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RE: Don't Look Now - Your STEEM Account Was Stolen!

in #oc6 months ago

I first noticed this on some phishing scam warning posts, and I felt so bad because I love your posts and it’s horrible when this happens.

The scammers are always getting more clever, they prey on you clicking on a link that asks for your key - and you give it. They disguise links well and make the key request look normal - it’s so easy.

Thank goodness you got it sorted out so quickly, everyone you mention in this post are incredible Steemians and always go above and beyond to help people. I wish more appreciation were made to all of them, especially @guiltyparties, @thekittygirl and brittandjosie

Pretty sure I am out of credit, but for what it is worth @tipu curate

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Thanks @c0ff33a, I appreciate the support (and it's nice to hear someone enjoys my posts, lol). I was happy to make a thank you shout out to these fantastic people of STEEM.