The progress bulletins of Nuls ---Mar.1/15. 2018

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  1. Internal testing of the mainnet.
  2. Completion of the design for multi-platform client side architecture.
  3. Full node wallet and node-to-node testing.
  4. Expands development team to 11 and starts development work on browser, lightweight wallet and other peripheral features.


  1. Nuls co-founder and leader developer Jason Zhang speaks about NULS modularization at the fourth Resonance Blockchain Society gathering.
  2. NULS co-founder Lily Wang participates in Cambodia Round Table Summit.
  3. NULS Website redesign contest winner announced.
  4. NULS Chinese Community Guangzhou offline exchanges. NULS co-founder Lily Wang eagerly corresponds and interacts with Chinese community members.
  5. NULS community website upgrade feedback; dozens of great suggestions submitted.
  6. Complete community website, tasks-based rewards feature complete.
  7. Community vote for NULS merchandise.
  8. NULS co-founder Reaper Ran gives a television interview with WorkFace.
  9. Form initial partnership with media cryptocurrency Bixiang.
  10. Contest for the best “NULS slogan”. If you have any great suggestions, please leave them in the link below:

11.NULS co-founder Reaper Ran gives an interview with Jinse.


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