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RE: FAT Glorious FAT - We sing your praises!

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I just love coconut oil. I use it as a primary fat in all cookings and also in tea. It's also good as a skin moisturizer. Other good oil is hempseed oil. It has very good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 oils. It also has all the essential amino acids but you can't fry with hempseed oil because heat makes it bitter.


Good point about the hempseed oil. I'll add that to the supplemental oils list, or could go in smoothies. It's not readily available in NZ. And yes, I did mean to mention bulletproof tea / coffee , then forgot to add it. Thanks!

Also hot chocolate drink from raw cacao powder. :)

Yum! though for that I would probably add either coconut cream or raw dairy cream, rather the the oil. Just my personal preference.