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Thanks!! <3
Yeah, I used to listen to music to get ideas for stuff a lot. I bet if I found my old Linkin Park CD I'd have a HUGE nostalgia trip over the edgy stuff I made as a teen :P LOL

I dunno why people hated him either?? It just seemed like it was popular to rag on them. Maybe the band was full of horrible people??? Or because they'd sing about sexual stuff a lot? I have no idea Px

AAAaaa now I'm trying to remember the song they did that I loved as a kid... I CAN'T REMEMBER. For some reason my brain associates it with lighters and apple pie??? ALFJSLKJFDS
Though I also remember bringing home a picture I made in art class of pie. Maybe it was playing on the radio when I drew it?? Ugh, this is gonna bug me now XD

It was one of their more inspirational songs, I remember that much lol.

WAIT- Wait, it was If Everyone Cared. I remember now, because they said we'd see the day when nobody'd die, and... I was never sure what to make of that line as a kid XDDD
(Like, being good to people means everyone would become immortal LMAO??? ALFJLSJFD)
(I get it now that I'm older tho :P AFfflsjljfks)

..........................................soRRY FOr the wall of text;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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