Life after lockdown being lifted - Day 2

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Haaaa, the clouds have changed, and we woke up to a new beginning. I feel the fresh breeze of the wind around me. Today happens to be Wednesday and in the history of my country Ghana, it happens to be the 3rd day after we embracing human movements. We are still in the early stages of the day and I know I will tell you all the sweet stories that transpire in the day.


But for now, I have to keep up to my promise of telling you all that yesterday being the 2nd day after being free from lockdown. To start with, I will try my best to focus more on what happened in my city. Yesterday, I started the day very early since I have to take care of some stuffs for my sister around her office.

I got to the office and the only thing I could get my hands on for information was the radio, so I just tuned in to one of the radio stations as ii perform the tasks I came around to do. In know time the next thing I heard was some leaders of my city being invited to update us on the situation on ground and how we are fighting hard in order not to record a case here.


We were told that as the decongestion exercise was still in place and as it was arranged for the market women to be divided into four part at different locations so that we can practice a safe social distancing around our market and to also help free all roads from crowding. And on the side of education, they have deployed people to the nearby villages to also educate them on what all covid-19 is about and how they can stay safe. On the part of our entry point of other cities or town into our vicinity, the security agencies and the health service are always there to help get each person go through some processes before he/her is allowed to enter the city.

As the leaders talked, they also said there were lot of challenges as well which they begged persons within put a stop to it, especially to the males. And they include;
Children between the ages of 2-16 years roaming around for nothing
Playing of footballs around in groups
All entry curtains of any eating joint not being removed as well as the use of disposable cups only
Playing of cards in groups

These challenges brought out few fees that will be as fine for misconduct. They left the studio after advising we all follow all the protocols of staying safe.

On the hand of other matters, they hot conversation round still had to be how people thought about the lifting of lockdown in the country when we still have higher number than the first. Personally, I think some people are just living around with ply of wood as block to explanations no matter how many times one explains things to them. They still insist on what they have, when they are not logic.
They keep turning things around into politics, when the president himself thinks more about citizens than his political career.

Let’s end day 2 after lockdown here and thanks for passing by today too.



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