Malaysia 2006 Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) Commemorative coin

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On 6 November 2006, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B. Dato 'Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has launched the Commemorative Coin in Conjunction with the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). The 9MP was tabled in March 2006 outlining Malaysia's development agenda from 2006 to 2010.

The commemorative coins are minted and circulated by The Royal Mint of Malaysia and sold on 13 November 2006. The coins have three types and denominations; RM1 Nordic Gold, RM10 Silver Proof and RM100 Gold Proof. All coins issued are legal tender for use in Malaysia.
On the front of the coin for all denominations display the portrait of the Prime Minister. The word "CEMERLANG GEMILANG TERBILANG" appears on the top of the coin while the word "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" and the denominational coin is shown on the bottom of the coin.
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On the back of the coin is illustrated by the four main elements that use symbols of the world map, atoms, double helix (DNA) and processed leaves representing the five main thrusts of the 9th Malaysia Plan. The symbols of the world map represent the global economic environment and the readiness of the country to face the challenges. Atomic symbols and double helix (DNA) represent the fields of science, technology and innovation that enable the nation to generate new wealth resources through technology and knowledge-intensive sectors such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and biotechnology. The processed leaves represent the revitalized agriculture sector with the focus on modern and commercially large-scale agriculture, wider modern technology applications, more value-added products, the use of biotechnology potential, and the strengthening of marketing and global networks. The word "RANCANGAN MALAYSIA KESEMBILAN" and the "2006-2010" plan is shown on the top of the coin.

These coins are the result of Mr. Ismail Ibrahim's design, Master Designer Royal Mint of Malaysia.

RM1 Ninth Malaysia Plan Nordic Gold Coin card

Metal Composition: Nordic Gold
Weight: 8.8g
Diameter: 30.00mm
Mintage: 10,000 pieces.
Mint: Royal Mint of Malaysia
Face value: RM1
Sale Price: RM8

RM10 Ninth Malaysia Plan silver proof Coin
Metal Composition: 92.5 Sterling silver proof
Weight: 21.7 grams
Diameter: 35.70mm
Mintage: 300 pieces.
Mint: Royal Mint of Malaysia
Face value: RM10
Sale Price: RM138

RM100 Ninth Malaysia Plan Gold proof Coin
Metal Composition: 999.9 gold proof
Weight: 7.96 grams
Diameter: 22.00mm
Mintage: 500 pieces.
Mint: Royal Mint of Malaysia
Face value: RM100
Sale Price: RM1,028

Set of 2 in 1:
Contains silver and gold nordic coins
Mintage: 300 pieces.
Sale Price: RM188

Set of 3 in 1:
Contains gold, silver and gold nordic coins
Mintage: 500 pieces.
Sale Price: RM1,268

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