The progress bulletins of Nuls ---May. 16-31. 2018

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  1. Daily collection of testnet feedback and processing of test reports;
  2. Completed the analysis of new wallet requirements and wallet design;
  3. Tested new wallet and the underlying core system code;
  4. Optimized core system protocol, data field was modified to a fixed length field to facilitate docking of future third-party projects;
  5. Debugged and prepared the second round of the beta testnet;
  6. Lots of progress has been made on the new official NULS website and it is almost complete;
  7. Resolved the new blockchain interface service design and determined a development plan;
  8. Improved the web wallet and browser capabilities;
  9. Currently launched development of the smart contract module.


  1. The International dApp Innovation Design Contest was held. 28 universities and colleges got together in late May to establish 12 college blockchain innovation app design exchange groups;

  2. The second round of beta testing started on June 1st. The upgraded version of the testnet would have all new features. During this second phase of testing, there would be various competition activities with awards, including an award for the first node on the network.

  3. NULS and the Nebula AI team engaged in technical talks. The two sides will carry out further technical discussions on the development of cross-chain and modular solutions.

  4. NULS co-founder Reaper Ran took part in Tsinghua University's Ivy League meetup and gave a speech on how the architecture and design of NULS could accommodate commercial applications on the blockchain, and how it could also provide solutions for business applications;

  5. The global tourism platform AIWTC is in strategic cooperation with NULS. AIWTC will serve as the main tourism chain in the NULS ecosystem and will work with NULS to create a new global tourism consumption model.

  6. Isaac is one of the Regional Directors in the NULS team. He leads the business development in Korea and is responsible for business strategy, investor relations, and partnerships.

  7. Karina brings a senior level of experience to the marketing team at NULS. She began her career in public relations with Diageo, and has since worked with other major blue-chip corporations, including British Telecom and Hewlett Packard EMEA. She will expand the NULS digital marketing reach across Europe, driving recognition among investors and media, ensuring that NULS becomes one of the best-known cryptocurrencies in the market.

  8. Lead developer, Jason Zhang, and core NULS developer Lin yang, became members of the Chinese Computer Society;

  9. NULS Foundation became a member of the China Hi-Tech Industrialization Research Society.

  10. NULS and K station (Bitkan) have partnered and signed an agreement.

  11. Nuls is now listed on the Indian Exchange Wazirx. It officially went live on May 14th. The platform officially launched the Nuls transaction pair supporting the trade of rupees for Nuls.

  12. The recruitment plan for the core management members of the community was also launched.

  13. The NULS Chinese community left 520 comments on related NULS activities.

  14. The winner of the NULS node campaign was announced. Congratulations to Simon Barnett.

  15. The NULS communities in Japan and South Korea now have active Twitter and Telegram channels.
    Japanese Community Twitter (@NULSJapan), Telegram (
    Korean Community Twitter (@NULSKorea), Telegram (

  16. NULS has been listed on BLOEX. BLOEX are carrying out airdrops for users that have deposited NULS on the exchange. 1 BlO will be airdropped for every 10 NULS. The total number of airdropped BLO will be 200,000. NULS lockup and node commission activities will also be carried out! The total amount of awarded BLO will be over one million.

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