Video tutorial : How to use the NULS wallet, stake, unstake, transfer and backup your private key

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This tutorial was made by a community member of NULS today. It's a tutorial for the web wallet but you can also use the PC, Mac or Linux wallet as it's very similar.

If you use the web wallet make sure to use the incognito mode in case your browser has malicious extensions. Remember that extensions can read any content on the pages you visit.

Make also sure to backup your private key, keystore file and password in a very secure place and keep copies at different locations (in case of a fire for example). I recommend 2 different bank vaults.

NULS progress update 17 October 2018

To read the update :

New CryptosRUs video where NULS is mentioned (go to minute 18:00)

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Official Telegram :
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One could make a ton of money with Nuls if would be able to buy on CoinBene and sell on Binance!


too bad the volume is 0

That's not the real price, the trading seems to be stopped there and the last trade was at that price. Nobody will be able to get NULS for such a low price.

those were probably internal trades to bring the price down in coinbene ...they did the same thing with pundix

I'm not even seeing the listing for NULS on coinbene

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You got a 2.66% upvote from @booster courtesy of @najoh!


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is this currency listed on some exchanges or what ?

have listed on 21 exchanges, include Binance, Bit-Z,OKEx etc.

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Even if you are interested or invest in different coins, see how much money is in your pocket

Allready staking :D


Crypto currency would be good in every run , long short and medium term I am with you

Do you have NULS coins ?

This is very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the resteem !

it's will be helping me.

Thanks for your support !

post some more tutorials

Thanks for the tutorial.

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