The Lockdown Series : Lockdown is finally lifted

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Monday is here again and I must say, the weather this morning looks so cool and the wind that surrounds it feels so fresh to relax for a morning. The surroundings look relaxed and I great moment for one to mediate. But as I asked in my post yesterday if it was going to be the last day of our lockdown system here, and in fact the night brought the news we were eagerly waiting to hear.


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The day throughout Sunday was really on the slow mode and the checks were all over to make everyone obey the rules. But getting to the late afternoon of the day, the flyer of the President going to address the nation was in place all over with the time as 20:00 gmt +000. So everyone was eager to know what might come out, sooner than later 8pm was up and the whole nation was ready to listen to the president, only to be told that it has been shifted to 9pm.

We had nothing to do than to wait, within a twinkling of an eye 9pm was up and it was finally rolled live on the mother of the entire television station GTV, they had the sole right to run the coverage, and so all sister station transmitted through them. And as always the President started by saying “Fellow Ghanaians”


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The President then moved ahead to thank each and everyone for the good job done, he made us aware that up till the time of his speech 86,000 contacts have been traced so far with 68,591 test results out. And out of these 68,591 test results, 1042 persons were tested positive, 67,549 persons were tested negative. So far 99 persons have recovered fully and are being released to go home, with 930 persons still responding to treatments at the various isolation centers.

He made the nation aware that after 6,591 tests the nation have come to better understand the dynamism of the virus. Carriers together with non-carriers have been trained on how they can stop the spread of the virus. And so we were not going to have an extension in our partial lockdown but we are to be vigilant and also practice the safe protocols around, like wearing of nose masks, wshing of the hand regularly and avoiding handshakes.

But in the mean while all social gathering is still prohibited and a maximum of 25 persons for any private occasions. Our borders on the other hand will still remain closed for the next 4 weeks, schools and church activities were still going to be on the suspension until further notice. These stands came as a result of knowing that the virus were imported in the country and after all seals and tests we can stay safe by still closing our borders, except for goods that would be allowed in the country.

The government in that way still stand by absorbing water and light bills for the next three months, plus feeding the venerable as always until further notice. So now our destiny lays in our own hands and we are to continue to practice all protocols of the ministry of health and the world health organization.



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