left) vs. poetry(right).

This communication between the two hemispheres of the brain is what gives us inner dialogue. You may be itching for proof at this point as I have laid out a fairly profound theory. And you shall have it.

Stroke victims have part of their brain die. Sometimes an entire hemisphere of their brain dies. As it turns out, stroke victims have a high chance of losing their inner monologue. Put simply, these two hemispheres can't have their normal conversations.

This is all a theory and I would love to know your thoughts and criticisms of this theory. More importantly, I'd love to know if this theory helps you understand any of your own theories better!


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Nice article - I've always thought of God (whatever that is) as pressure, and the two pillars contain the pressure as it flows through the sephiroth to generate existence. That process possibly leaves the same blueprint on all of creation...anyway, good stuff - thanks for the post

Yep, mystics of ole were trying to put down on paper, profound insights and knowledge.

And, today, we don't have the understanding, to understand the basis, of understanding that knowledge.

Things like reincarnation are poo-pooed in the west as being not but superstition. However, those who know the Dalai Lama have witnessed first hand, the powers of reincarnation. At the age of 5, the new Dalai Lama takes on the mantle of his holiness. And, if you can imagine, a five year old, begins teaching again, continues conversations that where started more than five years ago.

There is so much evidence of reincarnation... but none of it is physical and measurable. It is all metaphysical. Therefor ignored by modern science.

In the brain, there is much more happening then just the communication between the two hemispheres. The "internal" monologue is not at all constrained to the brain.

Meditation really helps. The first steps in learning meditation is to quite the brain. Then you learn which voices are inside and which voices are from the outside.

And the most egregious error that modern science makes is that we are the most technologically advanced men have ever been. There were ten advanced civilizations before ours.

The egyptians were a remnant of one such civilization.

As antarctica is unveiled to the world, we will know that there were advanced civilizations on earth before ours.

And yes, there is a scientific reason for all of the metaphysical.
God is THE master physicist.

I love this and have never made the connection between the brain and the pillars and the middle path running up the center. So exciting! Instant follow, looking forward to seeing what else you got going.

Insightful thinking Indeed.
I am if the belief that science would not be where it is today without the arcane arts like kabbala, theosophy, alchemy, physics etc. there is still so much we don’t know about ancient civilizations. DNA will be the next bioscience that reveals its deepest secrets.Resteeming.

Interesting blog, following.

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