How to start mining Obscure (XSC)? Pool Mining

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Obscure(XSC) is a cryptonote currency with compulsory mixin values. XSC was officially launched on 15 March 2019 with it's mainnet release. XSC's vision is to be at the fore front of privacy which is easy to use. We are currently developing several projects that we believe will allow mainstream adoption to occur, without the need to compromise the user's privacy. We have also identified the problem with using Cryptonote mixin values - even with mixins, one of the input and outputs will always point to the sender and user. It is possible with a a large enough dataset, blockchain analytics can be employed to determine the sender and receiver of coins.

Coin Specifications

Block Times: 15 Seconds
Block Reward: 3.5 XSC Per Block and will reduce over time
Total supply: 65,000,000
Premine: ~7.5% ( 4,900,000 XSC)
Presale: 2.5 BTC , 1.07% of premine, for a total of 700,000 XSC (for exchange listings and payout BTC bounties, funded by the premine)

Total premine split:

1.07% - Presale
5.3% - Dev fees
0.53% - Community Bounties
0.53% - Faucet


ZeroCT is a new protocol based on the Zero Protocol. However unlike the zero-protocol, ZeroCT is capable of sending unfixed denominations of zObscure such as 1239214 XSC. WIth the original Zero Protocol, you can only send in specific denominations. Our implementation of ZerCT will use masternodes to calculate validation proof from the blind factors. This reduces the load off the full nodes which process normal transactions. Our goal in the future is to fully eliminate full nodes and implement a masternode system.


Currently it is impossible for a developer to create dApps using his preferred cryptonote coins. A developer might want to create using Cryptonote instead of Ethereum because he wants to application to be private and transactions untraceable. Enter Obscure.sol. Obscure.sol is a modified web3.js module that is served by masternodes. There masternodes will be able to link the Ethereum blockchain, XSC blockchain or another cryptonote blockchain. A developer can make web3.js calls to the Ethereum virtual machine as long as he pays XSC as gas. These masternodes will covert the XSC on the fly to ETH, and keep some of the XSC as fees.


Singapore has a GDP per capita exceeding that of USA, Germany and France. Despite being an affluent nation, there is still no standard king for mabile payments. The market is fragmented with players who are unable to capture the market. We propose xPay, and we are confident that xPay will be able to scale in the Singapore Mobile Payment market.
xPay is a cryptocurrency wallet first and foremost but built with powerful 'mainstream features' which are regulated:
**1 **No KYC needed to transfer money between account
2) Creditcard top ups will be available for all KYC-ed accounts
3) Transfer via NFC like ApplePay and SamsungPay
4) Merchants and Non-merchant accounts have no difference, making it easy for anyone to start selling
5) Easy integration into different POS systems

Now that we know the details about Obscure (XSC), let’s get to mining some XSC

Obscure (XSC): Those who have no idea about mining can easily start mining by watching this video.

Obscure (XSC) Mining Pool:

SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner V1.8.2+ (Windows, AMD GPU)

Example start.bat file

@echo off
cd %~dp0

SRBMiner-CN.exe --config Config\config-turtle.txt --ccryptonighttype turtle --cpool --cwallet YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --cpassword YOUR_WORKER_NAME

TRTL-Stak 2.7.3+ (Windows, Linux, CPU, GPU)

Run xmr-stak and answer questions:

Do you want to use HTTP interface: 0
Please enter the currency you want to mine: turtlecoin
Pool address:
Rig identifier: (Empty)
Does this pool support TLS/SSL: n
Do you want to use nicehash on this pool: n
Do you want to use multiple pools: n

Example pools.txt:

"pool_list" :
{"pool_address" : "", "wallet_address" : "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS", "rig_id" : "", "pool_password" : "YOUR_WORKER_NAME", "use_nicehash" : false, "use_tls" : false, "tls_fingerprint" : "", "pool_weight" : 100 },

"currency" : "turtlecoin",

Cast XMR - HighSpeed CryptoNight Miner 1.7.1+ (Windows, Vega, RX 470/480/570/580)

Example run.bat:

NOTE: Try --opencl 0/1/2 to find out your platform.

cast_xmr-vega.exe -S -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME --reconnects 0 --opencl -1 -G 0,1,2,3 --algo=9 --maxmem --nonicehash --fastjobswitch

XMRig 2.10.0+ (Windows, Linux, CPU)

Example start.cmd:

@echo off
xmrig.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cn-trtl -k

XMRig 2.10.0+ (Windows, Linux, AMD GPU)

Example start.cmd:

@echo off
xmrig-amd.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cn-trtl -k

XMRig 2.10.0+(Windows, Linux, NVIDIA GPU)

Example start.cmd:

@echo off
xmrig-nvidia.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cn-trtl -k

XMRigCC 1.8.11+ (Windows, Linux, AMD GPU)

Create start.cmd file and copy/paste example below.

@echo off
xmrigDaemon.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cryptonight-ultralite -k

XMRigCC 1.8.12+ (Windows, Linux, CPU)

Create start.cmd file and copy/paste example below.

@echo off
xmrigDaemon.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cryptonight-ultralite -k

Happy Mining.

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