NULS has formed a strategic alliance with Ulysses Capital and appoints Isaac Kim as COO

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Ulysses Capital is based in Los Angeles, with additional offices in London and Sydney. Ulysses Capital manages around US$1.5 billion in a long-short strategy, and its current portfolio focuses on bonds (70%) and stocks (30%). They have recently begun investing in blockchain companies as well as crypto and plan to increase the investment size gradually.

Ulysses Capital recently established a crypto fund to invest in cryptos and blockchain companies. Among them, NULS was selected as the first platform coin investment based on NULS’s blockchain superiority and team development capability.

“We highly valued the technical superiority of the NULS platform and the ability of the team to successfully launch Mainnet and align with Bitmain,” said Joon Lee, the fund manager in charge of the Ulysses Capital’s Crypto Fund. “We will build a win-win relationship with each other by creating more opportunities for NULS in the future.”

Starting with this investment and partnership, NULS will actively seek cooperation with future institutional investors to increase its value.

“I’m pleased to see that NULS has been selected as the first platform-coin investment by a traditional hedge fund,” COO Isaac Kim said. “Through this investment and partnership, NULS will continue to collaborate with renowned hedge and private equity funds and seek opportunities within traditional financial markets and with institutional investors including joint investments in NULS-based Dapp and Blockchain companies.”

We will build a leading position as a partner in the future market entry of institutional investors. Keep your eyes on us in the days ahead!

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Isaac Kim appointed as new COO :

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I'm personally invested in NULS.
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I will not make any trades in NULS in the next 72 hours.
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Well said sir.

Very useful comment dude. Why you don't tell us why it's a shitcoin instead ?

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That's just my personal doing, the coin has nothing to do with it... How are my personal actions proof that NULS is a shitcoin ??

If you are not smart enough to understand how your posting of this coin makes it a shitcoin, you may need more help than we thought.

You're making this coin a laughingstock of Steemit and the Crypto world with these paid advertisements as you call them. That's what you call them, the rest of us seem them for what they are, you shilling to make money which ties this coin to shills, like you. Do you want some free advertising? I will tweet your post out so people can see the types of shilling assholes associated with this token and the Dapps on their chain. Why should we keep this fact a closed secret on Steemit?

Those are not rumors. NULS has signed an agreement to get listed on a "big korean exchange". Next chinese ethereum is a rumor launched by korean news, not by NULS itself. They liked NULS so much that they called it like that.

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They called Electra the same thing last year as well as many other coins, lol. They like to pump shitcoins like you like to pump shitpost.

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Awesome, can’t believe the first institutional money to invest in crypto has chosen NULS huge things are coming for this coin!

Those guys have a strict due diligence, meaning NULS must be really good.

Institutional money just invested in crypto starting with NULS, I wrote a similar article about this news a few mins ago

Ignore the hate, man.
It's a free platform. And these people don't realize promotional interest from other entities is actually good for Steemit.

There's a reason you have a lot heavy upvotes beside the purchased promotions. Other whales on the platform are recognizing that you could fuel more external interest to adopt Steemit. Content marketing... is still content.

I would have expected others to be happy to see people investing in STEEM to promote content on the platform. Instead they insult us. It's weird. I bought almost 3000 STEEM coins since I started for these promotions, if every company did like me, STEEM would be extremely expensive now.

Yea, but sadly they won't because of a vocal few. Don't worry though, a lot of people are keeping quiet simply because they don't want to be part of this flame war. Steemit gets up to 30M visits per month; that's a huge blockchain-aware audience that you are reaching out to. Kudos to you on this great marketing campaign!

I think this is a pretty good collaboration! Good luck.

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Awesome updates indeed

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Downvoted for disagreement with rewards. Steemit has a 'Promoted' tab set up for this type of content.

A promoted tab that is useless and that nobody cares about. The "rewards" as you call them are paid rewards, I'm not making any money out of this post.

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