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from SGT Report:

Authors Donald Jeffries & John Barbour join me to discuss the high strangeness surrounding the supposed death of Jeffrey Epstein, and much more.

Thanks for tuning in!


Excellent interview and so true. The false stories they feed us is such a waste. Thanks for sharing the truth Sean. @sgtreport.


Oh, and Sean...

About BRAVE browser:

It's been highly compromised as it is owned and controlled by DCG (the Digital Currency Group) - a Deep State organ.

And I deem it a major TROJAN HORSE (at the very least for the near future). Caveat emptor.

See my exhaustive exposé on DCG which owns and controls Brave:

Digital Con of the Century: The DCG Group – How we are being sucked into a digital slave matrix (Part 2)

Don't be fooled folks!

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