Oasis Labs ICO - Alternatives to Etherium issues? Cross-chain with increased confidentiality

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Oasis Lab is a distributed computing platform focused on data confidentiality. In fact, there are so many coins in the concept of high performance, reliability, and massive power that it is very tiring to see which project is ahead. Let's see how Oasis Labs differs from other ICOs.

The technology part of the team introduction will give you a quick idea of ​​what the project is going to be: excellent scalability due to the new technology architecture that will lift the smart contract / hardware level where trader information is protected at all system layers / A number of programming tools are available for compatibility / MIT and open-source development in collaboration with the University of Berkeley is key.

  1. Scalability
    Adopted an off-the-fashion chain nowadays. The main chain records only the final version of the book, and the actual transaction runs safely and quickly in the TEE-based off-chain area. In addition, Ekiden technology, which operates in a parallel structure with each node, improves performance. This is where the Etherium network is compared. Except for the ERC20 tokens, none of the ICO chains today seem to operate as a serial minor.

  2. Compatibility
    Oasis Lab supports EVM and is therefore compatible with Ethereum networks. This means that coins issued under the ERC standard can also be used within Oasis. This means that there is room for the Oasis Lab to be a solution to the Ethernet issue of speed / security. On the contrary, the Dapp running on the Ekiden is also able to interact with the ERC chain. The current prototype is said to perform several hundred times better than ETH.

It's hard to find any other public information yet. I am currently working on a test net for developers.

The team was centered around Berkeley's computer engineering professor,

Pantera / Data Collective / Binance Labs / Bitmain/MetaStable. In particular, a16z is a crypto fund launched by Andreessen Horowitz.

Oasis Labs has already raised $ 45 million in private, so it's likely that there will be no individual sales, but the positions that they will implement are in direct contact with the Etherium issue and need to be noted after the listing.