NULS Official Website Redesign Activity

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NULS official website redesign activity

Topic:NULS Website Redesign (Main page)

Competition end: 2018.3.4

Publication Date: 8 March 2018 14:00 (GMT + 8)

Participants: Not limited

Design Notes:

1. Designers should understand the concept of NULS and be concerned about the development trend of NULS.

2. Website design should be a modern, technological style which can describe the NULS project features; such as modular and customized etc.

3. The design work could include dynamic use of flash.

4. The basic text should remain unchanged;

Material:  and the text.(Download Link

5. Rewards;

First place: 300 NULS (main page) + 400 NULS (sub pages)

Second place: 300 NULS (main page) 

Third place: 200 NULS (main page) 


1. You must only design the homepage of the official website.

2. Send completed entries to [email protected]

3. Your email subject line should be: "Draft website design (NULS) + Your Name". Please include the address details of your ERC20 compatible ETH wallet in the email so that the winner can be rewarded as soon as the results are announced.

4. One participant may submit multiple design entries.

5. Participants may colloborate with others.

6. The NULS team will select the 3 best website designs, and the 1st place winner will continue to design further sub-pages of the website.

7. All participants will be given a certain reward based on the quality of the work submitted.

8. You must provide an electronic version of your design. As long as the design looks clear, JPG, TIFF and GIF formats are acceptable.

9. Results will be announced in the form of an official announcement and the prizes will be distributed to the winners’ ETH wallet as soon as possible after the results are announced.

10. The designer's name can be added at the bottom of the website, but this requires designers to design where this will insert on the website.


1. Participants must ensure that they have read the rules of the competition and are willing to abide by them before submitting their work. Anyone who violates the rules of the competition may be disqualified by the NULS team at any time.

2. Entries submitted by the contestants must not be commercial or authorized to be used by others. They must be original, not plagiarized or misappropriated by others, and the copyright should not be transferred to others. If there is a copyright dispute during the competition or commercial application, then the legal liability shall be borne by the participants themselves.

3. In the case of multiplayer cooperation, all collaborators should obtain the consent of all collaborators and indicate the names of all collaborators. Multiple users can upload multiple sets of different entries.

4. If you have any questions or need help/advice during the solicitation of your unique design, please send the relevant materials to [email protected]

5. Upon submission of the design, the complete copyright will be transferred to NULS. NULS shall have the full rights to redesign, produce, display and publish the corresponding design proposal. The author shall, therefore, not re-authorize any other person or organization to this right.

6. If the organizer needs to further improve or develop the winning works; such as designing peripheral products then the winners should cooperate with them.

7. Once the work has been submitted, it will be deemed that the participating author agrees and complies with the competition rules.

8. If the award-winning author does not consent to copyright transfer or authorization to fulfill obligations set out by NULS, they will forfeit any competition reward. 

9. NULS reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this activity and the rules set out within it.