Day 23 of 35~ Lockdown Diary * Some Sports With The Horses * Mist Rolling Over the Farm * A Farmlife Is A Peaceful Life *

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Hey there warriors of the HIVE!

So yeah forgive me... This post is a little but late, a bit very very very late but hey we had some sports with the horses yesterday, after that we had a quick braai which I really miss doing on a daily basis and well the coolest of all was the mist that rolled in over the night.

Well I personally love it when its a misty day outside, granted its not always safe to drive around then etc etc, but luckily we are on lockdown so the roads should be quite.

But that feeling of waking up, taking a peep through the curtains and seeing it being all fogged up ooooh boy that makes me jump out of bed running to the kitchen, putting the kettle on making a cup of coffee, grabbing my pipe and making a puff while the weather is like that, oh boy oh boy, I already miss it alot😔🙁hehe we just had it yesterday. Oh and not even to mention waking up like that and then standing outside on the farm and all the horses come greet you, the doggies coming to say hello.

If you peeps ever want to feel truely happy in life, sell all your belongings buy a piece of land far from a citylike area, get a few farm animals such as chickens, geese maybe a donkey aswell😂 Id much rather take the quite and peaceful life over this rushed up city life😁.

Think about whats stopping you? Is it really something holding you back? Or is it yourself holding you back because you are comfy where you are in life and are afraid of change? Just do it, as Nike would say... Just bloody damn well do it. Time waits for no man.



Look at this mist😍 I cant even see the windpump from the house that's how thick the fog is, they could be having a war over on that side of the farm. Damn its the best feeling ever peeps.



So this little bugger gave us some really big sports yesterday. As some of you know we got him less than a month ago, so we keep him in the farmhouse yard for now, because of the reason that the pack of horses, whatever you call a big group of horses, well they dont exactly just take in another horse just like that, they would probably kicl him to death if we just let him into the field. Now funny thing is, ill get to it shortly, we had to check up on one of the horses back legs that she hurt a while ago, while we were trying to get her into the yard, that little white lightning bolted out. I have never gotten such a big fright, as he was running for freedom all the other horses on the farm started charging down on him, but the second in charge had a different idea... She ran to defend him.. Running circles around him and kicking at her own pack of horses, as if she is telling them she is going to take the youngling and protect him. Which is good, See the first in charge the true leader of the back is also in the yard, she is the one that cut her hoof open. Its looking alot better but im still praying everyday for that hoof to heal up completely.


People stay safe hey guys and gals, we've almost beaten this corona virus globally.


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