The progress bulletins of Nuls ---FEB.1/15. 2018

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  1. Commenced work to build our developer community.
  2. We have created a NULS-client project on github and completed the entire development framework of the client.
  3. Continually debugged the part function of consensus.
  4. Reconstructed the network modular.
  5. Formed detailed development plans for the creation of NULS online wallet, mobile client and blockchain browser.

  1. The NULS co-founder, Reaper Ran has represented the NULS community by participating in the "2017-2018 China Blockchain Billboard Annual Ceremony". The implementation of blockchain applications were discussed along with ideas of how to deepen cooperation.
  2. NULS participated in the 2018 Global (Shanghai) Blockchain DApp Startup Competition. We combined with other projects to discuss the issue of blockchain application scenarios.
  3. Reaper Ran was invited to join the live of the Wanbi and shared the NULS project with the audience.
  4. NULS participated in the launching ceremony of the Talust project.
  5. Participated in the kick-off meeting of "Global Blockchain Media Association (GBMA)" - co-sponsored by Shenchuang collage, Jinqian News, Lingnan Association, Hong Kong Dollar today and Digital Money Mad Men. Through this participation seek to deepen the cooperation with existing industry media.
  6. The NULS column will be open after we reach a successful cooperation with Jinqian news (
  7. NULS Community member Crypto Movie (YouTube ID), Ameriquette and Crypto Monk (YuTube ID) created some NULS introductory videos;
    Crypto Movie


Crypto Monk

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Ready To Moon!

You guys have the best slogan in the crypto world by far. Love it!

"Null is Nothing, Nuls is everything"

finally some good news from Nuls...I like how they communicate with there investors and community..