Preparing for NYSC camp? Here are survival kits you must have

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Yea yea yea, I definitely did not want to go for camp in April, but my name came out on the list, I don't think I should defer it, so I just have to go.

I made some findings on a list of survival kits necessary during the 3weeks corpers are to spend in camp and in this post, I would give you the most important. Note that this is relative.

  • White shorts
    You would be given 2 pair of shorts by the NYSC officials, but in order not to get stranded as you might not be able to wash everyday, and then a pair can get stolen, you might need more.

  • White tops and tennis
    You would definitely need this for the same reason as above

  • Padlocks
    Strong padlocks for that matter. I remember when my sister went last year, thieves (could be one though) broke her friends padlock.

It was not a strong one. They took her Money and some of her assets.

Therefore, in order for you not to have regrets at the end of the day, make sure you get a strong padlock so that eve if thieves would steal anything... They would work hard before they can get it (lol).

  • Rechargeable lamps
    You need to get a rechargeable lamp or a torchlight.

This is in preparation for the 5am morning drills and after lights out in the evening.

  • Waist pouch/purse
    Remember my sister's friend I told you about? The one whoose money got stolen?

Well, the truth of the matter is that if she had kept her money inside her waist pouch, it would not have been stolen.

The pouch is very important to store vital things such as the ATM cards, keys, ID card and money.

  • Mosquito net
    If you know mosquitoes get attracted to your skin easily, you need to take your mosquito net along so that you won't get malaria.

  • Toiletries
    I am sure you won't want to contact any toilet disease, skin reaction or get stranded to the extent that you would need to start borrowing some things and be at the mercy of strangers.

Therefore get all the important toiletries, including disinfectants.

  • Provisions
    You would need to get snacks to fill you up if you are still hungry after food has been served, then it is advisable for you to take your water bottle along, as it would be useful during long hour lectures on the parade ground.

  • Money
    This is definitely necessary.

You would need to gave a tangible amount with you for precautionary and transactionary motives.

As explained above, you might be allergic to the food and water you would be served in camp, and without money to buy snacks and water... All the best!

Image source: google

Note that there are more, but I just choose what I think are the most important ones based on my research.


Oh chubby chemmy 😁😁😁, i cant wait to see you in your full khaki, you would look sooo good. Make sure you update us 😍.

Lol... I am definitely blushing o... No wahala dear. I would definitely update you

Baby... What about thieves that will carry the whole locker away

Ah! This one pass me o... but then, it is unlikely to happen now. There would be people around, and it would definitely be suspicious when someone is found carrying it...

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Am also part of April posting

Wow! That is super cool!!!

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