Building A Custom Bumper For My Friends Audi

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Hey there people of steem

So we are making some good progress on the bumper😎 its slow work but step by step we achieve our dreams hey👌😍. Not going to lie im very amped for how this might come out😍

To start of with the stitching of the two pieces.. We only put in 3 wires and pulled them together just to hold the shape of the bumper while we drilled the holes through the bumper and the piece of plastic that will support it from the back. We then proceeded to remove the plastic added a whole bunch of sika (also known as window glue) in between the supporting plastic and the bumper and then we stitched the whole thing.

The same procedure for the otherside. Just had to make sure we pulled all the stitches tightly so that they didnt end up coming lose.




Can you guys see those black finger prints on the yellowish plastic? Well yeah thats the sika and its a dirty job hey🤣 its been around 3 or 4 days ago and ive stoll got sika on my hands 🤣 atleast its a product that works😎👌


After leaving it to dry for 24 hours we then added some metal structuring in the middle part of the bumper seeing that we cut of its original supports and we also sika'd the metal pieces in place and later on we will cover it up with fibre glass to give it the ultimate support.
And when its all set and done we will be adding this mesh into the gaps... Oof guys and gals this is going to look really hella fancy hey 😎😎.

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