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Hi everyone,

As I said in my last post, I've stopped bidbotting my posts. Due to this, I've been partially on a quest to get some more regular voters. Some people I've been lucky to get votes from for interacting/finding them.


You can see on this chart that there's a fair bit of red surrounding me, both in and out.

There are some new arrows coming in, such as stackin, meesterboom and zyzzyva. Although I was lucky enough to get these votes just from interaction I also decided to stock up on SBI.

I now own over 10x my previous (3 days ago) SBI shares. I used to have 20, and now I have 246 Shares!


This is usually enough to net me a 2-3 cent vote each day, which means, so long as I post once daily, I break the threshold each day. I am looking forward to 3.3 cents in upvotes today. I'd like to eventually be able to get a fair way to the 20 STEEM threshold to get it on the good part of the curve, as I don't want to use bidbots.

Thanks for reading,
~ @cadawg


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More SBI plz.

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Will you match them? I've got plenty of steem atm

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How many? !giphy negotiating

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Up to 300

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Ok. You know where to find me.

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Good job man! youll be gettin upvotes in no time, you deserve them, sad the larger whales downvote without actually curating much, you deserve all the value of those downvotes, as upvotes,lolimagine how much good that woudl dpo if you got all that value instead

u could build for us so many cool front ends for steemengine

id love for u to get funded from @steemitblog @andrarchy @steemit to make us a new steem engine frontend and app that will also work with SMts, a mobiel app, withsome easy registration, youd need a team, and youd need tiem first to keep buildingwhat yoru already building
maybe by end of year you coudl do that if u hget enuf fundingf or ru current projects

lets first just starts malla nd get you soem basioc SPS funding or TELOS foundation funding

i swear man u shoul check out telos and also KEYBASE we nee dto freakin get steem full integrated into keybase!!!!! @steeve or @stevec of whatecver his name is hah hes got a great idea train parked ready to CHOO CHOO its way into victory land!

we need toddo what stelar foundation did with keybase sheeeeeet

Eh eh eh. The whole link to keybase thing was my idea! Steevc just agreed with me on it. Check my posting history.

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Hi, @cadawg!

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You mean you can no longer use bidbots because the downvote mafia will break you.

Happy day good to see you found a way. Any suggestions for @olivia08 who's neck is broke today?

Happy day to you 💕

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By "neck is broke" do you mean the giant flag she got?

Me and @mermaidvampire have been talking about it and we think we know the problem.

I think I know the problem now too. What a day. I hope it will be solved by her and not happen again.
To be honest I have no idea how to check it. Doubt it works with my slow connection. I can seldom watch a video, most of the times not se photos.

Good or bad a clear answer would be better. Happy day.

P.s. Actually it had not to do with the flagging, at least I think/thought not but with... well I forgot it's late might have made a note of it for my diary.

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