Random Outline of My Life, 1985-2022

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I was born in February of 1985. I've included notes on my life in the 1980s in this article. I've reviewed almost every month from January of 1990 to the end of December of 2022. I've included an outline of each of those months. I've included a NON at the beginning of each year or month I don't have confirmed memories from. I've also included MEM for months containing verified memories.

1988-01 - NON - I can't think of any memories from January of 1988.
1988-11 - MEM - My mom broke her arm.

I've been spending the month of January of 2023 assembling this rough draft outline of every month of my life from 1985 to the end of 2022. However, I was unable to include unique references, topics, events, people, places, things, etc, for every month herein. In other words, I've not been able to confirm directly unique and specific memories for each month meaning I've not been able verify memories for each month. Consider the following an extremely incomplete list of events from my life. This should not remain the official outline timeline regarding my life. But for now, this is the best I have. But there are things I've not included on this list because I'm not certain when those things happened. And some things may happen more than one time over the course of a period of time that can be tough to verify. So, with that said, here is my current life outline as of Sunday, the 29th day of January of 2023.


Random Outline of My Life, 1985-2022
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-01-29 - Sunday | Published in January of 2023


The goal of this article is to quickly reference events from my life from my birth in 1985 to the end of the year of 2022. It's currently January of 2023. This post is not going to be too excessive, comprehensive, thorough, complete. This web page here you are reading is more like a rough draft outline preview bit. I'm going to try to comment on each year from the year 1985 to the end of 2022. I'm going to try not to talk too much or at all on anything outside of those years for any reason really. I'm going to try to be as accurate as I can as I write this from the top of my head. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold @JoeyArnoldVN, @Ojawall, etc. Some of the dates, details, events, people, etc, may be sometimes too aggressively, excessively, obsessively, etc, inaccurate, off, wrong, bad, immoral, slander, hearsay, etc. Who knows. I'm going to try to include links to some of my previous articles and stuff online. But some of the links may be to web pages which may not be published yet. This is just going to be a very small spit in the bucket of an article as follows. Just a few small inside jokes, references, events, dates, things like that, for each year so far. Here are some of the events and things of my life as follows. Katy Perry born 1984.

Events from 1985 included being born. FG. I was living in FG (Forest Grove). I probably have no real memories from 1985. Dick visited. After 22 years, Jetsons released new episodes. I Dream of Jeannie reunion movie. Small Wonder. Star Wars: Droids.
1985-01 - NON. FG.
1985-02 - NON. FG. I was born.
1985-03 - NON. FG.
1985-04 - NON. FG.
1985-05 - NON. FG.
1985-06 - NON. FG.
1985-07 - NON. FG.
1985-08 - NON. FG. Cousins Nathan and Alan came over.
1985-09 - NON. FG.
1985-10 - NON. FG.
1985-11 - NON. FG.
1985-12 - NON. FG.

Events from 1986 included Katie attended AWANA possibly for the first time in FG. I probably have no memories from 1986. Matlock. Perfect Strangers. Pee-wee's Playhouse. Dennis the Menace. ALF. Inspector Gadget ended. Lady Gaga born.
1986-01 - NON. FG. Katie had a red Strawberry Short Cake bicycle with a basket in the 1980s.
1986-02 - NON. FG.
1986-03 - NON. FG.
1986-04 - NON. FG.
1986-05 - NON. FG.
1986-06 - NON. FG. Little Miss Strawberry Patch Competition. Katie. Molly Hill. The Karate Kid, Part II.
1986-07 - NON. FG.
1986-08 - NON. FG.
1986-09 - NON. FG.
1986-10 - NON. FG.
1986-11 - NON. FG.
1986-12 - NON. FG. TRC.

Events from 1987 included FG, Katie Gymnastics. Some of my first if not first memories of my life may include in a field in Tigard or wherever it might have been at the house of Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim Williams, that memory may have been from the summer of 1987, maybe we saw a plane fly over. Masters of the Universe. Amerika is a series on what if USSR Russia beat America. Frank Sinatra on Magnum PI. Hulk Hogan defeated André The Giant. The Simpsons. DuckTales. Full House. Square One TV. 21 Jump Street. STNG. A-Team ended.
1987-01 - NON. FG.
1987-02 - NON. FG. To improving hearing, draining tubes were installed in my ears at a hospital in Portland. They fell out probably before I was ten is the assumption.
1987-03 - NON. FG.
1987-04 - NON. FG.
1987-05 - NON. FG.
1987-06 - NON. FG.
1987-07 - NON. FG.
1987-08 - NON. FG. Brian Morehead's family visited us at 163.
1987-09 - NON. FG.
1987-10 - NON. FG.
1987-11 - NON. FG. Homeschool Thanksgiving play. The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones movie. Empire Strikes Back debut on NBC.
1987-12 - NON. FG. TMNT cartoon.

MEM. Events from 1988 included FG, riding horses, first trip to Seattle, playing bucket drums, we had flies in the carpet, my brother saved my life as a vehicle breaks my mom's arm. Jeopardy! released for the NES in 1988, my brother would rent it out again and again. I think we eventually bought it. Paper Boy. The Wonder Years. America's Most Wanted. Barney. Prince Philip reincarnation. Dwight married. Super Boy. Family Ties.
1988-01 - NON. FG. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Wonder Years.
1988-02 - NON. FG. Somebody had an ear infection, maybe me.
1988-03 - NON. FG. Mom: "Dr. Phillips, Meningitis shot."
1988-04 - NON. FG. AWANA, Rick was 1st place, Sparks-a-rama. Sound of Music play. Mom: "Dr. Philips, ear infection..."
1988-05 - NON. FG. Field trip to the zoo. Larry King's interview with Frank Sinatra on CNN.
1988-06 - NON. FG. June picnic (no pics?) not to be confused with the August picnic which includes photos. Maybe my first time riding a horse pony at a lake park picnic. Hillsboro circus. Corn. Library Magic Show. Trip to see newborn colt. Summer Reading Rick.
1988-07 - MEM. FG. Family reunion in Seattle for my mom's mom's mom's 85th birthday. I remember this trip.
1988-08 - MEM. FG. August church picnic not to be confused with the picnic in June. Photos of me on a horse.
1988-09 - NON. FG. Ramona premiered. CCBC Labor Day Picnic. Mom found fly larva in the living room carpet which had to be replaced, this may have been in September or around the fall. Garfield and Friends. Sega Video Driver released, we got it before like 1992 but not sure which year.
1988-10 - NON. FG. CCBC Pastor David Weber. Katie Clown, Halloween. Super Boy. Roseanne.
1988-11 - MEM. FG. Vehicle broke my mom's arm. The Land Before Time, we saw this in theater before or after mom broke her arm. Pig Family Short Story by Katie.
1988-12 - NON. FG. Awana. Dishwasher for Christmas maybe.

MEM. Events from 1989 included FG, participating in Awana Cubbies. We probably met the main actress of Small Wonder this year or it was before like 1991. It was at the zoo. Mom wrote we went to the zoo in 1988 which means maybe it was that year, there are photos Rick and Katie meeting the actress. Mom said it was hard to cook for dad the first 9 years to 1989. Trump helicopter crashed killing people. Trump would have died. Hulk Hogan, Twin Towers going down.
1989-01 - NON. FG. Awana Cubbies. Ramona finale.
1989-02 - NON. FG. Day by Day episode featured Brady Bunch actors.
1989-03 - NON. FG. Rick Baseball probably in the spring, it says 1989. Susie Short Story by Katie.
1989-04 - NON. FG.
1989-05 - MEM. MEM. FG. AWANA Hopper Handbook. I was one of the five total Baby Chicks in a homeschool club play. Katie was in that play.
1989-06 - MEM. FG. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids premiered, I remember watching this in theaters.
1989-07 - NON. FG.
1989-08 - NON. FG.
1989-09 - NON. FG.
1989-10 - NON. FG. Anatha Pickell sent letter to mom.
1989-11 - MEM. FG. All Dogs Go to Heaven, I remember this. The Little Mermaid. Narnia: Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the British version, 6 episodes came out on VHS in the USA in the 1990s which is when we started watching them.
1989-12 - NON. FG. Bush & Gorbachev signed a treaty claiming America & Russia would get rid of their nukes which they didn't.

Events from 1990 included FG, my younger sister was born, Blacky Dog. I have memories of being in the shopping cart as mom pushed us towards the restroom at the Cornelius Fred Meyers in the 1990s. I would ride in and under on the cart as we went through the store. I would bring my toys.
1990-01 - NON. FG. America invaded Panama, Operation Just Cause.
1990-02 - NON. FG. Super Mario 3 released in NA for the NES.
1990-03 - NON. MEM. FG. When my younger sister was born, I wet the bed (couch) I think that morning and then went with my siblings to the Elkind house for like a week or less. The first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) film came out.
1990-04 - NON. FG. Ernest Goes to Jail premiered.
1990-05 - MEM. FG. Back to the Future III premiered, I remember the Indians chasing the time machine car. Yemen.
1990-06 - NON. FG. We had Blacky the dog for like a week till Blacky ran away or was stolen, this may have been in the summer or in the fall. Rick was probably a yellow belt in karate around this time as well. Ghost Dad starring Bill Cosby, I remember the bridge and the phone scenes. Captain Skyhawk released in NA for the NES, dad got Rick this game eventually.
1990-07 - MEM. FG. Problem Child, I remember the boy driving the car and the It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To song.
1990-08 - NON. FG. Dick Tracy released in NA for the NES, my brother would rent this game probably many times, I remember it.
1990-09 - NON. FG. Rick karate, 8th KUP Title.
1990-10 - NON. FG. Halloween - Monkey Joey, Ninja Rick. The first live-action TMNT movie was released to VHS video. Dr. Mario released in NA for the NES. Shipwrecked.
1990-11 - NON. FG. Home Alone I. BBC Narnia released in NA.
1990-12 - MEM. FG. Lake Oswego visit. Kindergarten Cop premiered, I sort of remember Arnold in the classroom and walking around outside.

Events from 1991 included Indians. Teddy Graham.
1991-01 - NON. FG. I drew Bart Simpson. Also, 3 aliens. Rick drew me.
1991-02 - NON. FG. Jeep drawing. Boat drawing. Self-portrait drawing. Jeep drawing. Duck drawing. Spelling game, circle mom and not the other words.
1991-03 - NON. FG. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) 2: The Secret of the Ooze premiered in theaters. Solar system drawing.
1991-04 - NON. FG.
1991-05 - NON. FG.
1991-06 - NON. FG. Vacation Bible School (VBS) during the summer in the 1990s, possibly every or at least many of the summers of that decade, at least one early on had people dressed up as TMNT appear to perform for us. Battletoads released in NA for the NES. Sonic 1 released in NA for the Sega Genesis.
1991-07 - NON. FG. Rick, karate Taekwon-Do student of the month, instructor Doug Teasal.
1991-08 - MEM. FG. When we went camping in August as a family, this is where I gave myself my famous right hand finger scar when I was trying to pick up a cooler and it slammed me back down onto the metal bed of the vehicle. F-Zero released in NA for SNES. Super Mario World released in NA for SNES. Sun going down drawing.
1991-09 - NON. FG. Darkwing Duck premiered on television, I was excited about this. Basketball drawing. Mortensen Mathematics. Cars drawing.
1991-10 - NON. FG. Cars bridge drawing. NCAA Basketball released in NA for SNES, I played it around like 1998 or I forget which year I got it.
1991-11 - NON. FG. Speech Language Evaluation test. American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West was a fun cartoon movie to see as a family. The Addams Family. Beauty and the Beast. My Girl. Sonic II was a fun game I started playing at least by 1994 or 1995 with Bill Bailey.
1991-12 - MEM. FG. I was learning to ride a bike. Christmas photos with family, Katrina & Kathy Sheck, and others. Long legs near trees drawing.

Events from 1992 included FG, first time to California, Disneyland. Movies: Newsies, Home Alone II. I played softball (baseball), wrestling.
1992-01 - NON. FG. TMNT boat that we maybe got Christmas of 1991 at the latest is my guess.
1992-02 - NON. FG. Rick Olympians, Gold Level, Coach Vince Warren. I was also in Olympians during that 1991-1992 school year but not sure how many times I attended. A girl might have got me kicked out of the club, thrown into the nursery or whatever it was during that school year. Katie, Silver Level.
1992-03 - MEM. FG. Ronald McDonald said to me I have big feet because I had big shoes/socks. I was not happy about that.
1992-04 - MEM. FG. Disney's Newsies starring Christian Bale (Batman), I was singing the songs on our way home. Rock-a-Doodle was a fun cartoon Elvis chicken movie which I enjoyed. Indians fishing near trees drawing. Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, & Who's the Boss? series finale.
1992-05 - NON. FG. Superman Mt. St. Helen Forest Grove Comic, several pages. NASA spaceship drawing. Superboy & Golden Girls series finale. Spelling, writing.
1992-06 - NON. FG. VBS that summer. Batman Returns in theaters.
1992-07 - MEM. FG. Anatha Pickell's Funeral in Seattle but I stayed at Jerry Friend's house that week, we looked up and could see the jets in the Hillsboro Air-Show. Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation. I saw with mom Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.
1992-08 - NON. FG. 3 Ninjas was a fun movie. Rick went to Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli.
1992-09 - MEM. FG. A city or county fair in September in Forest Grove, Oregon. Mom did a Tiffany Cumbo & Crystal photoshoot. NBC is the first network to cancel all their Saturday morning cartoons. Batman cartoon premiered. Anatha Pickell inheritance sent from John Pickett to my mom. Writing practice.
1992-10 - NON. FG. Tornado drawing.
1992-11 - MEM. FG. Aladdin. We saw Home Alone 2: Lost in New York around Thanksgiving with Jim & Josh Atkins. Alfred J Fred Meeuwsen died on the 10th, survived by his wife Erma, we got his legos which I was happy about. We complained he never paid us enough in the past for the yard work we did for him. Me and my brother wished him dead or something and then all of a sudden he was dead. Square One TV series finale. The Meanest Mother by Katie.
1992-12 - MEM. FG. California, Disneyland. We were out there for the last week or around nine days. We were at Disneyland on the 26th which might have been the last full day in California. We took the Greyhound bus to California and on our return back to Oregon, it takes like a day or two to travel by bus from Oregon to Los Angeles. Before going to California, I was watching Star Trek Next Generation or at least just the introduction song with the Enterprise flying through space. Tiny Toon Adventures & Darkwing Duck series finale.

Events from 1993 included Hagg Lake Lost. Mario is Missing! released in NA for SNES. NES console machine redesign released for NA.
1993-01 - NON. FG.
1993-02 - MEM. FG. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey premiered in theaters.
1993-03 - MEM. FG. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) III, I remember seeing this movie in theaters in Hillsboro. Star Fox for SNES.
1993-04 - NON. FG. Super Katie drawing. NBA Jam released in NA for arcade.
1993-05 - NON. FG. Cliffhanger starring Sylvester Stallone. My brother wanted to see, we rented it out on VHS later on, I remember Stallone shirtless climbing a snowy mountain cliff on video in our room on the bottom bunk bed which was at the window.
1993-06 - MEM. FG. Jurassic Park, I remember this movie. Sunset Riders released in NA for SNES. My brother and Josh Atkins played this in July.
1993-07 - MEM. FG. Arnold Rasp Family reunion with Jim Atkins & Howie in Salem. Fireworks in Hillsboro. Sunset Riders. Morehead Williams family reunion. I got lost at Hagg Lake in the summer of 1993. The family that found me played Turtles 3 on their TV. That movie didn't come out on VHS until the 14th of July of 1993. So, therefore, it was probably on that day or after that. It was also like a week after a Morehead family reunion we had at that same lake. Hocus Pocus premiered in theaters. Free Willy.
1993-08 - NON. FG. Super Mario All-Stars released in NA for SNES. We probably got our SNES that summer at the latest is my guess. Tecmo Super NBA Basketball released in NA for SNES, I played this with my brother many times in the 1990s. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time released in NA for SNES. We played this many times.
1993-09 - NON. FG. Phonics 1 workbook.
1993-10 - NON. FG. Halloween Astronaut Joey. Aladdin came out on VHS. The Beverly Hillbillies premiered in theaters. Mr. Nanny starring Hulk Hogan.
1993-11 - MEM. FG. Mrs. Doubtfire premiered in theaters, I saw this Robin Williams movie.
1993-12 - NON. FG. Mario's Time Machine released in NA for SNES.

Events from 1994 included FG, Lion King, Rival Turf.
1994-01 - NON. FG.
1994-02 - MEM. FG. Rival Turf (SNES) for my birthday.
1994-03 - NON. FG.
1994-04 - NON. FG.
1994-05 - MEM. FG. Flintstones. Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 7, episode 26: All Good Things (series finale), it focused on Picard, Q. I remember this.
1994-06 - MEM. FG. Lion King, I saw it in theaters with mom. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold. I at least saw it on VHS at Kyle Vanderzanden's house.
1994-07 - MEM. FG. Kumon. Dinosaurs finale, I remember this episode on ABC, it was a fun live-action show on Friday nights. Forrest Gump.
1994-08 - MEM. FG. The Little Rascals premiered, I remember seeing this fun movie. Stimson Lumber hired my dad to work towards Hagg Lake in Forest Grove. He sometimes or often would work night shift from like 05:00 PM to like 04:00 AM or something like that. His may have worked several days a week, maybe not every day. Perhaps the schedule changed at times. I would sometimes say bye to him as he would go off to work. He was fired in or before 1999. Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow premiered in theaters, I've seen some of these movies on VHS over the years.
1994-09 - NON. FG.
1994-10 - NON. FG. AWANA: Awana Sparkies in Hillsboro, we would attend this Bible church club Wednesday nights for several years. After that, I did the other Awana clubs like Pals, Pioneers. After that, our own CCBC church had the club in Cornelius in 1998 for a year or two. So, we would go to that. Earthworm Jim released in NA for the Sega Genesis, was playing it at least before like 1998 or 2002 at Bill Bailey's friend, Walter, at his family apartments or hotels by Dairy Queen across the street from McDonald's Bi-Mart, the Free Mason building.
1994-11 - MEM. FG. AWANA. Star Trek Generations, I saw this movie with mom at Cinema 7. The Pagemaster.
1994-12 - MEM. FG. AWANA. Richie Rich. I saw it because Mack was in it. Tekken released in NA for arcade.

Events from 1995 included Olympians, karate, Christmas Play.
1995-01 - NON. FG. AWANA.
1995-02 - NON. FG. Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler.
1995-03 - NON. FG. 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up premiered in U.S. theaters. Born To Be Wild. Tommy Boy.
1995-04 - MEM. FG. A Goofy Movie, a fun cartoon movie. Bad Boys.
1995-05 - MEM. FG. Full House finale, I remember watching this that last Tuesday. I saw Casper. The Jungle Book. Braveheart.
1995-06 - MEM. FG. Pocahontas was a fun Disney cartoon musical movie starring a hot brown Indian chick. Batman Forever premiered in theaters. Dumb and Dumber. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. I was anticipating this film and eventually saw it in theaters. Summer reading program.
1995-07 - MEM. FG. I saw Apollo 13 in theaters with Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim in Astoria. I wanted to see Power Rangers but they wanted to see this Tom Hanks movie. The Indian in the Cupboard. Free Willy 2.
1995-08 - MEM. FG. The Amazing Panda Adventure. Babe. Mortal Kombat.
1995-09 - NON. FG. Karate lessons.
1995-10 - NON. FG. The Santa Clause came out on VHS.
1995-11 - NON. FG. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie came out on VHS. Twisted Metal released in NA for PS1.
1995-12 - MEM. FG. I played a shepherd in the CCBC Christmas play, my lines talked about seeing the star. Jumanji. Tom and Huck.

Events from 1996 included home videos, Olympians, making an hour long Power Rangers parody film with family and friends.
1996-01 - NON. FG. Waterworld came out on VHS.
1996-02 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Power Ranger Kids parody movie. Muppet Treasure Island.
1996-03 - NON. FG. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.
1996-04 - MEM. FG. James and the Giant Peach.
1996-05 - MEM. FG. Home videos. To Heaven Or Hell. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars released in NA for SNES, we would rent this game. Twister.
1996-06 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Ksober six months to Dec or beyond.
1996-07 - MEM. FG. Independence Day starring Will Smith.
1996-08 - MEM. FG. Jack starring Robin Williams. Summer reading winner Crystal.
1996-09 - NON. FG. Home videos. Super Mario 64 released in NA for N64.
1996-10 - NON. FG. Tomb Raider & Twisted Metal 2 released in NA for PS1.
1996-11 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Cruis'n World released in NA for arcade. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! released in NA for SNES. Space Jam starring Michael Jordan. Star Trek: First Contact. 101 Dalmatians.
1996-12 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Christmas videos. I got Sim City for the SNES for Christmas. Mars Attacks!

Events from 1997 included home videos, Olympians, basketball, Power Rangers.
1997-01 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Star Wars IV: A New Hope - Special Edition.
1997-02 - MEM. FG. Mario Kart 64 released in NA for N64. Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. FGHS dance competition, Rhythm in Motion, Katie.
1997-03 - MEM. Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.
1997-04 - MEM. FG. Home videos.
1997-05 - MEM. FG. I took an annual state test in Oregon City to determine if that state will allow me to continue doing homeschool. AWANA awards night, I don't see my name on it. The Fifth Element. The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
1997-06 - MEM. FG. Star Fox 64 released in NA for N64. Batman & Robin.
1997-07 - MEM. FG. Men in Black (MIB) starring Will Smith. George of the Jungle.
1997-08 - NON. FG. Golden Eye 007 released in NA for N64. Death of Princess Diana of Wales.
1997-09 - NON. FG.
1997-10 - NON. FG.
1997-11 - NON. FG. Bomberman 64 released in NA for N64.
1997-12 - NON. FG.

Events from 1998 included Olympians, AWANA, Seattle Splash, Just Joey drawings, writings.
1998-01 - NON. FG. Worms II released in NA for Microsoft Windows. Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky story broke.
1998-02 - NON. FG. Winter Olympics in Japan.
1998-03 - NON. FG. CCBC AWANA. Greenie Beanie Night.
1998-04 - MEM. FG. CCBC AWANA. Who Dunnit Night. Lost in Space.
1998-05 - NON. FG.
1998-06 - MEM. FG. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) released in NA for PS1. The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. Dr. Dolittle starring Eddie Murphy.
1998-07 - MEM. FG. Armageddon. Small Soldiers. I made mom a birthday card.
1998-08 - NON. FG.
1998-09 - MEM. FG. Tri-Met Max Westbound to Hillsboro opening starring Al Gore, I was there, I remember protesters. Google was founded.
1998-10 - MEM. FG. What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams, I saw on a Sunday night in Hillsboro. Antz.
1998-11 - NON. FG.
1998-12 - MEM. FG. We either got Mario Kart 64 in 1997 or as late as 1998. First we got the N64 maybe the Christmas of 1997 at the latest and Mario Kart 64 maybe for my birthday of 1998 or maybe Christmas of 1998 at the latest I assume. The Prince of Egypt.

Events 1999 included Olympians, WCC, Seattle Splash, SNES Mario Paint, Mario Kart 64. My Cool Kid nickname goes back to like 1999 or earlier, I got it at while playing basketball at the park in the ghetto trailer park I grew up in.
1999-01 - NON. FG. NASA Mars Polar Lander.
1999-02 - NON. FG. Mario Party 1 released in NA for N64. Sim City 3000. Bill Clinton impeachment was acquitted.
1999-03 - NON. FG.
1999-04 - NON. FG. Super Smash Bros released in NA for N64.
1999-05 - MEM. FG. Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul. I saw it several times.
1999-06 - MEM. FG. Olympians finale. Morehead family reunion revolving around Alan Williams high school graduation. Wild Wild West starring Will Smith.
1999-07 - MEM. FG. WCC. Mario Golf for the N64. Pokémon Snap. Inspector Gadget.
1999-08 - MEM. FG. Seattle. The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis.
1999-09 - NON. FG. Sonic Adventures released in NA for the Sega Dreamcast. Played it at Game Stop or whichever video stores had them at malls or what have you.
1999-10 - MEM. FG. The Omega Code.
1999-11 - NON. FG. Donkey Kong 64. Dogma.
1999-12 - MEM. FG. Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams.

Events from 2000 included home videos, WCC. My dad got me my first camcorder for my birthday in February, I started filming guinea-pig Ra Ra Hercules Roberto, the Valentines Day event, some music videos, Cars, I Want It & I Want It Now the movie, etc.
2000-01 - NON. FG.
2000-02 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Valentines. Cars. Ra Ra. Rick. Crystal. Cats. Scream 3.
2000-03 - NON. FG.
2000-04 - NON. FG.
2000-05 - NON. FG. Gladiator. Mission: Impossible II.
2000-06 - MEM. FG. Rick did the ham radio project and graduated high school. Chicken Run. Me, Myself & Irene. The Patriot.
2000-07 - MEM. FG. WCC. Idaho mission trip for a week. Morehead Pickett Family Reunion in Long Beach, Washington, USA. Disney's The Kid. Scary Movie. X-Men.
2000-08 - NON. FG. Coyote Ugly. Space Cowboys. Bring It On.
2000-09 - MEM. FG. FGHS: Forest Grove High School. Salena Willner. Basic Metals welding class. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 released in NA for PS1. The Little Mermaid II. Billy Elliot. Hey Arnold. Mlynski. Brandeburg. Thias. Baumgartner. Bartels.
2000-10 - NON. FG. FGHS. Meet The Parents. Pay It Forward. Left Behind: The Movie.
2000-11 - MEM. FG. FGHS. How the Grinch Stole Christmas was a fun movie. Charlie's Angels. Little Nicky. Unbreakable. 102 Dalmatians.
2000-12 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Cast Away starring Tom Hanks, we saw it as a family for Christmas. Dude, Where's My Car? What Women Want starring Mel Gibson. The Emperor's New Groove. Miss Congeniality.

Events from 2001 included home videos, WCC.
2001-01 - NON. FG. FGHS. Save the Last Dance. Super Troopers. The Wedding Planner.
2001-02 - NON. FG. FGHS. Paper Mario released in NA for N64, I got it for my birthday in 2001 or 2002. Recess: School's Out.
2001-03 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Carman: The Champion. See Spot Run. Spy Kids.
2001-04 - NON. FG. FGHS. Joe Dirt. Jason X.
2001-05 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Pearl Harbor was boring. Shrek. Moulin Rouge! The Mummy Returns.
2001-06 - NON. FG. FGHS. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was fun to watch with Woof, Rick. The Fast and the Furious.
2001-07 - MEM. FG. WCC. Home videos. Gangster Run movie starring Red Dog Mickey Morehead Joey, old lady mom, cop Rick. Cat's Life starring my cats. Legally Blonde. Jurassic Park III was cool. Planet of the Apes. The Others starring Nicole Kidman is a cool movie I saw years later.
2001-08 - MEM. FG. Home videos. Ghetto Blair Witch. The Princess Diaries. Amélie
2001-09 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Ghetto Blues rap song poem. Megiddo: The Omega Code 2. Zoolander.
2001-10 - NON. FG. FGHS. WOL Super Bowl, NBA Blazers, Rose Garden PDX.
2001-11 - MEM. FG. Home videos. FGHS. Thanksgiving videos. Monsters, Inc. The One. Shallow Hal. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
2001-12 - MEM. FG. Home videos. FGHS. Christmas videos. Ocean's Eleven.

Events from 2002 included home videos, WCC, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne. You Are My All in All by Nichole Nordeman. Winter Youth Celebration: Love In Motion.
2002-01 - MEM. FG. FGHS. A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore, this movie moved me.
2002-02 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2002-03 - NON. FG. FGHS. Ice Age 1. Resident Evil.
2002-04 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2002-05 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Spider-Man 1. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.
2002-06 - NON. FG. FGHS. Scooby-Doo. The Bourne Identity. Minority Report.
2002-07 - MEM. FG. WCC. Home videos. Men in Black II. Like Mike starring Lil' Bow Wow on NBA Inside Stuff. Austin Powers in Goldmember.
2002-08 - NON. FG. FGHS. One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams.
2002-09 - NON. FG. FGHS. The Tuxedo.
2002-10 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. Time Changer.
2002-11 - NON. FG. FGHS. 8 Mile starring Eminem. Eight Crazy Nights starring Adam Sandler.
2002-12 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Star Trek: Nemesis. Equilibrium starring Christian Bale. I didn't see LOTR 2 until 2003 in the summer. Catch Me If You Can. Winter Youth Celebration (WYC).

Events from 2003 included home videos, WCC, Sonya Mack.
2003-01 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2003-02 - NON. FG. FGHS. Shanghai Knights. Storms 'R Coming Enterprise drawing.
2003-03 - NON. FG. FGHS. The Rambling Brain. Inspector Gadget 2. Head of State starring Chris Rock.
2003-04 - NON. FG. FGHS. Tiffany Cumbo died. I made people laugh at her funeral.
2003-05 - NON. FG. FGHS. Bruce Almighty - Jim Carrey. Finding Nemo. Daddy Day Care - Eddie Murphy,
2003-06 - NON. FG. FGHS. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.
2003-07 - NON. MEM. FG. WCC. LOTR 1, LOTR 2, at Matt Dooney/Jim Westberry. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne released in NA for Windows, Apple. 1. I think I first started playign Warcraft in New York in the fall of 2005 at WOLBI in Jared's room. I think he first came to WOLBI in 2005. I started playing it a lot more in 2008 and after that to 2012. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life.
2003-08 - NON. FG.
2003-09 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2003-10 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Girl's Basketball Manager. Tom Sawyer for Halloween.
2003-11 - FG. FGHS. Girl's Basketball Manager. Mario Kart: Double Dash released in NA for Nintendo's Gamecube. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time released in NA for Microsoft Xbox 1. 1. I probably didn't play too much of it until like 2008-2010 when I was living at Alders Housing in PDX. The Cat in the Hat.
2003-12 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Girl's Basketball Manager. Family Reunion in Roseburg. LOTR 3. Mona Lisa Smile. Peter Pan.

Events from 2004 included Pocketball, The Ranch. Yeah! by Usher featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris. Indescribable by Chris Tomlin.
2004-01 - NON. FG. FGHS. Girl's Basketball Manager. The Butterfly Effect.
2004-02 - NON. FG. FGHS. Girl's Basketball Manager. 50 First Dates. The Passion of the Christ.
2004-03 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2004-04 - NON. FG. FGHS.
2004-05 - NON. FG. FGHS. I was not in the Cinderella Play.
2004-06 - MEM. FG. FGHS. Ranch Camp. Garfield: The Movie. The Notebook. Spider-Man 2.
2004-07 - MEM. Ranch Camp. Llama Basketball STC Basketball Champions that summer.
2004-08 - MEM. Ranch Camp.
2004-09 - MEM. WOLBI.
2004-10 - MEM. WOLBI. Xanga.
2004-11 - MEM. WOLBI.
2004-12 - MEM. FG. Roseburg Williams Morehead family reunion with Woof, Dick. Arnold Attic work. The Last Samurai. The Phantom of the Opera.

Events from 2005 included Snow Camp, The Ranch, WCC. Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
2005-01 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp. The Passion of the Christ of Mel Gibson, I saw it at Dave Kelly.
2005-02 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp.
2005-03 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp. The Pacifier.
2005-04 - NON. WOLBI.
2005-05 - MEM. WOLBI. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.
2005-06 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp. The Ranch. Batman Begins.
2005-07 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp. WCC. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
2005-08 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp.
2005-09 - MEM. WOLBI.
2005-10 - NON. WOLBI.
2005-11 - NON. WOLBI.
2005-12 - MEM. FG. Arnold Attic work. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I saw it with Katie. Robots starring Robin Williams, saw it on TV.

Events from 2006 included Snow Camp, Quebec, The Ranch, ABC. Crazy by Gnarl Barkley.
2006-01 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp. Fearless starring Jet Li. Underworld: Evolution.
2006-02 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp.
2006-03 - MEM. WOLBI. Snow Camp. V for Vendetta. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.
2006-04 - MEM. WOLBI. Quebec in March or April for like nine days.
2006-05 - NON. WOLBI. Mission: Impossible III. Over the Hedge. The Da Vinci Code. X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Cars. Spider-Man 3.
2006-06 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp.
2006-07 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp.
2006-08 - MEM. WOLBI. Ranch Camp. The Illusionist.
2006-09 - MEM. ABC.
2006-10 - MEM. ABC. The Departed. Man of the Year starring Robin Williams. One Night with the King, the story of Esther from the Bible. The Prestige.
2006-11 - MEM. ABC. L4OJ was my first YouTube channel. I watched The Matrix trilogy for the first time ever at Jasper Swaney in South Carolina. Happy Feet. Rick NYC.
2006-12 - MEM. ABC. The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith. Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams.

Events from 2007 included home videos, Revolution Hawaii, Camp Kuratli, WYI. L4OJ videos with Sawyer Frye.
2007-01 - NON. ABC.
2007-02 - MEM. ABC. Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage, saw it in theaters. Flushed Away, saw it with ABC friends. The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey.
2007-03 - MEM. ABC. TMNT the cartoon movie, I saw it on a laptop or something at ABC.
2007-04 - NON. ABC.
2007-05 - MEM. FG. ABC. I attended the Graduation Ceremony but wasn't graduating because it was only my first year at ABC. I returned to Oregon in May.
2007-06 - MEM. FG. Camp Kuratli.
2007-07 - MEM. Camp Kuratli. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, I saw it with Kuratli friends. License to Wed came out but I saw it later on in Hawaii.
2007-08 - MEM. FG. Hawaii. California.
2007-09 - MEM. Hawaii. Camps. 3:10 to Yuma, I saw in Hawaii with Blake Webb, Jeffrey Walters. Resident Evil: Extinction.
2007-10 - MEM. Hawaii. Michael Collins. Movies we saw in Hawaii in 2007-2008 include Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, The Number 23, Superbad, Ghost Rider, Evan Almighty.
2007-11 - MEM. Hawaii. Beowulf. Hitman. American Gangster. Hairspray. License to Wed.
2007-12 - MEM. Hawaii. GYJO. Enchanted on Christmas Day. The Golden Compass. I Am Legend. National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Charlie Wilson's War. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Events from 2008 included Camp Kuratli.
2008-01 - MEM. Hawaii. California. Rambo.
2008-02 - MEM. Hawaii.
2008-03 - MEM. Hawaii.
2008-04 - MEM. Hawaii.
2008-05 - MEM. Hawaii. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
2008-06 - MEM. Hawaii. Camp Kuratli. I was playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Gamecube) that summer at camp. The Butterfly Effect that summer. Kung Fu Panda. The Incredible Hulk. Wanted. WALL-E.
2008-07 - MEM. Camp Kuratli. Hancock. The Dark Knight. The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Wall-E. Benjamin Button.
2008-08 - MEM. FG. Seattle. Woof Jim Williams died. I moved in with my dad. Tropic Thunder. Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
2008-09 - MEM. FG. HCBC.
2008-10 - MEM. FG. PDX. Alder. Kells. Grout. I moved into Alder Housing Apartment & lived there until June of 2010.
2008-11 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Kells. Grout. Karen drove me and Katie to Shelton so I could walk my mom down the aisle to marry Bill Cunningham. Hancock.
2008-12 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Kells. Grout. Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Events from 2009 included home videos, iJustine, Nick Littlejohn.
2009-01 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Kells. Grout. Taken.
2009-02 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Coraline.
2009-03 - MEM. PDX. Alder. California. Home videos with Lincoln Hawk in March and/or April in Long Beach, California. The Last House on the Left.
2009-04 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Facebook Living Jesus Kerry Pickett. Animals Are Dying.
2009-05 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Star Trek. Angels & Demons starring Tom Hanks.
2009-06 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Quest Hike, waterfall towards Mount Hood with Nicholas Littlejohn. There are photos of us and an older lady who would talk to me. Katie got me to go to Quest for their Thursday night dinners each week. Pizza Day with Agape Church of Christ.
2009-07 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Ram Reflection on Facebook. JSA Dog Dog and Pog Dog channel on YouTube. Fat Princess released globally for PS3.
2009-08 - NON. PDX. Alder. Yahoo email Ja Resume. Flickr JoeyArnold.
2009-09 - MEM. PDX. Alder. PCC college. Lincoln Hawk call. Nick Littlejohn adventures. Don Rasp and Green Oatmeal David Duke on Facebook (Free Geek). Bill William Cunningham prayer posted on Facebook.
2009-10 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Comcast Wanted Adventure Host, contestant # 45. I created my @OatmealJoey account on Twitter. But only one tweet.
2009-11 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Ojawall channel on YouTube. I'm Joey Arnold videos. Videos with Blake Webb at Moore Street. Sawyer Frye Guy song. Thanksgiving at Katie's Madison House.
2009-12 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Appeared on episode 20 of the You Can Ask iJustine Ezarik to ask if she likes oatmeal. No duh, of course I do she said. After that, she danced. Twitter Ojawall.

Events from 2010 included home videos and also the death of Blake Webb. Salvation Army's Redwood Glen. My love letter to Farmer Hanna. I went to Western Youth Institute (WYI) in August and met Sharon Clayton who encouraged me to watch The Walking Dead which I grew to love in the 2010s.
2010-01 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Conan hosted NBC's The Tonight Show one last time on Friday, the 22nd of January. Jay Leno. David Letterman. Solid Rock. Agape Church of Christ. 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
2010-02 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Shutter Island. We Are The World 25 For Haiti. Shutter Island Dennis Tipton.
2010-03 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Lady Gaga Britney Spears Telephone. Breaking Bad. Jesus, Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood. Campbell, garage sale, Lloyd Center.
2010-04 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Eminem Not Afraid. FEMA. Toby Mac Lose My Soul. Police State 4.
2010-05 - MEM. PDX. Alder. Blake Webb Died. Wii Mario. Robin Hood. Donkey Kong. David Shepherd. Facebook Joey Arnold Memorial Jill Mill.
2010-06 - MEM. PDX. Alder. I became a Salvation Army Soldier. I took the Amtrak train to California for Camp Redwood Glen.
2010-07 - MEM. PDX. I was in skits with Farmer Hanna. Was banned from the camp and flown back to Oregon to live with Charlotte Battle. Facebook SEHCM7, JoeyArnold4.
2010-08 - MEM. PDX. I went to WYI where I met Sharon Clayton who introduced me to The Walking Dead. Facebook Oatmeal Joy & Gyjo: Get Your Oatmeal Joy On.
2010-09 - MEM. PDX. ArnoldAttic, BillyBreaker, and MickeyMorehead channels on YouTube. DCeric. Matt Kurtz games. Mike Kurtz. Danny Magda. Mario. Other Mike.
2010-10 - MEM. PDX. RaRaRoberto and Securing Salvation channels on YouTube. Facebook banned an account of mine. The October Surprise. Terminated. Suspended. Censorship. Runaway by Kanye West. Check It Out by Nicki Minaj, Will.i.am. Firework by Katy Perry.
2010-11 - MEM. PDX. Ram Reflection, Ironic Mystic, Painting Propaganda, Gambling Forks, and Tiffany Cumbo on YouTube. Salvation Army JC Penney Bell Ringer.
2010-12 - MEM. PDX. Bell Ringer. The Walking Dead.

Events from 2011 included home videos, Arnold Attic Teaser Trailers.
2011-01 - MEM. PDX. Salvation Army Young Adult retreat. Jurassic Park Theology Online (TOL) Baywatch video. What The Hell by Avril Lavigne. Price by Jessie J, B.o.B. PASS.
2011-02 - MEM. PDX. Real Life VEVO channel on YouTube. Metal Gear Joey video. Pipe Wife videos. Ram Reflection. Your Favorite Martian Ray William Johnson. Justin Bieber vs Hot Pink Power Ranger video. Lady Gaga Born This Way. Real Life VEVO.
2011-03 - MEM. PDX. Battlestar Galactica Jesus. I wrote Jesus does not but could sin. Lenka - Heart Skips A Beat. Katy Perry - E.T. (Official) ft. Kanye West.
2011-04 - MEM. PDX. PASS basketball camp program. JoeyArnold7 channel on YouTube. Game of Thrones. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends.
2011-05 - MEM. FG. PDX. Moved to Forest Grove around May of 2011 or in around the spring. JoeyArnoldTV, ActionStripTV and MarilynCunninghamTV channels on YouTube. Beckah Shae Put Your Love Glasses On. Movies: Adjustment Bureau, In Time, Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbeans 4, Friends With Benefits, Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda 2.
2011-06 - MEM. FG. Arnold Attic Teaser Trailers. Oatmeal VEVO channel on YouTube. Can't Hug Every Cat. Ninja Rihanna, Cry Marbles. Beyonce vs Niggers.
2011-07 - MEM. FG. Tiffany Cumbo lucid-dream, I tried talking to her ghost. Gotye Kimbra Somebody That I Used To Know. Dilley Bible Church.
2011-08 - MEM. FG. Rise of the Planet of Red Dog. Mortal Kombat Red Dog Mickey Morehead Joey.
2011-09 - MEM. FG. Acceptable Cannibalism. Undelete Remotely?
2011-10 - MEM. FG. TiffanyCumboVEVO channel on YouTube. Facebook Serious Slogan, JA Visual Venture & Restore Main Street. Sawyer Frye Born 4K Years Ago.
2011-11 - MEM. FG. Arnold Attic Bearded Joey. Bell Ringer. The Muppets.
2011-12 - MEM. FG. Bell Ringer Fired. Lord of the Rings Risk. Kurtz Christmas. Joey Arnold 4, Only Fifteen Seconds, and Only Thirty Seconds channels on YouTube.

Events from 2012 included home videos, tearing down our backyard 1990s Rangers Shed, Mount St. Helens, going to prison over a prank call, moving to Vietnam in November.
2012-01 - MEM. FG. Star Wars Clone Wars. Random Recognition Joey Arnold avatar photos. Where's Sadam? Look at the moon.
2012-02 - MEM. FG. Shed Died. Forty Four Tapes channel on YouTube. Battlestar. Dexter Morgan. For my birthday, I sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston in honor of her death at Chopsticks PDX.
2012-03 - MEM. FG. Facebook Oo Joey Arnold. Only Two Minutes channel on YouTube. Love Shack Question regarding Sharon Clayton. Katy Perry - Part Of Me. Ignition Impression.
2012-04 - MEM. FG. Mount St. Helens. Nicki Minaj - Starships. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Painting Propaganda photos on Facebook. Shoes. YouTube Vision. Veleo store.
2012-05 - MEM. FG. Facebook Abortion Debates. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
2012-06 - MEM. FG. Facebook Mea Omnia. Different Joy Ladies. Wide Awake by Katy Perry.
2012-07 - MEM. FG. Robin Baker Prank Call Sent Me To Prison. Brent Groth Mea Omnia Pizza. Batman Begins 3: Dark Night Rises.
2012-08 - MEM. FG. Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love. Expendables 2. Taylor Swift, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Mario Smash Bros. Matt. Danny. Photos of my wall drawings in my 163 room.
2012-09 - MEM. FG. I was getting my first U.S. Passport. GoDaddy Versus FatCow. I sold Katie's guitar to Jaimee Dawson for $200 but then dad took it back from him in 2012 or 2017. Dad said Katie didn't want it sold. Jaimee was not happy about that. I was also taking photos of things I was trying to sell to raise money for Vietnam. Random Recognition, board game photos, on Facebook.
2012-10 - MEM. FG. I biked to Vancouver, WA. Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj. Cloud Atlas.
2012-11 - MEM. FG. VN. Visited Matt & Mike Kurtz. Was at Salvation Army Gresham. Moved to Vietnam.
2012-12 - MEM. VN. New Star Fired. Andy Nguyen Papa Foods Dishwasher. Karaoke. Hacky Sack. Couch Surfing. Original Oatmeal channel on YouTube.

Events from 2013 included home videos, Hanoi Anna, KathyBike, Fellowship Youth Group (FYG) in April.
2013-01 - MEM. VN. Yoga Hanoi Anna Anna Le Hoang Dieu (An Khanh). Muong Village in Hoa Binh.
2013-02 - MEM. VN. Anna Thanh Hoa Hometown, Sam Son Beach. Honey Tracy Saigon. Her hometown. Kathy Bike.
2013-03 - MEM. VN. Kathy Bike. Tan Van Foreign Language School. New Star Tan Phu. Marriage Rejection.
2013-04 - MEM. VN. FYG (Fellowship Youth Group). Balo Backpacking Hostel. Star Trek Into Darkness.
2013-05 - MEM. VN. FYG. First Apartment in Vietnam. Some of my first VN videos started probably around May of 2013.
2013-06 - MEM. VN. FYG. Da Lat City Vacation. Drink & Talk English Club.
2013-07 - MEM. VN. FYG. District 12 Russia Drama. Kids popped my bike tires. Dexter, season 8.
2013-08 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. First time to Cambodia. Tan Binh Apartment. District 12 Rick Hillary Clinton Apartment. Dexter, season 8.
2013-09 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Motorcycle taxi man hired me while I was riding my bike to teach English at a high school. Dexter, season 8. Oatmeal English channel on YouTube.
2013-10 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Tan Phu Apartment. English Rain. Drink & Talk banned me but not before I could obtain my lawyer student.
2013-11 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Mộc 37 Cafe English, Charlene Jolly. HOLA Got Talent 2, pretend GF Angie Les (Angela Francis). Kyo York mentioned me. Grace Cafe. Master's Cup. Z Coffee. Facebook Joey Arnold Friends.
2013-12 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Long An cow videos. Vy Tran. Phuong Huynh. Saigoniz. Loan Gấu Mẹ Lona. Kieu Nhiep.

Events from 2014 included home videos, Leaf Pagoda, Facebook JoeyArnoldVN.
2014-01 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Saigoniz Cousine Kids. Thu Duc Kids.
2014-02 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda. Long Khánh Tet. Dong Nai. Dai Trinh. Katie Pizza Hutt led to a District 12 class. Kathy Bike Debate. Anna Hanoi Debate. Another side of Vietnam (ASOV).
2014-03 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leaf Pagoda ended. Bought my 4th VN bike.
2014-04 - MEM. VN. FYG. Thu Duc Apartment. Facebook JoeyArnoldVN and 13HCM.
2014-05 - MEM. VN. FYG. Leanne McNulty. Tiffany Cumbo Amber Briggs Debate. Fonnie Filden. Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord music video. Tan Binh.
2014-06 - MEM. VN. FYG. District 7 English. Remi Cafe English. JoeyArnold7 channel in YouTube.
2014-07 - MEM. VN. FYG. Mr. Ribs BBQ English. CMT8 Lotteria English. Dai Trinh Container Coffee debates. Philippines Roldan & Joyce Candiente attended my cafe church near Pico Plaza in Q.Tan Binh. I went on to work with them later on. KathyBike debates.
2014-08 - MEM. VN. FYG. Ribs opened. Scott Sidartha Schwartz gave me DVD movies. Crocodiles vs Aligators.
2014-09 - MEM. VN. FYG. TLL English. Circle K Bathroom. Tân Huy told me I lost my phone.
2014-10 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. FYG discontinued until October 2015. Banned from Circle K of District 4, police broke my glasses. Old Ink. Mr. Duncan Debate. Tuno Coffee. Criminal Minds. VN Australia Daniel Bui political debates. Expendables 3. Facebook JA English.
2014-11 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. I met Jessica Perdomo Aguilera. Oatmeal scam. Dumb & Dumber Too.
2014-12 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. I bought a $500 camera. White Jordan video. Video Game Controller.

Events from 2015 included home videos, LegoMark.
2015-01 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Model student Thuy Tran who would travel the world. Medical English met at the bubble tea shop. Tangle. Last Vegas. Equalizer. Naked Gun. Taken 3.
2015-02 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Anna Barbie Tet. Karaoke birthday. Medical English. Watched all eight seasons of House M.D. in February.
2015-03 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Cambodia II. Lego Mark English.
2015-04 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Thuy Tran. Lego Mark. KathyBike Need For Speed.
2015-05 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Facebook Timeout. Old Ink tie avatar.
2015-06 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Saying No More. AAA Spa. Power Rangers McDonald's Dream. Space Jam.
2015-07 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Oprah Joey. Vietnamese wearing freedom shirts, maybe Anna Barbie told me about this. Castle 301. Scorpion 101. Lie To Me 101.
2015-08 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Lego Mark. Adam Wills. South Park time loop theory. TBN Paul Crouch Tribute. Gotham 11. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.
2015-09 - MEM. VN. Old Ink. Park English. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Defiance 313. Friends 101.
2015-10 - MEM. VN. FYG returned. Old Ink. Park English. Friends 1018. Girl Meets World 101.
2015-11 - MEM. VN. FYG. Old Ink ended. Park English. Paris. AAA Spa. Wreck It Ralph.
2015-12 - MEM. VN. FYG. Park English. Passport visa rejected. Mike Thế Anh's Different English. Full House 101. Star Wars Force Awakens with Lego Mark.

Events from 2016 included home videos, Anna McDonald's.
2016-01 - MEM. VN. FYG. Anna Barbie. Blacklist. Romelus Saladar (Rom).
2016-02 - MEM. VN. FYG ended for the last time. Anna Barbie. Hostel Anna Barbie. Dalat. Tomkins. Soren suggested I go into acting in Vietnam.
2016-03 - MEM. VN. The Walking Dead. Star Wars Rebels. Kung Fu Panda 03.
2016-04 - MEM. VN. Alex Jones. I started promoting Trump for U.S. President. Hostel Anna Ended. Bank English.
2016-05 - MEM. VN. The Love English. Girl14 English. Purio Coffee English. Cuong Architect English.
2016-06 - MEM. VN. Duyen Tran English. I wanted my DVDs back from Anna Barbie. Finding Nemo 2: Finding Dory.
2016-07 - MEM. VN. Shakira Zootopia Try Everything. X-Files 101. Muslim Obama. Girl14 English. Purio English. Clinton Email Gate. Pokémon Go released in NA for iOS.
2016-08 - MEM. VN. I bought my 2016 Lenovo Yoga Laptop. Math English Finale. Secret Lives of Pets.
2016-09 - MEM. VN. Lego Mark English Resumed. Purio Staff English. Bones 1101.
2016-10 - MEM. VN. Star Trek Next Generation (STNG). Architect English, Purio English, Bank English, Lego Mark English.
2016-11 - MEM. VN. Trump won. X-Files. Revolution Hawaii Vietnam. Vietnam Cat. Caged Chicken. Star Trek Generations.
2016-12 - MEM. VN. X-Files, season 10, 9/11 episode. Racist Vanilla Ice-Cream. Max. Al Gore. Star Trek Voyager 101.

Events from 2017 included home videos, returning to America. Architect Chinh English & Opera Tea Club.
2017-01 - MEM. VN. Bill Nye debated Ken Ham: Evolution vs Creation. I lost my phone. I was watching the first 27 seasons of the Simpsons (into the end of February) and noticed how they painted some of the good U.S. Presidents in bad light. I also watched as Trump became the 45th President. I seriously started thinking even more about returning to America because of that for example. Tears were in my eyes. Purio Cookies.
2017-02 - MEM. VN. Simpsons to season 27. Homer Simpson Obama Ohio Rigged Elections McCain video.
2017-03 - MEM. VN. Blossom. Power Rangers (MMPR) 101. Purio. Architect. Power Rangers 2017 Movie.
2017-04 - MEM. VN. Gab. Minds. Power Ranger Kids vs Power Rangers Zeo mashup parody video. Girl Meets World. MMPR 501.
2017-05 - MEM. VN. Opera Tea Club. Tommy Green White Red Black Power Ranger Reunion. Anh Coffee banned me. MMPR 1301.
2017-06 - MEM. VN. On Father's Day, I started blogging on Steemit which later forked into Hive Blog, Blurt Blog, PeakD, Ecency, etc. Bitcoin. Home Improvement.
2017-07 - MEM. VN. Home Improvement. Trump vs CNN Memes. Facebook blocked Agenda of Evil's art which illuminates the history of Jihadism. Some of my Facebook groups with links to the Agenda of Evil (AOE) website was blocked for like months. Purio.
2017-08 - MEM. VN. Home Improvement 8xx. Alex Jones Folk Song Contest. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do. Watched the 12th season of Bones. Soros globalist McMaster.
2017-09 - MEM. VN. Psych. Blade Runner. Beauty & the Beta. Criminal Minds. Dick Van Dyke. Scott Adams.
2017-10 - MEM. VN. YouTube Ojawall-1 nuked. Catalonia Theft. 2017 Las Vegas Shooting. Vietnam is Awesome (VIA) banned me. How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Psych 810. RICK & MORTY 310. X Files 1006. GOTHAM 405.
2017-11 - MEM. FG. VN. I saw Justice League with Lego Mark who got me to the airport late. I had to then use my Bitcoin to buy a second plane ticket. I got retained Thanksgiving Day at a Californian airport. Eventually flew into Portland, Oregon where Mike Kurtz drove me over to Matt Kurtz, Heidi Dixon, Laurie. Forest Grove Dad.
2017-12 - MEM. FG. Lois & Clark. Oatmeal Beer. Maverick Iceman Icebreaker Reunion Lunch. Star Wars The Last Jedi. Arnold Attic Blockade.

Events from 2018 included home videos, moving to Shelton. We were building the book shed.
2018-01 - MEM. FG. LMS. Snuck off to Shelton. Amtrak. Took junk to the dump. Mountain View Alliance. Shelton Music. Archiving project.
2018-02 - MEM. LMS. Shelton Music. X-Files. X-Files, Boy Meets World, Black Panther, Walking Dead, Star Wars Rebels. I was scanning family photos, art, writings, etc. I was doing yard work. I was working on autobiography projects. I was writing articles on Steemit. I was going live on Facebook. I made some videos. I was posting on some Shelton related Facebook groups because I wanted people to know that I was there, just in case. But I'm not sure if anybody noticed. I was attending church as usual.
2018-03 - MEM. LMS. Star Wars Rebels. Roseanne season 10. Gotham, season 4. Rebels, season 4. The Walking Dead, season 8. Ban No Ban Song. Ancestry vs WikiTree.
2018-04 - MEM. LMS. I Can Only Imagine. Kanye West Praises Conservative Firebrand Candace Owens. Make Local Banks Great Again. Spee . ch. he Walking Dead. Fear The Walking Dead. Roseanne. Rampage. Tomb Raider 2018 reboot film. Avenger's Infinity Wars. Bounce Back movie.
2018-05 - MEM. LMS. Tommy Robinson prison. Kanye West Crashes Into TMZ. Savannah Sav Says Hernandez. Get Fiber Optics, Not 5G WIFI. I'm in Love With Your Body Song.
2018-06 - MEM. LMS. New Glasses. Top Everything Per Year Posts for the 2010s article. We were building the book shed. Fear The Walking Dead. Total Recall 2012. Jurassic World 2. Dredd 2012. Ant Man 1. Isle of Dogs. Origin Unknown.
2018-07 - MEM. LMS. Once Upon a Time (OUT). Book shed building. Escape Plan. Watched the Psych movie.
2018-08 - MEM. LMS. Banning Alex Jones. Once Upon a Time. Beam Me Up, Microwave Scotty. Deplorable Choir.
2018-09 - MEM. LMS. Tiffany Cumbo Ghost. Dlive Lino Steem Drama. Home Alone - Lost in Transition.
2018-10 - MEM. LMS. Internally Online. Vaccines Talk. Kill All White People Satire. You Shall Not Pass Meme. Synagogue Shooting. Transgender Bomb meme.
2018-11 - MEM. LMS. OR. Imaginary Invasion. Photo Bomb Challenge. Mister Joey Rogers. California fires. Islam. Millie Weaver. Laura Loomer.
2018-12 - MEM. LMS. Bonsai. Google Gaggle. Tagged dot com. Mom got me the We Are Alex Jones t-shirt.

Events from 2019 included home videos, my brother, Seattle, Canada, Infocomms.
2019-01 - MEM. LMS. My brother Rick and his wife came over, we visited parks, forests, water port, Seattle, Canada. We played basketball. Laminin.
2019-02 - MEM. LMS. Gotham. Spyware Chips. Gun debate. Joe Rogan Alex Jones. Can we learn from Athens? Banned From Travel? Water Versus Snow Debate. State of the Union 2019. Needing Friends.
2019-03 - MEM. LMS. Garden work. Trip prep. Snow hill under backyard evergreen trees. Banning Oatmeal. Youth Group. Watched Alita.
2019-04 - MEM. LMS. Captain Picard Trump Video. Steemit Wallet Fork. Taught Sunday School. Practiced driving. Phone. Anne With An E.
2019-05 - MEM. LMS. Borderless. Soph. Fake Joey On Free Square. Tim Pool & Bill Ottman on Tech Censorship. Sexy Burkinis. Lauren Chen. Game of Thrones Finale.
2019-06 - MEM. LMS. Steemit account @OatmealJoey. Facebook Real Oatmeal Joey. 1992 Audio Found. Bingoze. Griff. VHS To DVD 2019 Began. Post Swamp Creatures Here. Bunny Ears. Dairy Queen. Child Porn Debate. New Facebook - Oatmeal Joey. I applied to work at camp but was rejected. I taught Sunday School. Yard work. House work. Wrote articles reviewing my life in Vietnam in 2015.
2019-07 - MEM. LMS. Lawnmower Man. Mark Dice Tulsi. Tommy Robinson. Soph. Cherry-Picking. Drunk Brandy. Practiced Driving. Roofed the 2 front yard sheds.
2019-08 - MEM. LMS. Met Pastor Sam. Reviewing The 1980s. Moved the stump to the pile. Banned Dot Video. Nem that summer.
2019-09 - MEM. LMS. How Dare You Greta. Ricky Ross. Dissenter. Google Quantum vs Bitcoin. Storming Area 51.
2019-10 - MEM. LMS. Killing Trump in Dallas. Laura Loomer Florida. Facebook Banned Me For No Reason. Edward Snowden on Joe Rogan.
2019-11 - MEM. LMS. OR. Meaning to life involves freewill. There is no life without love. That is what original oatmeal is all about. Set Deadlines or Die. Walking Dead Morgan dies? Alpha Vader. Flickr Day. Epstein Leak. Project Veritas. Government trafficked Jessica Leigh Collins. FCC to Fine YouTubers. Wicked Witch Judge Jackson. Black Face Joy Said She Never Did Black Face.
2019-12 - MEM. LMS. Rise of Matan Even. Impeach Trump. Reddit Star Wars Rise of Soy Walker Leaks. Love Shack. Impeaching Trump. Fuller House. Ray Donovan. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker For Seven Hours. Is Palpatine Inside Her? Too much cake. Oh, DVD player. Facebook Bans Kissing.

Events from 2020 included home videos, Round Tree.
2020-01 - MEM. LMS. Was Kobe Bryant Murdered? Ricky Gervais Didn't Kill Himself. I disagree with Trump regarding copyright.
2020-02 - MEM. LMS. Trump Corona Virus Trap. Can we Cure HIV? Free Square Bullies Monday. State of The Union 2020. We put together our new rotary tiller machine. Manure Unloading For Seven Hours Monday. Tried to start a fire but failed.
2020-03 - MEM. LMS. AOC Greta. Dick Virus. Redesigned my room. Potluck. Square One Television. I was banned from the Chandler Crump server on Discord.
2020-04 - MEM. LMS. Lockdown Kills More Than Corona. Dinosaur Philosophy. Last Dance, Chicago Bulls.
2020-05 - MEM. LMS. Firewood Area building. BBQ. Planter Painting. Ramona. Kevin Hart.
2020-06 - MEM. LMS. Round Tree Clams. Girl Meets World. LEGO Batman. Fuller House.
2020-07 - MEM. LMS. Jungle Book Tarzan Hanna. Apples Snake. Criminal Minds. Researching Routers. Front Yard Garden Gate. Doctor They. Rock Memory.
2020-08 - MEM. LMS. Free Millie Meaver who was arrested. Hitler Youth in Texas. Tower of Babel. IBM.
2020-09 - MEM. LMS. The 100. Zoom Gone Wild. Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan. Killing Kaitlin Bennett. Amazing Lucas. Nerf gun tournament
2020-10 - MEM. LMS. Finished watching The 100. Don't Murder Zombies. Lonneke Engel. Polio From DDT Not Viruses. Hunter Biden fucks little girls. PORN. China blackmails Joe Biden. SNL vs USA. Alex Jones on Joe Rogan.
2020-11 - MEM. LMS. The Boys. Trump won but Biden stole it. Fresh Prince of Bel Air 30th Anniversary Reunion. Georgia Gone Crazy.
2020-12 - MEM. LMS. The Great Leap Forward. Pictionary Telephone. Dominion Acorn. Mary Did You Know. Putting up a gutter above the door of the book shed Saturday.

Events from 2021 included home videos, Cobra Kai, Stop The Steal.
2021-01 - MEM. LMS. The Jan6 Trap. Chicken House.
2021-02 - MEM. LMS. Tell Me Your Secrets. Ice Killed Texans. Dollar losing value.
2021-03 - MEM. LMS. Umbrella Academy. VHS Home Videos Review, Runaway Lady.
2021-04 - MEM. LMS. X-Files Season 11. Picnic Table Backyard Patio. Chosen. ASUS.
2021-05 - MEM. LMS. Made For Love. My Room Remodel. Lord of the Rings.
2021-06 - MEM. LMS. Brave New World. RV Trip. PoAm. Free Britney Spears.
2021-07 - MEM. LMS. Finding Infowars. Star Wars George Lucas vs Globalism. Cherries.
2021-08 - MEM. LMS. Paris March. Sofia Date. 2021-08-27 - Nerdrotic Friday Night Tights Pizza Lady Simpcast Chrissie Mayr. Project Shielding. Mike Lindell.
2021-09 - MEM. LMS. Nicki Minaj Rihanna Britney Spears. Genetically Modified Vaccines (GMV) is like GMO Food. Peggy Hill of The Healthy American. MEN NO SPERM BY 2045.
2021-10 - MEM. LMS. I created a Lets Go Brandon (LGB) Fuck Go Biden Facebook group. James Bond RIP. Alex Baldwin murdered girl who was going to expose Hollywood Pedophiles.
2021-11 - MEM. LMS. Kyle Rittenhouse. Covid Vaccines Kill Children. Vaccinate Me Elmo. Moles. Lindell.
2021-12 - MEM. LMS. Reset Wars. Candace Owens Alex Jones. Matrix 4. Restructured Bed. Dexter Morgan 9.

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