HIVE Price Hike (HIVE is cooking nicely on the back burner)

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Hey there people of the HIVE!.

So since yesterday everyone thats part of the HIVE community most probably had one amazing day, despite of what happened during your day im sure opening that HIVE wallet at night made the whole days problems dissapear, well it certainly made mine.

The price of HIVE almost saw a 200% increase in price.

The price in bitcoin shifted from.

0.00001800 of a bitcoin to 0.00005900 of a bitcoin, and is currently at 0.00005350 of a bitcoin.

1800 satoshis to 5900 satoshis and fell back to 5350 satoshis as I am writing this post.

I have to say I am a little butthurt that I liquidized almost half of my HIVE tokens😢. I geuss its time to hold on to them and make them grow again!

None the less people lets hope this coin keeps on getting pumped.

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