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RE: atheist look at the lord's prayer

in #occult4 years ago

I agree with your analysis.

However, i cannot work with "atheist mystic"
To know your higher self is to know God exists.
And not exist as in, this bearded guy in a cloud, but exist as in this being you have on speed dial and communicate with often.

I know its hard to answer people when they ask you what religion are you...
but hey, most people think that Buddhism is a religion.


this is exactly a problem that I have often. I can't seem to lable myself without going through a full blown dissertation that ends up me throwing pearls before swine. what do you say in these instances? any pro tips?

I usually just say i am a Buddhist, if i do not care for any further discussion.

Sometimes i say i am a shaman, if i am in the correct company. Or healer, or light worker.
Nagual is probably the best description, but not many remember Don Juan.

A word i have been work on recently is Christ-ist.
As in, i follow Iesus as a Buddhist follows Buddha.

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