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OAX Foundation is pleased to announce details and rules of a 5 million OAX token airdrop. Please note that an application form containing all the terms and conditions for the airdrop will be made available shortly.


1. Airdrop period: 17 July 2018 (12 am HKT) — 16 January 2019 (12 am HKT).

2. Each individual airdropped amount will be calculated by the minimum of (a) the average daily balance of the total OAX token holdings in their wallets over the above period or (b) the balance in their wallets on 16 January 2019 (12 am HKT).*

3. Only OAX tokens held in participants’ private wallets will be deemed eligible for the airdrop calculation amount.

4. Any airdropped amounts will only be made to the corresponding wallet address from which it was calculated. Airdropped amounts will not be made to any other wallets (this is the case even if multiple wallet addresses are identified in the application).

5. Participants may be required to undergo additional AML/KYC procedures conducted by OAX Foundation.

6. The official airdrop distribution date will be announced on OAX social media channels once we complete all registration verifications and calculations.

7. Eligible participants must complete all steps and input all information required in the application form and agree to our terms and conditions.

8. Please note that the airdrop will not be available to participants in certain jurisdictions for legal and regulatory reasons.

*Here’s an example of how our airdrop works. A total of 5 million tokens will be in the airdrop. Assuming there are eligible holders of 10 million tokens signed up for the airdrop period. In this case, these holders will get 1 airdrop token for every 2 tokens of average daily balance they hold during the airdrop period. So if you maintain a 10,000-token average daily balance over the airdrop period, you will get 5,000 airdrop tokens.

On the other hand, if the number of eligible sign-ups is 20 million tokens, the ratio becomes 1 token for every 4 tokens held. A 10,000-token average daily balance over the airdrop period will entitle the holder to 2,500 airdrop tokens.

For any inquries, please email us at [email protected]

The original article on the OAX Medium:

Official site: https://oax.org/en/

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