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Greetings artists and art lovers

I present a new design in digital, she is a beautiful fantasy elf girl, is she sexy? if it is, I like to create sexy girls I think they like it better to those who look at them and well the truth is that I feel strange drawing men lol...

I hope you like it!

Design Presentation


Materials employed:

  • Recycled sheet for traditional sketch.
  • Android tablet
  • IBISPAINT X Program
  • Phone camera

Join me to see the elaboration process

  • I have done the main sketch in traditional using a recycling sheet, I always start from the traditional method, the process is easier for me:


  • I photographed the sketch and took it to the IBISPAINT X program, with the strong pen in a small dimension I proceeded to create the outline:


  • The first step to color the design, was to select a color palette for the skin, there are many colors and when it comes to fantasy characters there can be many more, this time I chose a color palette for a brown skin, I selected a base not very saturated with an opaque coffee, then that same color but isolating it towards the darkest tones I selected the ideal color for the shadows I proceeded to mix, the whole process was carried out with the normal airbrush brush:


  • She is wearing a sexy outfit, I wanted to add a black cape to cover
    Sure there is cold out there hehe. I added base colors and shades in purple color then I went to the saturation tones and leave the color that gave the character more life, its black layer gives a touch of mystery to the scene:


  • I always start coloring her hair in white color then I see if it fits or does not fit, she has perfectly fit, for hair coloring I used the hair oil brush, I also added the round point brush and the strong pen to add outstanding strands:


  • I adjusted final details and that's how I got the final result:


© Jordan Gerder - All rights reserved

I hope you liked it, I made it with love for you ❤
See you next time ❤

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Wow!!! This is so beautiful!!!!💗🎨

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Hey thank so much Miss Mermaid 😍

Bro me ha gustado mucho, veo que tienes mucho talento, espero que sigas superándote tanto ahora como en el futuro. UwU


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