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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful and very productive day. ^ _ ^

These little things are the main reason that I have disappeared for a whole week, little Sebastian, my cousin's son, was finally born, who asked me to make the letters of the child's name, a tradition (something forgotten by the economic situation) in my country it is to give small souvenirs to the closest friends and family, so again my aunt turned to me, seeing something she liked on the internet was a small picture where they would put pictures of little Sebastian, He also asked me for a baseball-themed coat rack (it shows that the family wants to predestinate him to be an athlete of that XD sport) to hang his cloths or clothes.

It's funny but I had a deja-vu to do this when I saw the images of what she wanted I saw it simple and I thought it would only take me a weekend to do all that, at the latest 4 days, in the end I take more than a week (like 9 days in total) to finish all that, for the curved cuts, sanding and painting, and since I was focused on finishing fast I forgot to register everything to see the step by step of all this, the good thing is that I do not neglect my work and I have about 4 drawing guides that explain in my work, and that I have to show you, ^ _ ^ already for my part I can only wait for my aunt to come this weekend to look for these present and so finally meet little Sebastian.

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Performing a quality control test on the coat rack ... IT WORKS !!! ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my work
See you in an upcoming post


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