Tongkat Ali a Secret Herbal to Boost Horomones


It has been said that intense weight training can help boost a man's testosterone levels and cause a myriad of changes related to not only sexual appetite, but also lesser things like improved bone density and strength, regulated blood sugar levels, better sleep, reduced rate of aging and more.

I have done a freakin ton of research into aging when it comes to hormones and they are the key to everything. They are the fountain of youth.

I also know that the average person that has trouble losing weight when it seems they are doing everything right, tend to be low on the "T". This goes for males and females alike.

I have personally tried all sorts of different potions and supplements paired with weight training, and have found that nearly none of them are effective at boosting anything other than your belief that it may do something!

....until Tongkat Ali.

A little background, I've always struggled with weight since I was a child, and have done fitness routines on and off since my late teens/early twenties. Nothing has really made much of a difference. I've always carried around that soft floppy look which I can now attribute to a lack of testosterone. When a male is still in the mothers womb, twice this process happens during development where testosterone floods the brain and makes permanent changes to the chemistry that makes up the male brain. This causes the higher rate of the Horomones to be created throughout a man's life. If this process does not completely happen properly, which can be caused by all kinds of different abnormalities from the environment to the mother's eating habits even, the man can have horomone level issues throughout their lives.

I have made many attempts to increase my T levels, but it is always evident that nothing helps. A tell tale sign that you are low on Horomones as a man is the lack of any change when weight training.

I can now tell you that after taking this new (not so new, it's been around for 2000 years) supplement, things are Changing! I really think that I've found a secret to youthfulness hormonal support in a natural supplement!

There are hundreds if not thousands of different brands, types and strengths of this herb but most are not effective. In fact I have tried one of the useless versions a few years back and I am so glad that I gave it another go after doing more thorough research to find which ones are actually legit.

The key to a quality extract is that it needs a high extraction ratio (I have the highest at 200:1) some companies say this is fluff, but no messing around, it works. The clinical ingredient components must reach over 2% pure chemical which the one I bought does in official lab tested documents. The other main important factor is where the stuff comes from.

Tongkat Ali is a native plant to Indonesia, Malaysia and lesser in Vietnam. There are regulations in Malaysia on farmers of the plant due to its sacredity in their culture, but unfortunately, there are dangers of lead in Malaysian soil so the only extracts to trust are from Indonesia.

The extract must come from the root of the plant because that is the only part that contains enough active ingredient.

I made the purchase from this site because they had a real address, are on North American soil, and could provide lab test results on their product. It is all sourced from indonesia, and extracted/packaged and handled using official regulations in New Zealand.

If you are looking for a real edge when it comes to working out, trust me when I say this stuff can tip things in your favour.

It has been scheduled a great experience so far that I had to share it with hopes that I can help at least a person or two!




I have long since passed the point of gaining anything but grey hairs, but if this works like you say it does it could be a magic way of improving physique.


It is kind of magic, there's a cycling you have to do with it by giving your body a break so it continues to do it's thing, but in the two weeks I took it, I lost 4-5 lbs and actually grew muscle so technically I lost even more than that in fat

I honestly am starting to think this horomone thing has everything to do with all the weight problems the planet is facing. Whether it's because of our bodies being contaminated by plastics that mimic estrogen or whatever, our bodies are not producing the levels of youthful Horomones they are supposed to be