How to Speak High Angelish

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The sublimina franca of trans-dimensional communication.

From the level of word sub-components, connotations, double entendres, and Mondegreens—we often communicate more than we realize. Real eyes. Realize. Real lies. C:?

Angels are always talking to us. They do so in such a subtle way, so as to respect our free will. It is our choice to read into double entendres, to fathom the depths of our subconscious disposition, where higher intelligence speaks to us.

Our dis-position, or our angle of perception, or ‘inclination,’ is directly related to the original concept of the Angel. The angles of an arch are where we get the term ‘Arch Angel.’ Indeed, there is an ancient concept of the ‘360 Angels of the Arch.’ The mirroring of ‘el’ and ‘le’ between angel/angle has the added significance that ‘EL’ is the ancient Hebrew word for god, and the root of Elohim—or ELite, ELect, ELevation, etc.

The arch-e-type, or ‘attitude’ (‘angle’ of a plane relative to the horizon), of the Arch Angel was determined by the angle of the Angel on the arch. Encoded in these terms is the occult spiritual concept of spiritual geometry.

We don’t often consciously think about how the geometry of our embodiment relates to our character, and our spiritual resonance, but we all have an intuitive understanding of this deep truth. It is embodied within our moral language, with an emphasis on the spine: ‘spinelessness’ vs ‘backbone.’

Spiritual geometry, or the geometry of the embodied spirit, is what tunes our consciousness—determining what we see when we fathom the depths of ambiguity, intuitively disambiguating our personal truth from the uncertainty of the abyss. Indeed, we see our higher (or lower) selves in the ambiguity; we see ourselves as we currently are. We receive higher intelligence based on the channel with which we resonate, like a spiritual radio.

This essential truth is what connects the monk and the warrior at the most fundamental level. Before any further instruction, both monk and soldier must first learn the same essential lesson: Backbone. Without a ‘righteous’ and ‘noble’ spine, instruction cannot begin. Notice that both terms refer literally to the ‘right angle,’ and indirectly to Micha-el, the Angel on the Right-hand side of the throne of God—the ‘Right Angel,’ if you will.

English is really Angelish, and our Angels are constantly speaking to, and through, each of us. For most, this happens subconsciously, subliminally. It is possible, however, to become aware of the sub-text, and read between the lines. At the intersection of synchronicity and intuitive disambiguation, the ephemera of Angelish comes into focus, for those with I’s to C.

If you want to speak with the highest levels of the Angelic realm—and read High Angelish—first tune your embodied self to a disposition of grace and ascendance. Find where fear lurks, in the muscles of your abdomen and the ‘V’ of the front of your neck (SCM). Let it go. Allow an ascendant and noble spine to welcome the ascension of your consciousness, and the embodiment of divine grace.

Now try this: Totally relax every muscle of your face. Now allow yourself to feel really happy about something, without moving any muscles in your face... When I try this, I always burst out laughing at the futility; we feel happiness in our smile. We feel confidence and a noble determination in our embodiment of Backbone.

This is the first lesson, in the Mystery Sküll of the Illuminated Suns: the Mystery of ‘Backbone.’ The first essential lesson of the Warrior Monk.

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