Five Oak Island Mystery Clues Left By Daniel McGinnis

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Welcome fans of the "Curse of Oak Island," and all those pirates born too late. I believe in the power of Steem and think we can help solve mysteries and find buried treasure. I am on an Oak Island Facebook group, but they are inconsistent about theories they will entertain. I think the open-minds on Steem can learn from the past...

My Great+5 Grandfather was one of the first men to be obsessed with the strange place in Nova Scotia, and the first man to accept defeat from the mysterious island. Little did he know, how many more men would follow him and also fail in the quest.

Everyone interested in Oak Island is in search of answers. There are many theories, some a little more out-of-this-world than others, but they are all equally unsubstantiated. Although my family has been looking since the day the search began, we have no more of an answer than anyone else.

There is not much about Oak Island that makes sense, but there are reactions that lead to logical conclusions when you take the time to look. Proof is not always tangible, but some things are so obvious that they do not need to be questioned and proved. The following facts are not just based on stories, but on the life that was led.

  1. We may never know if the three men, Daniel, Anthony, and John, discovered a tackle hanging from a tree or even a depression. We can know for certain that whatever they saw in the money pit area took hold of all three of them and changed the course of their lives.
  2. There is no documented remnants of wooden platforms every ten feet, only stories about the dig. What we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that they were motivated to keep digging. If there was no flagstone, no platforms, no loose dirt and pick-ax marks along the walls of the pit, do you think they would have kept digging for a hundred feet? Just ask yourself the question, and let me remind you that these men were not retired or bored. They had families to feed and a lot of other hard work to be doing.
  3. Oak Island nuts say that enough people saw the inscribed stone that it may have been real, but even without the proof of the strange code, we have the sweat-equity of a second 100 foot hole. These three men found something that motivated them to overcome the first flood and dig a second hole and eventually continue on after a second flooding. Even if we don't have proof of what it was, we know that it was something very real.
  4. Some Acorns say that the treasure was found during this first dig. If that were the case, I seriously doubt Anthony and John would have spent there later years still digging. I just don't think that digging deep, vertical holes for no reason is any fun.
  5. Some people say that the dig was just a hoax. The life he led portrays Daniel dying with the elusive treasure on his mind. Why do I think that he never gave up believing? I will tell you why, because he passed down enough information to keep his descendants on the quest. His Will and Testament left his property on Oak Island to his sons and daughters. No one would perpetrate a plan to follow the family like a curse, Daniel must have believed in this treasure-hunt with all his heart. The obsession Daniel began, did not stop with his children, each generation was also driven to send their children to search and so on down the line for 200 years.
    We may never know what Daniel found, or what information he discovered, but we can clearly see what he did with it. He passed down what he thought was valuable. Ask yourself, is there a father or grandfather that would try to mislead his entire family? By the lives led and actions of McGinnis men from 1795-1983, I say that it is obvious that Daniel found something very compelling on Oak Island.


I have no tangible proof to show where the gold cross was discovered, but I think it needs further research. I can share the facts that the next three generations of the McGinnis family lived in two small houses on Oak Island and did not have money to buy a unique piece of jewelry. And it is unique, I have searched the web for a similar design and believe this to be a one of a kind. On the “Curse of Oak Island,” a specialist said that the cross was made of Rosy-Gold from South America. The expert estimated it to be about 400 years old. I am in search of anyone that can do a Laser Ablation test. The procedure will not harm the piece because the instructions handed down with the cross were to keep it safe and treat it as a key. My mother, aunt and I are in search of factual information that we can get from the cross, if anyone can put me in contact with a lab willing to do a test that can show age without harming the piece please contact me.

I present fact #2 about the cross, my grandfather was a broke traveling mercenary. It is a sad fact that he often did not have money to feed his children, and yet he kept the gold cross his father had given him. It is actually an amazing fact that the two McGinnis men I knew kept up with this piece of jewelry and did not hock it.

Mercenary named Ambrose Lyndsey McGinnis

Our family stories can be found on Amazon, “Oak Island Connection,” and “Oak Island Life.” There may be clues in the stories left by Daniel McGinnis. The fact that he was a well-traveled man, and a brave soldier, before becoming obsessed with Oak Island. I was a witness 200 years later, to my Uncles plotting and planning their trips back to Oak Island. I hope Rick and Marty Lagina find an answer so that at least we know what we have been searching for all these years. I guess I have ended up as obsessed about Oak Island as my late, great grandfather was and I can’t wait for the next show and the next season of the “Curse of Oak Island.”

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Oh wow following you now for sure :) I read the same article the Lagina brothers did, in a Readers Digest at my grandparents cottage when I was 10-11 or so. I hope they solve the mystery too, my guess is whatever they find will lead to more mysteries and more seasons of the show, even if they don't focus right on Oak Island necessarily.


Hi Adam, Thanks for the comment, now that I know there is at least one other treasure hunter on Steemit I will post a link to my last blog post that I share other mysterious ties. It is so intriguing that someone published a book a few years ago about buried treasure on St. Croix and it has disappeared. Maybe we can hunt down some answers on Steemit.