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Two stories in here, views from the mountain top and a brave mountain climber.

But first, the famous World Cup 2010 Soccer stadium at Greenpoint in Cape Town. (Photo 1)
The tournament took place in 10 cities across South Africa and in 9 stadiums. It was a very successful World Cup, but left us with a headache afterwards.

What do you do with world class stadiums after a world cup in a developing country?


The yellow arrow indicates Robben Island, a place with a terrible history.

"Robben Island lies approximately 12 kilometers from Cape Town and for the past 400 years this island has had anything but a peaceful history.
The island has become synonymous with heartache, despair and a place where people were dumped for various reasons, most of those reasons horrify us today and we often cannot image what it must have been like, what the conditions were for the poor souls shut away from the world, a world they knew existed only 12 kilometers from their own private hell.

For about one hundred years Robben Island became a quarantine station with a hospital for lepers and the insane. During this time there was little medical help for people who were chronically ill, so the island was put in use to house the chronically ill as well".

This all sounds surreal to us today, that you could be exiled to an island with lepers and the insane if you had a chronic illness, but that is exactly what happened".


The great Nelson Mandela was in prison here!

"The only time in history the island was put to a different use was during WW2 when it was a defense and training facility. During the military occupation they improved the water supplying system, built a new power station, erected modern housing and brought in a new boat to for supplies and commuting from the mainland.

From 1961 to 1991 it was a maximum security prison for political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela and other famous heroes of the struggle".


All photos are my own and taken from the top of Table Mountain. Cape Town. South Africa.


A lovely view of the ocean tides!
Many ships have mistaken these cross tides and stranded!


Just a scenic view from the mountain top.


Marian and another lady sitting on the edge!


Clear shots were impossible due to the bluish haze from the mountain top!


A scene of the city and part of the harbor!


And finally an overall view of Cape Town City.

Story No. 2. Bravery!

An extraordinary sight below!


Visitors relaxing at the top, but see what is going on just below them!


Can you see anything out of the ordinary beauty here?
Look carefully!


What do you think these guys were doing?


What? This guy is going down a cliff from the mountain top that is more than 1000 meters high!


Now that's what I call bravery as he salutes!


And there he goes on his way down!


He soon disappeared from sight and I hope that he made it!


Oh! One of the mountain residents was also watching the crazy guy go down.

I tried my best here to show you some of the wonderful sights that we saw. Of course a camera can never compete with the naked eye, but at least it can give you an idea. If ever you visit South Africa, make sure that you pop in at Table Mountain.

Thank you for visiting @papilloncharity

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South Africa looks awesome. Wonderful pictures of Cape Town and Robben Island.

Hello @papilloncharity
Amazing view from top of the mountain. Awesome photographs sir.

Greetings @tussar11 hope that you are still doing well.
Thank you for the visit my friend.

Fantastic shots from up there and what a contrast between the amazing Stadium and it proud history and the sad history of the island

Thank you JJ, and so great to that that all good has been built on the horrid past. This country is still in deep trouble and it will take many more lifetimes to sort it all out.

Yes it is good when the horrible can be redone for a far better purpose :)


The light that has replaced the dark JJ.

Thats a great way to put it :) 👍🙂👍

I can only imagine that terrific view! How awesome that would be.

My older sister rappels down a 30 story building every year to raise money for cancer research. I would not, neither down a building nor a cliff. Nope. My hats off to those people brave enough to have that rush!

Thank you and hats off to your sister my friend. She is certainly a great example for others.

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Thank you kindly!

looks like the asylum on batman!

Hahaha, thank you my friend.

Thank you for photo! The frames are cool!

Glad that you liked the post my friend.

Absolutely stunning views and photographs from the mountain top @papilloncharity! I'm terrified of heights so would never ever have been a mountaineer, they are crazy doing stuff like that!

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Thank you Lady Lizelle.
I have been to many very high spots in my life, but cannot go underground or scuba dive. Claustrophobia.

Stunning views from up on top of Table Mountain Stephen, great photography offered once again with descriptive detail on the surroundings.

!tip curate

Thank you Lady Joan and I presume you guys have been to the top?
Thank you also for the tipu thingy.

What an amazing view 😎💖💖🙏

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Thank you and amazing it was indeed my friend.

What an amazing vies @papilloncharity! Those climbers are fearless, my daughter used to climb and we were always terrified she would fall some day...luckily she didn't. We're so glad she doesn't climb anymore, lol Its hard to imagine people who were ill were ostricized, and taken to live on a remote island under horrible conditions. Tough to imagine my friend. Wonderful shots today, blessings!

Thank you and glad that your daughter was safe my friend.
In the olden days people feared plagues and they weren't as medical sufficient as we are today. I have read stories about live leg amputations where the patients were given a stick to bite on during the procedure.
Great that today a lot of good has been built on the sad history.
Blessings to you guys!

maybe the camera won't compare how the naked eye will see but still thankful for sharing this to us.

By the way that seems hell that roben island. It means if you will be brought there your life will near to death. It's terrifying maybe to know that your life will be ended there.

I'm not good in height but I'm also not afraid about it. But a thousand meter, dang I'm not sure if I will try it.

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Thank you my friend and the island was indeed a final hell for many souls.
One would be foolish to try 1000 meters without training first and those trainers are very good. But of course it takes a lot of nerve to do that.

Love the photos of story nr.2 :) Cheers :)

Thank you for the visit my friend!
Glad that you liked the story.

Amazing shots, Sir Stephen. The soccer stadium is huge. I had no idea what it was until you mentioned it.

Marion is a brave soul to be sitting up that high on the mountain top.

That is a sad history on of Robben Island to be home to lepers and the insane.

Awesome mountain to climb. I don’t think I would want to climb one that steep.

Certainly a great attraction.

Thank you Lady Jo and that mountain top is a dream world. Plateau's and historical sights all over the place. We could only cover half of the top as it is a difficult walk in the other half and I was not up to it.
I am due for a back scan tomorrow, as the quack thinks that the pain in my legs are caused by my lower back spine.
Imagine what that hell must have been to be sent to for your last days or months on earth. An island of doom.
I am sure that you can climb anything if you set your mind to it Lol

how nice.
my favorite climbers
happy Sunday

Thank you and a happy Sunday also to you guys my friend!
Glad that you liked the post.

Interesting but sad history of the Robbers Island - I could not imagine being confined to an island to fend for yourself if you are chronically ill - horrible!
Such beautiful shots from that gorgeous Table Mountain! I get scared!
just looking at that mountain climber!
Thanks for sharing!

They have now closed the island and take tourists on visits out there my friend. The mountain top is home to many flowers and small animals. And the mountain climber certainly has some nerve my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Wow! Amazing views! No matter how carefully I look, I still can't see that guy on the cliff side.

Hahaha, didn't expect to to my friend and I had the advantage of knowing where the guy was.
Tinier than an ant.
Blessings and thank you!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! Tremendous photos of the stunning views!

Howdy Sir @janton thank you and glad that you liked it.

You are very welcome, your posts are always so good! All of them. I've never seen a mediocre post from you. lol.

Likewise with you my friend.
As they say; keep on steeming!
Blessings and thank you!

You are too kind sir but I will keep on steeming for at least the immediate future.

Great to hear Texas, we would hate to lose a person of your caliber!
Hope that you have a nice day.

It mostly depends on Mrs. J. and what she wants. She is sharpening her axe and looking for some real tangible results and so far she hasn't seen much. lol.

Tangible results at this low steem price is very hard to come by methinks.
We all have to tough it out and hope for the best.
Of course things can change drastically in the blink of an eye, but my eyes don't want to blink anymore Lol.