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RE: Don't Look Now - Your STEEM Account Was Stolen!

in #oc6 months ago

Awesome way to respond to such a scary situation, Tammy - sharing your experience and providing links to excellent information! Here's to hoping someone figures out exactly how this happened, so it can be prevented in the future.

Tagging @cardboard as he was curious what happened with all those spam comments, and since @c0ff33a got you with the TipU curate thingy, here's something to go along with it...

@giphy curate 100


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Thanks @traciyork - I just had to make a THANK YOU post, it was awesome how quickly they jumped on the problem and helped resolve it. And thanks for the @giphy curation!

You're very welcome, and I agree - this community is amazing when it comes to supporting each other when things like this happen! 😊