NULS Video review by Crypto Academy + 10 Reasons to invest in NULS

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Today we have two videos made by community members of NULS. One is a review by Crypto Academy and the other one is "10 Reasons to invest in NULS".

Please note that these videos were made by community members and they haven't received a payment for it.

This is not investment advice, please do your own research before investing.

I'm personally invested in NULS as I believe it's a good project.

NULS Video review by Crypto Academy

10 Reasons to invest in NULS

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Shitcoin (NULS) Analysis


oh haha

hahahahah, better than heajin's analysis.

This coin makes me moist. Not because it is good for anything but rather because I love poor people and this will make many more of them.

Thanks for your vote on my new NULS post ;)

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 2.00.28 PM.png

The investment in ico mostly make you at loss.

Lucky for us NULS is not an ICO.

When we invest and the coin value not increase what we do

We cry like little babies and we comment on steemit posts.

Too much shilling yet price not increasing

It looks suspicious

Nuls, is the ultimate SHITCOIN!

ja ja ja ja

Wow, are you always so rude?

Unless you give us some proofs your comments are not helpful to anyone.

I'll give you a small flag. How's that? 😂😂

You have flagged me more than 30 times in an effort to silence me. All of them have failed and backfired as real people upvoted my comments. I flagged you once and nobody gave a shit because all your votes come from bots or fake shill accounts. So the serial flagger complains when he gets one in return. Hmmmm... Who acts like a kid again?

They will if you power up some steem instead of purely leeching on the platform

I power up with my rewards, half of it is powered up. And all the STEEM I have I purchased it from Binance.
If 100 people were doing what I'm doing, STEEM would be at 10 usd now.

Oh yeah, I forgot, suck a dick. Nobody from Steemit will buy your SCUM COIN bags.

Sorry for insulting you, but fuck off!

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what in the fuck are you talking about?

May I know what is the problem ?

The problem is that you are spamming posts about this fucking coin and then boosting these posts to the trending page. Fucking 640$. You are lucky that noone is flagging this shit!

I'm using the bots to boost my posts to trending, this is how it works. Steemians delegate steem power to the bots and people who want to do promotions buy the votes from those bots. This is the best way to gain adoption on steemit, soon hundreds of companies will start doing the same when they realize how easy it's to gain attention on this platform and how cheap is it. I will do 10 to 15 promotions per month.

I know how it works, no need for explaining it.

You can do what you want, nobody's going to stop you, but I'm going to come back to your posts and write things like 'Fuck off'.

And btw just because everyone is using bots it doesn't justify doing so.

Bid bots are definitely not what will bring in the masses. Please stop promoting posts about this coin to the top of the trending page. There is a promotion feature built into Steemit, please just do that and slide on over to the promoted section, with everybody else. This repeated bid bot track to the trending page is just annoying people, nobody naturally gets to the top of the front page for a reason. The community is supposed to WANT your post there. We obviously don’t.

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How is it work ? What is,that is Spam ? Any one tell me ?

I noticed there's no positive comments around here. Very interesting project but I'm not really convince. If someone will give me more details, I will give time to check and well see if it's worthy for reconsideration.

Nah dude, I never called a coin 'shitcoin' before, but you are doing shit so we are 'trolling' you. I know many coins that are not shitcoins, but NULS is definitely shit.

So much winning in the comments

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"Nuls" in french means the"lame ones"

Grandeeee hermnao

much alike ethereum. not much different as well.

It's like ethereum, a bit faster.

Invest at Your Own Risk..........

@najoh in video all points are 100% true but after investing spam is problem like eobot going in hell you know eobot was old best exchange and best invisting plane but this time in hell

Hello, friends and colleagues. When I took a few coins of the crypt for a penny, I could not think that in six months there would be such a stir around it, and it would grow in price like Goliath before David. If you knew-would have taken a lot more and now rested in Bali, not caring about anything, and you Want to know what cryptocurrency is, how not to miss the moment and invest your money profitably? Today we will start to understand.

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Wow it's wonderful

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Really interesting community and posts!

Thanks ! Please join us on telegram.


Agree with you. Thanks for this post.

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steem is the best , all the comment show that no one care for nuls

Steemit is just full of angry people because they all delegated their coins to the bots and now anyone who pays can be trending every single day.

amazing project and amazing team to invest in this project , i agree with you

Thanks ! Join us on telegram ;)

Just do your own research. You will know if it is really worth investing...

Exactly, don't believe anything or anyone but yourself.

reading comment sucks! thorough research should really be done before investing. kill those scammers!!!

Indeed, the comments here suck, Steemit is becoming very toxic.

it's good that many people are interested to read the posts, upvote, take time to comment, earn and all.

I am a serious investor and trader. looking at the comments after watching the video makes me turn the next page. but I'll see how this works for me at a minimal investment. (fingers crossed)

First of all a serious investor would not look at steemit comments to make a decision. Second, those comments are made by angry people because NULS is trending every single day on Steemit because they are all greedy fucks who delegated their STEEM to the bots, and now anyone can buy his way to the top of Steemit.

yeah, i agree!

Indeed, that's true. It's very tiring to receive insults on every post, if they don't like how we use the bid bots then change the system, don't fight the people using the system. For each post I'm buying tons of STEEMs on the market, the more posts I make the more the value of STEEM goes up.

You made a mistake though. Overexposure. The outcome is similar to what happens when the same song is played too many times on a radio station or music channel. Maybe some liked it at first but most will hate it, eventually. It's like an unwritten law or something. The way of the world.

Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. I think the results are good, we have just 3 shitposters in the comment section, but we can see new members joining the NULS community everyday following these posts.

I consider loads of things before investing, you know? but I DO NOT rely solely on the comments. I understand, there will always be negative comments. anyway, positive or negative feedback on the post matter for promotion so keep 'em coming so the post will trend more!

I am convinced this is a spam. no active comment reply. so nevermind!

There is indeed a lot of comment spam from some angry steemians.

for a change in the comments, why not give it a try? will you?

I think those people commenting insults are actually the ones causing the more problems.

yeah! and they keep on coming. let us not magnify the negative comments rather focus on the good ones and keep goin' :-)

Have you made some profits already?
How old is the project?

I haven't made profits, we are in a bear market.

Like your post

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очень похоже на спам!

big think of tecnology

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Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Thanks to the community who made an effort to make this video! You guys rock!

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Nice videos!
Some of the points are quite valid, others not so much though.

Overall good content and tips.
NULS is a very promising project:

  • side-chains
  • smart-contracts
  • completely modular
  • unlimited TPS (with the side chains)

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

You may say that it is not an investment advice but to me the stuff you mentioned are really helpful!

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Amazing.....such a good review I'll invest

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

I know I am repeating myself, but please suck a dick.

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Wow amazing comment!


Edit: @acidyo if you see this, my apologies. I think it's far down enough

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

this is a great project. thanks for this. i look forward in the future.

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

Great point. I have thought this also. Cheers!

That's true thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks, please nevermind the few non believers.

No problem! good luck! :)

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