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Love the macro shots! really neat how the frost is mostly only on one side of the sticks

Thanks so much! I read that is caused by the wind.

Soooooooo beautiful! Just like a fairyland! We never have it here, because it's always too bloody windy!

The wind does have to be still for it to form, and the slightest breeze blows it all away.

I know and here is always windy!

I am lucky to be sheltered down here in the river valley with all the trees blocking the wind

Oh yes you are! We are here on the flat land, lol.

I love that first one, all those hoary curlycues. I don't think I've ever seen hoarfrost, or maybe I just didn't look closely enough to see it looks like hair perpendicular to the stem it's on. Very nice photos.

It doesn't happen frequently, but I usually get to see it a few times each winter. It is always a treat and these are some of my best ever photos of it.

How beautiful!

It doesn't last long, but it is beautiful to see!

I would say they are the beautiful gifts of nature. They don't last long but they are so wonderful and perfect!

Snow has covered it, Want to see the trees are green again

It will be several more months before we see green!

Wow really gorgeous shot. Which camera lens did you use for these captures?

Thank you! I am not a photographer and just grab the camera and take pictures. Sometimes I get lucky! And I feel a bit foolish telling you that I don't know. On the lense it says 1:2.8/4.5-108 ASPH Leica. Does that mean anything? 🤔

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nature is so magical!

Thanks, my friend! It's good to see that you are posting again!

Thank you, hopefully @melinda will never get bored helping me.s

Your posts are always interesting, and I hope you do English translations on some of your posts!

I wish we for that more often, here. It's beautiful to see. Nice job capturing it, too!

I see it a few times every winter, but only on the side of the house nearest the spring. The water temp is much warmer than the air and the 'steam' coming off the water causes the frost.

Cold and beautiful, the frost creates so interesting patterns.

It is beautiful, isn't it?

So pretty Melinda, are you sending that my way? lol Stay warm.

I'm afraid I would have to figure out how to send the warm water in the spring to be able to send the frost! But we are supposed to have snow for the next 3 days and most likely it will end up at your house, too. Sorry. 😢

Ah, no worries as I am enjoying the 30's today and maybe 40's tomorrow. I think I will get out to the grocery store for some fresh veggies while it is nice out.

That sounds like a great plan. We have 40s on the way after this snow passes through.

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Beautifully frozen !
yghdvk.png Stay warm my dear Lady Mel !

We have a couple days of snow on the way, but then much warmer weather on the way that will most likely melt the snow. A weird winter.

Howdy Melinda! Those are gorgeous shots! 5 degrees is a little cold for my tastes though!

We have snow on the way followed by temps in the 40s next week. Pretty mild for Wisconsin in the winter!

Yay! that is amazing news, you'll have one more mild week and another week closer to spring.

these are always very touchy in reality. and your pictures are touchy, too. great capture - !BEER

Thanks, luv! I always appreciate your comments! ❤️

...rare, like a rain in a desert...


Hoarfrost created for photography :-)

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Congratulations @melinda010100

Thanks so much! I appreciate it @bambuka! ❤️

hah... yep. It was lovely while it lasted. 😊

Thanks! I even went out in my pajamas so that I wouldn't miss getting a few photos of it! I was glad I did, because by the time I got dressed it was mostly gone!