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RE: Introduce Myself - 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

in #numismatics8 years ago

I used to collect coins when I was a kid. Then I moved away to Europe and left my collection at my sister's. Years later when I went to visit her she said that she threw them away because of mice. (yeah right) Anyway there wasn't anything really rare.
There coin looks like it's in pretty good shape, denver mint.


That's really unfortunate! Even coins that aren't particularly valuable tell a story. I have a small bag of mixed "junk" coins that I would hate to lose. They're mostly foreign coins I've come across, a lot of Bermuda cents and things like that. It's a shame your coins ended up in the trash.

True, coins tell a story. I still have a 1945-S nickle that few people would know that it a had a silver content because nickle was needed for the WWII effort. Just like the 1943 pennies.

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