Day 22 of 35~*Lockdown Diary * Icy Cold Storm * Some Rain That Is Always Appreciated * Lockdown Is Almost Over Peeps Just A Bit More*

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Hey there people of the Steem blockchain!

So ive been missing in action the last 4 days hehe sorry peeps had some stuff to deal with. However I am back in action now. Guys its day 22 of 35😁 its almost done with hehe well atleast we all hope so... It does seem like we are getting control over this pandemic world wide which is a very good thing😁🌍. Probably not for nature though 😕🌍🌎🌏

So peeps we've had some really good rain the last few days. Maybe a little too much at one time but hey aslong as the ground doesnt dry up I am happy. Looks like rivers here and there in our yard, the horses are certainly very happy when they've got mud to play in, they arent fond of the rain but they sure are fond of the mud after that☔😊



We also had this icy cold storm that came in yesterday, and since then the days have felt colder and colder. Although I think this might have been the last rain before winter is upon us❄️🤔 have to wait and see hey guys.

This storm actually brought some hail with it, not big hail fairly small but I heard in kimberley they had hail the size of golf balls ⛳😕😕🤔thats really hectic imagine the car and house damage, especially in a time like this😱.



Well people of the HIVE... Atleast the price of hive coin started to rally and climb hey.. Eventually we will have more value to the hive token than to the steem token.

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